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Samjay1805  (m)

Phobia Of Love Season 1 Episode 7 - Love Stories

Episode7 ***Justice heart pumped faster on hearing the name*** Justice:-which elizabeth??{He said as his voice began to shake} The Caller:-So you can’t recollect my voice abi? Justice:-Not at all {he said pretending as if he did not know who it was} The Caller:-You don’t know Elizabeth,the lady you met on the day of our matriculation ceremony.. Justice ...continue

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2017-10-21 23:57:59
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Samjay1805  (m)

Phobia Of Love season 1 Episode 6 - Love Stories

Episode6 ..... ***who could it be***she thought**or is it the tall guy i met on the day of our matriculation ceremony**she kept wondering but from her ...continue

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2017-10-21 23:56:23
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Samjay1805  (m)

Phobia Of Love Season 1 Episode 5 - Love Stories

Episode5 “Oh my goodness,Dee-nn Ra–me..”He couldn’t say a word.. “S--t!!! why didn’t you lock the door”Denilson asked Ramena who was really sweating after s**cking and f**king elizabeth’s friend. On seeing this,Justice hurriedly went out of the room before they could apologize or give it a second thought. ***What is my eyes seeing Jussy**he thought for a while **How far has Denilson and Ramena gone with elizabeth’s intimate friends that will lead to the extent that they were having s*x with them,or maybe they want to “use and dump” the three of them***he kept thinking until he was tapped by one of his hostel mate Parcy “Jusssy jussy,the Wole Soyinka of our whole faculty,how far now” he extend a hand shake to Justice which he declined. “Ahah why now,any problem”Parcy asked again with a maximum attention. “Nothing brother,My mind is just in a mixture of suprise and wonder” “About what,Oh is it about what you saw in your room” “What do you think i saw”Justice asked “Seeing Your friends f**king your crush’s friend??”Parcy asked in assurance. “Oh you don’t mean it”Justice’s eyes opened widely in suprise. “I do brother,do you think this is the first time they will be having that,Absolutely NO!!! …”Parcy said focusing on the bill board at the hostel entrance. “Like seriously”Justice asked still surprised “Yea” “But why didn’t you tell me in the first place”Justice said in confrontation. “Initially i could have said that but i see you a guy that is soft-hearted,it will break you and may make you not to focus on the forth coming second semester exam”Parcy narrated.”And perhaps you know how influential Den and Ram’s parent are so i don’t want to get myself implicated”he continued… “Thank you Parcy i appreciate”Jussy said. “We thank GOD” Parcy said. The following day,Justice went to meet Elizabeth’s friends Ella and Cryla but unfortunately he met only Cryla at home. **knocks** “Who’s that?”Cryla asked “It’s me Justice”He said in reply. “Oh!!Jussy jussy how you??””she asked “I’m fine” “Please come in”Cryla asked **chai see this lady,see as she do like as if no be she i caught with my friends f**king each other**Jussy thought and said”No Cryla,never mind” “Ahah why now?”Cryla asked “Nothing i just come to collect Elizabeth’s ID card”he explained “For what?”Cryla asked “Nothing,just hand it over to me “Ok i’m coming. A minute please” Cryla said As soon as she handed the ID card over to Justice,he dashed out of her presence and headed over to the exam hall ¶∆¶∆¶∆¶∆¶∆¶∆¶∆׶¶∆¶}×∆×∆¶} It was the D-day when the exam is to commence so the student were sitted waiting for the paper, As soon as the invigilator entered,he distributed the paper to all,but unkowingly to him Justice has collected double sheets. The Exam last for two hours from 9:45am to 11:45am. Within a twinkle of an eye Justice hurriedly finish his paper (you know now as an EFIKO)After that he quickly brought out Elizabeth own and started solving,as he was about finishing the paper,he noticed the invigilator coming nearer..(My God,don’t let my Good heart KOBA mi ooo.He prayed silently). Invigilator:-who owns this paper Justice:-it’s me Sir Invigilator:-Are you sure?? Justice:-Yes sir Invigilator:-Where is your ID card Justice:-i left it at home Sir Invigilator:-If that be it i will go and check the register now,and if i find out that you are not,that means i will make sure i’m part of those who will sign your rustication letter from the school {Ahah mogbe!!! Justice said}.But before the invigilator could come back Parcy has rescued him by collecting the sheet and submitting it skillfully. *ah thank GOD he said * ************************* After the exam he went to check on Elizabeth and he found that same nurse on duty. “Hello Ma”he greeted.. “Good Afternoon”The nurse replied “Please i was the guy who came last time to check on a patient here called Lizzy,,,sorry Elizabeth “Oh you mean that young,slim,fair and tall lady” ***wetin dey do this nurse,why all this uneccessary attibutes****he thought for a while and finally said “Yes Ma” “Ahah sorry sir you can’t see her,coz the doctor has said that………”(before the nurse could finish talking,he understand the nurse intention,so he quickly brought out #1000 note and handed it over to the nurse) “Take this ma”Justice gave it to her “Oh!!Now you can see her” the nurse said happily **Chai see woman oo because of money she quickly said “now i can see her ,Chau this BUHARI time no good oo”He thought When he got inside the ward,he saw Elizabeth on the sick bay and he burst into tears and said “Lizzy the gem stone,get well soon” On saying this he went out heading to his hostel to meet his friends,while going he started thinking * Can it be true that lizzy is having HIV/AIDS with the way things ar going,No it can’t be,or is it true that my Den and Ram are not in the PHOBIA OF LOVE again because they’ve got money…….. He kept on thinking until he got to hostel ******************** ...continue

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2017-10-21 23:55:06
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Samjay1805  (m)

Phobia of Love Season 1 Episode 4 - Love Stories

Episode4 Then we will see the good samaritan who will come down to help her write it if them no go expel am away from the campus”Denilson and Ramena ...continue

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2017-10-21 23:52:37
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Samjay1805  (m)

Phobia of Love Season 1 Episode 3 - Love Stories

Episode3 The battle line has just been drawn……. **After the argument that happened between Ramena and Denilson,both of them have been trying hard ...continue

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2017-10-21 23:49:39
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Samjay1805  (m)

Phobia Of love Season 1 Episode 2 - Love Stories

episode2 “Ehm,i’m sorry but seeing you like this,i felt you resemble mum’s sister,and i want to tell you that i love …your style and mode of d ...continue

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2017-10-21 23:45:27
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Samjay1805  (m)

Phobia Of Love season 1 Episode 1 - Love Stories

Phobia Of Love A Story Written by Tycoon Episode1 It was an evergreen day in one of the best federal universities in nigeria when the freshers were having fun on the day of their matriculation ceremony. . As they were singing and dancing,Denilson (A guy of average tall-height,dark in complexion who happened to be a son of a business tycoon and that gives him a pride)with his second friend Ramena (who is the only son of a civil servant) sighted Justice their friend at the corner of the hall alone with himself reading a novel written by WOLE SOYINKA. “”Jussy are you not dancing?””they both asked after half-dragging him to the dance floor. “”Guys leave me i don’t feel like””he replied. “”Book wormer,you still dey read on the matric day,nawa for you oo””they said that and jokingly,they left. When Justice cannot withstand the GBEDU coming from the speaker,he decided to have a short dance with a lady. While thinking about this,he saw a Elizabeth,a young lady of average height,fair in complexion,very beautiful and possibly could be called a gem stone. Initially he felt like going but he knew that when it comes to “toasting matters” he and his two friends are nothing but a NOVICE **Justice go and meet her** his second mind told him. ‘”He–ll—oo dear, i’m justice by name.will you like to have a dance with me””He asked in a stammering manner “”No thank you””Elizabeth replied in a frown way as she walked out of him **what kind of humman is this**he thought as he watched her walking out of his presence. ************************************* On Monday morning when the student were waiting for the lecturer Denilson,ramena and justice were found chatting together. “”Guys you won’t believe what happened to me on the matric day when you said i should try to have a dance with a damsel””Justice called on to his friends “”Let hear you out bro””Den and Ram both asked him eagerly “”There was this girl who………””{before justice could finished talking the lady entered}””Yes here she comes,that’s her””Justice said in conclusion. “”See fine girl,OH MY GOSH!!! ,omo this babe na queen oo””Den who has been carried away by elizabeth b**bs said in anticipation “”Guy you better no cross you bound cos that babe go tell you the story of how your papa and mama birthed you””Ram said in a submissive manner. “”Watch me as i get her,””Den whispered “”And let see if you are brave enough””Justice said in enthusiastic manner After the day lecture,as the lady was about stepping out of the class.Den intentionally bumped into her “”Oh i’m sorry babe,permit my manners””Den said in a meek manner “”No problem””Elizabeth said as she made attempt to go. “”Ehm –my na–me is Denilson, the only son a chief Stober” he said that with pride “”Why the prolonged introduction””E ...continue

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2017-10-21 23:41:46
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sylviaslypet  (f)

In your eyes.....episode 19 - Love Stories

Katy: you look handsome Smart: thanks Katy: i know girls must be running after you Smart: not really Katy: so tell me about your stay in the state ...continue

2017-10-21 21:55:09
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sylviaslypet  (f)

In your eyes.....episode 18 - Love Stories

Kelvin: i don't know but some thing is not right Maris: maybe;you are bored why not change environment Kelvin: i don't think that is what i need,i just need to clear up my head ...continue

2017-10-21 20:16:39
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sylviaslypet  (f)

In your eyes.....episode 17 - Love Stories

Smart: no;please don't take it back because i might nor be able to accept it AUDREY: the truth be told i have never like this for anyone before now but then a part want to back my feelings but i just can't ...continue

2017-10-20 23:19:00
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sylviaslypet  (f)

In your eyes.....episode 16 - Love Stories

Audrey: hello dad Andrew: how are you? Audrey: am fine;you did not go to work Andrew: i can see you don't missed me anymore Audrey: that is not true dad ...continue

2017-10-17 22:36:27
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sylviaslypet  (f)

In your eyes.....episode 15 - Love Stories

Harrison: dear;was going on? Katy: nothing;am off to a friend Harrison: there is something i want to discuss with you Katy: what is it dad? ...continue

2017-10-17 21:03:16
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sylviaslypet  (f)

In your eyes.....episode 14 - Love Stories

Audrey: thank you very much;what will i do to repay you for all this? Smart: just one day;i will asked for my payment and then i won't take no for an answer ...continue

2017-10-16 22:51:25
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sylviaslypet  (f)

In your eyes.....episode 13 - Love Stories

Rose: yes;i like the way he talks and walked,he look really rich Audrey: so you are drawn to him because you think he is wealth? Rose: not really;is because he is handsome. so tell me,is he rich? ...continue

2017-10-16 15:31:44
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sylviaslypet  (f)

In your eyes....episode 12 - Love Stories

Escort: where do i start from?where could he has gone to?his Excellency will kill me Kelvin: this is the best thing;who did Audrey even think she is?she is not even beautiful like you (Katy record the words)she is a man with no single attraction;i was getting bored with her been around me. men hang out with woman and not man. right ...continue

2017-10-16 00:09:02
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