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Samjay1805  (m)

Love or deceit - Season 1 Episode 11 - Love Stories

☆Episode11☆ I was just thinking about what just took place few minutes ago. Chidi wants to lure me into his trap eh, he has just gotten a failed plan because it isnt going to work out. I thought ...continue

2017-10-22 00:59:06
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Samjay1805  (m)

Love or deceit - Season 1 Episode 10 - Love Stories

☆Episode10☆ few weeks later chidi was out of the hospital, chidi gave me an unexpected visit oneday at my shop. He sat down and was just talking ...continue

2017-10-22 00:54:22
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Samjay1805  (m)

Love or deceit - Season 1 Episode 9 - Love Stories

☆Episode9☆ the next day i went to see chidi at the hospital, when i got there i saw a young lady that should be at her early twenties, light skinned and very beautiful i must say. I realised she was chidi’s girlfriend. She was sitting down by chidi, who was still in coma. I approached chidi’s bed. ...continue

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2017-10-22 00:51:05
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Samjay1805  (m)

Love or deceit - Season 1 Episode 8 - Love Stories

☆Episode8☆ Chid came as usual, one of his regular visits, when he wanted to go, i decided to see him off,, we were discussing while walking. Suddenly we heard gunshots, i was stunned and scared at the same time, by this time everybody started running helter skelter trying to take cover, flying bullets where just everywhere, it was looking like thieves fighting with the police with gunshots exchanging bullets. I and chidi also tried to take cover, then i noticed a bullet coming towards my chest, i wasnt fast to dodge suddenly chidi covered me with his body tring to avoid the bullet from hitting me when the bullet suddenly hit his back. I was stunned, i didnt know what happened, chidi slowly fell from my arms, he was in a pool of blood, i couldnt cry i was just blank. In no time the fuse stopped as people ran towards us, they helped me in carrying chidi to a near by hospital, i took his phone and called his mum, 20 minutes later, she was already in the hospital, docrtors were attending to chidi already ...continue

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2017-10-22 00:49:06
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Samjay1805  (m)

Phobia Of Love season 1 Episode 6 - Love Stories

☆Episode6☆ Its not really his fault shaa, i imagined having a beautiful and sophisticated girlfriend like that. How would he leave her, i wouldnt ...continue

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2017-10-22 00:45:15
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Samjay1805  (m)

Love or deceit - Season 1 Episode 7 - Love Stories

☆Episode7☆ chidi and i continued to talk on phone most times, telling me that he loves me always. I stopped going to our shop in the new year, because we relocated and i was preparing for jamb exam too. However chidi started dropping by at my house when coming back from school because his school was not far from my house, we do discuss most times, the dude even hugs me in the public, but he only drops by when my parents are not around. ...continue

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2017-10-22 00:38:24
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Samjay1805  (m)

Love or deceit - Season 1 Episode 5 - Love Stories

☆Episode5☆ i woke up in the morning and saw two missed calls in my phone. It was chidi, i didnt have airtime to call back so i just let it be ...continue

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2017-10-22 00:36:21
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Samjay1805  (m)

Love or deceit - Season 1 Episode 4 - Love Stories

☆Episode4☆ i went home that day not really happy about how everything turned out to be but i just accepted it i decided to forget about him. Days passed and i didnt call him neither did he. One afternoon chidi called and said he wants to meet up with me… I said ok he told me to meet him at mercyland. When i got there i waited for about 10mins before i saw him ...continue

2017-10-22 00:30:55
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Samjay1805  (m)

Love or deceit - Season 1 Episode 3 - Love Stories

☆Episode3☆ My birthday was closeby, i kept announcing it to hillary and chidi. The day finally came, my parents didnt even know it was my birthday and i didnt even borther to tell them. Hillary sang a birthday song for me and chidi promised to take me out but unfortunately failed me that day explaining to me that he was so occupied that day. I wasn’t happy at all, they came as usual in the night to carry thier bags. I was already filled with anger, i was about to go when chidi called me to come. ...continue

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2017-10-22 00:28:26
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Samjay1805  (m)

Love or deciet - Season 1 Episode 2 - Love Stories

☆Episode2☆ It was evening already, hillary and chidi came to offload the bags. I was already closing my stepmum’s shop when i felt someone touch my waist and i turned out of shock. Behold it was chidi. ...continue

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2017-10-22 00:23:16
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Samjay1805  (m)

Love or deciet - Season 1 Episode 1 - Love Stories

Episode1 I just finished writing my waec examiniation few days ago. Sitted in my stepmum’s shop i saw a car drive into the market where our shop is, two guys were inside and i recognize them immediately. The two brothers that normally came to drop their mom’s wrappers in bags into her shop close to ours. ...continue

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2017-10-22 00:21:17
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sylviaslypet  (f)

In your eyes......episode 20 - Love Stories

Maid: Katy;why are you behaving cold towards Kelvin?i remembered you were the one chasing after him Katy: i know loudmouth Maid: then why are you hurting him now? ...continue

2017-10-22 00:11:40
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Samjay1805  (m)

Phobia Of Love Season 1 Episode 10 - Love Stories

Last Episode So he {Justice} headed to class to have the lecture before going to Elizabeth hostel.. “Hello my people”the lecturer jokingly greeted as he entered the class “Hiiii”the whole class responded “Yea today our new topic is Circulatory system and the function of heart”He said as he was moving majestically to and fro the hall with his shining shoe producing the beat of *ko ko ko* sound like the one of *Phleez* My producer “Hmmmm”the class responded “But before then,if i may ask you all,how many times does the heart beats in a minutes”the lecturer asked in anticipation to see who will get it right.. Suddenly,Justice raised up his hand and everybody looked at him including Elizabeth **May Lord help me in getting this question so i can show lizzy that his man is a *GENIUS!!! ***He thought as he stood up to answer the question “Yes,you do you know it”the lecturer asked him thinking he does not know it “Ehmm sir Due to the experiment carried out by the ancient scientist and which i studied,it was concluded that the heart beat *72* times per minute and *33* beats pumps blood round the body”he said waiting for the lecturer’s reply “Whhaaooo!!! *Wonderful*, please give him a thunder of applause”the lecturer shouted in surprise And all the students clapped for over one minute in the hall ” you got it right,” the lecturer shouted ” thank you sir”Justice said as he sat down after making a bow to the whole student for appreciating him ****Hmmm, *Cutie Jussy* the Wole Soyinka of our time,Everybody loves him***Elizabeth thinks as he watches him sitting down “Now tell me,how did you get to know that cos i dont believe that anybody can know it”the lecturer asked him “I know it because i fall in love with a lady”Justice said as she winked one eye at Elizabeth “”Hmmmmmm”the whole class shouted on hearing this “And who is that lucky lady that have you?”the lecturer asked jokingly He kept quiet on hearing this….not knowing what to say “Well i hope the lady is brilliant as you”the lecturer said as he walked back to the projector “Her name is *ELIZABETH*”Jus ...continue

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2017-10-22 00:03:59
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Samjay1805  (m)

Phobia of love Season 1 Episode 9 - Love Stories

Episode9 After the day class,Justice headed for Elizabeth’s hostel ***Today na today,i must let this girl know how much i love her***He thought on his way to the fearful land of the ladies hostel **knocks** “who is that?”Cryla and Ella who were both playing *ludo* game answered from inside “It’s I,Jussy” he replied from outside On hearing this name both of them began to shake,they both rush to meet him at the entrance “Hi jussy how you”Cryla asked “M fine”Justice replied frowning on seeing that Elizabeth is not at home “Jussy,we know we have wronged you,please forgive us”Cryla and Ella both knelt down “Ladies,get up please you did not offend me”he said pretending not to be angry “We do,we were the one who told Denilson and Ramena to lie to you that Elizabeth has gotten HIV/AIDS so that you wont be able to ask her out in order not to expose our plans”They both confessed “Whaaat….you mean you guys lied to me that lizzy’s sick”Justice said angrily as his eyes opened widely “Yea,please,forgive us,we never knew you could love our friend like this”they said soberly “All of you are nothing but rotten eggs”Justice said as he walk out on them angrily and leaving them on standing As he was going home,he began to think in many directions,…**so elizabeth hasn’t got HIV..thank GOD i did not loose hope in the first place ** he thought as he headed back to Parcy’s hostel * *he knocked ” who is that”Parcy asked “Abeg open the door jare,it’s Jussy”. ” how far now”parcy extends handshake which he rejected “What happen now?”Parcy asked “My friend,please help me out,i want to tell lizzy how i felt for her buh i’m…..i’m”he began stammering ‘Calm down,i understand how you feel jussy,you just need to tell her all your mind set and perhaps she too will understand”parcy advised “Ehn ehn…b..u..t”he want to say a word “Sshshhh”parcy cut in”My guy follw your heart and tell her what you feel “You mean i should call her on phone?”justice asked “No,go and meet her,cos if you are keeping late,you might end up seeing the love if your life hooking up with Denilson or Ramena “God Forbid”Jussy said showing the sign as he stand up to go. Throughout the night Justice could not sleep cos he was just having many thought in his heart like “**what if i tell her and i got a slap,what if she says she has got a boyfriend*** Finally he picked up his phone that same night around *2am* and call Elizabeth and to his greatest surprise she picked it as if she has been expecting his call (Phone Conversation) Elizabeth:-hello jussy Justice:-Hello dear,ain’t you sleeping? Elizabeth:-i am,it was ya call that woke me up,hope no problem Justice:-well i’m sorry,i called you to tell you that i want to see you tomorrow ,please Elizabeth ...continue

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2017-10-22 00:02:25
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Samjay1805  (m)

Phobia of Love Season 1 Episode 8 - Love Stories

Episode8 **Mogbe!!!Egbami what is this girl up to… Feelings Bawo..** As he {Justice} opened it again,he continue reading…. “I’m having the feeling of thanking you for the extent you went through just because you did not want me to spend an extra one year on campus,indeed i’m grateful,but i want to ask you a question…..till you will be back..Bye. At first,Justice heart was cooled,but he was a bit worried,**What question does she want to ask me,i hope she is having what i’m also having in mind**He thought and smiled But one thing came as a surprise to Justice– Throughout the three month of his stay at his Home town,He and Elizabeth have been familiar on phone to the extent that within a day Elizabeth can call him up to five times asking him numerous things,sometimes she would just call him and say nothing,sometimes saying “Justice teach me this,Teach me that” not until one day that he said “Lizzy i can’t teach you on phone,when we get back to school” *********”**”*” ...continue

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2017-10-22 00:00:56
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