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Free Nigerian and African Stories

Believe in Yourself - inspirational Stories

There may be days when you get up in the morning and things aren’t the way you had hoped they would be. That’s when you have to tell yourself that things will get better. There are times when people disappoint you and let you down. ...continue

2015-11-05 15:23:05
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Share in all condition - inspirational Stories

One night a man came to our house and told me, “There is a family with eight children. They have not eaten for days,” I took some food and I went. When I finally came to the family, I saw the faces of those little children disfigured by hunger. There was no sorrow or sadness in their faces, just the deep pain of hunger. I gave the rice to the mother. She divided it in two, and went out, carrying half the rice with her. When she came back, I asked her, “Where did you go?” She gave me this simple answer, “To my neighbors-they are hungry also.” ...continue

2015-11-04 14:19:39
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Are Good Men Myths? - inspirational Stories

"I was with the CEO of AMAA at a party some weeks ago. A young lady walked up to me and after pleasantries and a few drinks she said something ...continue

2015-11-04 11:28:10
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THE STORY OF TEJUMOLA... Part 13 - Love Stories

I rested my head on the window pane, the events of the day flowed through my mind. David's voice echoed loud and clear. My God! I gasped. Tejumola where did you go wrong? I ...continue

2015-11-04 08:28:25
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THE STORY OF TEJUMOLA... Part 12 - Love Stories

"what other five lettered words do you know?" I asked Eniola. I was helping her with her homework. "Errrm..M-U-M-M-Y...." she scratched her head. ...continue

2015-11-03 08:49:59
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Strange Town .... D - inspirational Stories

Like flash of light, they escaped the scene. After various trial & error, T.C freed himself frm d thorns of cactus. He was now 'born again'(lol). Blood painted him red all over. He headed home in pain. ...continue

2015-11-02 20:25:22
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THE STORY OF TEJUMOLA... Part 11 - Love Stories

we got a one room self-contained within four days, not up to four streets from Bola's place. I also got a shop in the market, I started selling provisions and soup ingredients. ...continue

2015-11-02 13:06:31
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THE STORY OF TEJUMOLA... Part 10 - Love Stories

"Akpanu oooo, where are you?" I yelled as I sauntered towards his room at the gate. "Akpan bo si ta ooo, I say come out here!" ...continue

2015-11-02 07:34:02
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THE STORY OF TEJUMOLA... Part 9 - Love Stories

The next morning after breakfast, I told the woman my story. She intoduced herself as Lina, she was touched by my story. ...continue

2015-11-02 05:23:44
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THE STORY OF TEJUMOLA... Part 8 - Love Stories

I opened my eyes gently only to shut them back almost immediately due to the piercing pain on my eyelids. Arrrrgh! I winced. I opened them again on impulse ...continue

2015-11-01 21:56:08
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THE STORY OF TEJUMOLA... Part 7 - Love Stories

I was kneeling before Maria, I need her to talk to my father. "Maami, please, help me talk to Baami" I told her. She shook her head gently. "I'l try my best okay? Now stand ...continue

2015-11-01 21:30:39
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THE STORY OF TEJUMOLA... Part 6 - Love Stories

My father kept to his words.He stopped his travellings to stay with us.Maami and i.I always wondered why he had to travel all the time but ...continue

2015-11-01 16:54:27
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Most Dangerous Experience ....... 11 - Love Stories

John held the pearl in his hands, he remembered the words the mermaid told him to say, Pearl of the river bring Joy back to life, John said slowly, as he said ...continue

2015-11-01 15:06:27
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Most Dangerous Experience ....... 10 - Love Stories

Blood splashed on Bison’s hand, he could no believe what he just saw, he looked through the tiny window of the slaughter room and saw about 8 police ...continue

2015-11-01 14:58:48
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THE STORY OF TEJUMOLA... Part 5 - Love Stories

We all stood in straight lines on the assembly ground. Being one of the tallest girls in my class, I stood at the far back end. ...continue

2015-11-01 06:25:10
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