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the journey of the episode 10 .: stories Love Stories 

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The journey of love episode 10
Wow here comes episode 10 of this Story
The journey of love: Written by Offia Samuel Kalu popularly known as Sammy Kloff.
Samuel's POV
I had been standing out here for like 15 minutes waiting for this stupid gateman to come, but he seems not to appear. Is it that Adanne doesn't want to see me or what l said to myself, should l leave from here? I said to myself, but l really need to see her because she is really mad at me. God! I really love this girl l said to myself. As l was still out looking for something more precedent to do, the Stupid calabar man l guess with his English accent, he should be a calabar man, comes out.
"my maram say make you dey come but it remains one thing" he says frowning his face
"which other thing again?" I kind of yell to him
"see man if you enter there tell them say l no collect any money from you in fact tell them say you no even give me money, you dey hear me so because you no Rich nah see you nah so tell them say_____
"ok l will tell them" l shut him up by saying and was also laughing as l said that .
Them? Could it be her parents are also here or her friends ? I asked myself yea it could be because the gateman says tell "Them". He took me inside and when l got to the sitting room, l was tongue tied.
"Samuel?" Cynthia shouts standing up. Gosh! I shouted to myself. Tessy? Oh my God why? I is it that she is Living here also? She stood up immediately she saw me, she was about to shout my name also, but Cynthia shouts before her. With the way Tessy reacted Cynthia became suspicious. Immediately Adanne comes downstairs, oh my word! Are they friends? But Cynthia was here to visit Tessy not Adanne. Both of them are living here?
"Cynthia!" Adanne shouts sort of surprised
"Adanne you're staying here also"? Cynthia says
"Yea" she says looking at me
Tessy is still very surprised likewise myself am exhausted also, l wasn't expecting to see her here.
"You two know each other?" Tessy asks looking at both of them
"Yea she's my course mate" Cynthia says
I was just standing there tongue tied, unsure of what to say. Tessy wanted to call my name immediately she sees me but Cynthia calls before her and am sure as hell She(Cynthia) noticed.
"Samuel!" Adanne calls me her voice very low like someone who is heart broken. Tessy looks at both of us and l know with that look she's pissed right now.
I don't know what to do again should l leave from here or should l stay? I can't stay here with Tessy and it looks somehow to me, seriously l can't. Holy shit! Why is everything revolving around Tessy? l mean everything about me l asked myself. I must leave from here, but if l should leave Adanne is going to be pissed and l don't want that to happen again.
"Do you know Tessy?" Adanne asks Cynthia still surprised
"Yea she's my friend" Cynthia replies.
Tessy was just glancing at me, God she's so beautiful wearing a mini clothe and a short.
"Samuel have a seat" Adanne says sort of smiling. I don't know what to do again l sat down
"Hi handsome" Nuella says faking a smile I didn't return it back instead l just sort of raise my eyebrows a little, she doesn't know how angry l am now cos if she knows she wouldn't even talk to me
"Are you two friends" Tessy asks Adanne, her voice very low and l can even feel the sarcasm in her voice
"Yea babes sorry this my friend Samuel the guy l said that always challenged me in class" she said to all of them, she's very happy to see me l said to myself when am not happy coming here
Gosh! Looking at Tessy she's very pissed but pretends not to be
"Samuel these are my friends but the other Pretty Damsel(pointingat Tessy) is more than a friend we both stay here" she happily says.
More than a friend? I asked myself ooh l see no wonder they are just the same.
"Samuel what would l offer you?" Adanne asks
"Anything" l said pretending to be happy. She left to bring something for me. Tessy was just staring at me, she stood up with Cynthia and went upstairs. She's is very angry right now. Is it that she still loves me though she has been saying that, but with what has happened to me, l don't trust any girl again, but if she does, Samuel do l still love her? God am totally confused, she hurts me so much and l can't. Immediately she stood up my heart aches a little, she looks at me and left. God she's beautiful she even changed her steps and was walking like that epitome of beauty that features "FALS" in JEJE(lols!)
The food she cooked for me was very delicious to be frank l haven't eaten such food before. After eating, She took me out
We landed at one Restaurant to talk and also to know each other more. She ordered for our drinks and foods which was brought immediately.
"You pissed me off today" she quietly says, her voice very romantic just like Tessy's
"l know but l was just teasing" I said looking at her beautiful face
"you were just teasing?" She asks me smiling
"yea l was just teasing, I didn't mean it" l said to her returning the smile
"Do you know how pissed l was? I thought you were declining me again" she says
"no l wasn't declining you. You also pissed me off today l tried calling you but you weren't picking up" l said to her
"am sorry for that" she says smiling
"can l ask you something?" She asks
"yea sure" l said thinking of what she wants to say
"You said you were my boyfriend" she sort of asks
"hmmmm not really l was just teasing" l shyly said
"ok" she said looking unhappy. Nobody utters a word again we were just staring at each other for like 3 minutes and am sure as hell she's angry because of what l said. What did she expect me to say
"Samuel l love you" she says
"The food is nice" l said to her distracting the mood
"Yea its nice" she says
"you like it?" I asked her
"yea" she says and excuses herself to the restroom. She loves me? Shit! I heard her very well instead l changed the subject immediately. I love her too just that dating her is still revolving around Tessy. Tessy? My heart aches, no am gonna forget about her and move on with Adanne. Oh God, but l promised myself not to date again am totally confused if l should move on, it shouldn't be somebody like Tessy.
She came back as l was thinking of all this.
"Samuel we have a lot to talk" she says and have a seat
"I hope am save, is anything wrong?" I said
"No it's nothing just want to know you more" she says
"Hmm ok" l said
"We have to get going" she says standing up
"ooh sure" l said calling the bartender to come take her money
"No you don't have to worry" she says
" How l want to pay for what we bought" l said even bragging
"I have done that already" she says smiling
" why did you do that" l said kind of angry
" Samuel l don't want it be like you are spending Your whole money on me" she quietly says
"But______" she shuts me up by saying
"shhhhh" putting her finger across her mouth
"you drive?" She asks me
" hmmm yea" l said and we enter her car and l drive her to the campus.
When we got to my room, we sat down and l brought out two hollandia yogurts from my fridge and gave her one. God am loving this girl
"Where are you from" she asks me
"Ohafia in Abia state and you?" I replied
"Wow Ohafia am from Bende in the same Abia state" she says looking very charming
"you are from a wealthy family right?" I asked her
"Yea do you know Senator Akuma?" She says
God Senator Akuma, Former Governor of Abia state? Is she trying to tell me is her Father? No let it not be, look at me now am just an ordinary guy of my own how can l date this kind of a girl.
" yea former Governor of Abia State" I replied
"What do you know about him?" She asks
"He's a good man, an epitome of a good leader, he tried his best in bringing our state to the next level mainly in education but he was sort of an asshole" l angrily said
"An asshole?" She asks also looking pissed
"yea the man was an asshole and also a jerk he wasn't paying workers, my dad will toil from months to months and yet when is time for workers to be paid, they wouldn't pay him" l said again
"your Dad" she asks her voice very low and she is still pissed
"yea my dad is a Headmaster in one primary school, the man was trying his best but wasn't paid appropriately" l said
She didn't say anything she was just staring at me with those her charming eyes
" What about him" l asked her
"Nevermind" she says looking pissed
"do l say anything wrong?" I asked her
She didn't reply but was just staring at me. Shit! She is fuking damn beautiful.
"he's my dad" she says and removed her eyes from mine
"What?!" I asked sort of shouting
"Samuel the man you just called an asshole is my dad" she says again looking very pissed
"what the fuk" l shouted
"Am so sorry to say that but l think l was just saying_______" l said but she didn't let me finish
"it's okay Samuel you don't have to be sorry l understand" she says and fakes a smile
I didn't say anything again, to tell you the truth l was sort of afraid to talk to her now, she's our former Governor's daughter l said to myself God why this Tessy of a girl again.
"My Dad wasn't an asshole, he was releasing money to workers am sure as hell, you know sometimes the fault is from his commissioners. He is a good man Samuel, l know it affected you so much but just believe me" she says looking at me
"ok" l said looking straight to her eyes(she's just Tessy)
"Your Dad is a teacher?"she asks
"yea" l said
"That's why you are academically bright and intelligent" she says smiling
"hmmm You are Dr Akuma's daughter? I asked her again still confused
"yea am his last child" she says
"Hmmmm" l hummed
"any problem?" She asks
"not at all but how come he didn't let you school outside the country" l asked her
"I prefer to school here in Nigeria studying here was my decision not his" she said
"hmm is like he loves you so much by letting you make such decision by yourself" l said
"yea he likes me so much, are you trying to say is bad to school here in Nigeria?" She asks
"No am not just that Politicians found it as a
sort of tabboo for their children to school here in the country so l hardly see their children studying in the country" l said
"sure you are right you have seen it now so am exceptional" she says laughing
"Hmmm yea" l concur with her
"Samuel it doesn't mean we can't still talk like we used to" she says
"Hmmm you still deserve to be respected" l said to her smiling
"Stop" she says looking pissed
"stop what" l asked her
"l don't like it" she says still looking pissed. Wow she's not even bragging over her Dad being a Senator or Governor hmmm she's wonderful l said to myself and looked at her face God she's fucking beautiful l couldn't control myself again instead l came closer to her, but she's still angry, she looks straight into My eyes and l did the same before l knew it am kissing her
"Samuel kiss me" she screams
I kissed her more and l love the way her body was just responding to mine. We kissed like minutes, l got myself back and removed my lips from hers.
"what's That" she asks me when l removed my lips
"Am very sorry for that l don't know what came over me" l said to her my heart even beating like base drum
"Sorry? No you don't have to be" she says shifting closer for me to continue kissing her
"Stop l don't think am doing the right thing" l said my heart still beating, she looks at me, smiles a little l know it's a fake smile stood up, took her bag and was about to go" fucking shit she's angry, l stood up and drew her back by holding her hand, bringing her back to myself and we started kissing again.
She removed herself this time and looks at me
"I love you" she said
"I l l love you too" l sort of stammered
"you love me?" she asks
"yea l love you" l said
Thank you for reading this episode
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Written by Offia Samuel kalu(Sammy Kloff)
The journey of love: A must read story

2018-02-24 13:44:43
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