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the journey of love episode 9 .: stories Love Stories 

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This story was written by Offia Samuel kalu(Sammy Kloff) and mind you copying this story demands the Author's notice.

The journey of love, a must read. (episode 9)

Samuel's POV
The next day, l don't have lectures. I woke up, say a little prayer, tidy up my room and took my breakfast. I checked my phone and l saw two messages, one from Cynthia and the next is from Skye bank. Wow l skipped Cynthia's and checked on the other, my account has been credited. Omo am a big boy oh, l came here to make money, more money in my account lols! I said to myself. My dad really tried by sending Such about of money(don't ask me how much he sent oh) he's the best l said to myself. I checked on Cynthia's and it reads
"Hi handsome can we see today" see this girl oh why this handsome? l asked myself, l sigh and dialled my Dad's number
Mead good morning
My Dad: Son how was your night? You didn't go to lectures today
Me: It was good Dad and yours?
Me: Yea l don't have lectures today
My dad: Ok l have sent the token
Me: Yea that's why l called to tell you l have seen it, thank you dad
My dad: Your welcome
My dad: Bye for now am sort of busy and take care of yourself
Me: You too dad(l said, wait for him to Hang it up and he did)
After calling my Dad, Cynthia calls me immediately, it seems she has been calling since
Cynthia: Handsome how was your night?
Me: Handsome kee? Well it was good and yours?
Cynthia:You don't like me calling you that? It was fine also
Me: Yea am not handsome nah
Cynthia:don't Say that again you are more than handsome(see this girl oh l hope that's just a compliment)
Me:hmmm please am not, xup nah any problem?
Cynthia: Not at all just want to check on you
Me: Thank you
Cynthia: Are you going anywhere today?
Me: Yea and you?
Cynthia: Yea l want to go see Tessy and you?
Me: Who is Tessy?(claiming like l don't know her and kind of angry)
Cynthia: The one you saw me with yesterday
Me: Ooh you wanna go see her?
Cynthia: Yes any problem?
Me: No oh no problem
Cynthia: Have you eaten?
Me: Yea and you?
Cynthia: Yes
Cynthia: How is peter's health
Me: He's getting better( l lied, of course he's better)
Cynthia: Take care of yourself handsome
Me: Handsome? You too damsel(she laughs and hangs up)

Cynthia is going to see her friend Tessy, l wanted to ask her how does she know her and how long they have known each other, but decided against it because, if l try to be more nosey or inquisitive over that, she's going to Suspect that something happens between us.
Holy shit l supposed to go see Adanne l said to myself. Holy shit! and l haven't even called her. She must have been trying to call me of course she hasn't my number. Gosh! I have to call her let it not be that am refusing to come this time again.
Adanne: Who is on the line?
Me: Your boyfriend( gosh why did l say that)
Adanne: My boyfriend? I don't have any
Me: You don't have any?
Adanne: Yea l don't have please who are you
Me: Samuel
Adanne: Gosh Samuel l have been expecting your call, how are you?
Me: Hale and hearty and you?
Adanne: Am good are you still coming?
Me: No( just teasing)
Adanne: Ok( she hangs up)

Gosh! Am just teasing, she's totally angry right now and before l knew it am calling her back. God she's not picking my calls, l dropped like 10 calls for her, but she's picking up. Oh my God! I screamed l was just teasing why should l even say that? I asked my myself .l angrily stood up take my bath and dressed to go see her. I put on my new shoes, the jeans l just bought and a top. Everything l wore was just new. Chai am damn coded dope l said to myself and left to see her.


When I got to her apartment l knocked and the security man was behaving as if he was intoxicated fuβœ”king rubbish, this man should not waste my time here oh l said to myself

"Who goes there?" He ask his voice very deep
"Am here to See your madam" I yelled, he comes out. He's tall, dark in complexion and has something like mark on his face.
"my Maram?" He asks
"yea your madam" l said
"see make l tell you, my Maram no fit see person like you oh, you dey hear me so? Guy check it out nah, Na guys Wey dey control cars, l say cars wen l say cars l don't mean ordinary cars if you know wetin be good for you man turn back because people like you are not allowed here" he says bouncing like a ball. Chai l don suffer oh l said to myself. This man has insulted me. Well, l still have to see her.
" please just help me please l really want to see her" l said my voice very low
"Who she be to you sef? Man am afraid because Maram hasn't invited somebody like you no get car nah" he said now making jest of me. God this man is really insane
"Am her course mate" l said
"course mate kee" he said looking me up and down.
"oya give me something if you no dey give dy go" he says l know he needs money that's why he likes seeing men with cars in order for them to give him money. Mad man!
"take this" l said and gave him #200
"what's this so Na only two hundred you wan give me? You see am if Na those guys Dem no fit give me this" he says looking very mean
"please l really need to see your madam and that's the only money l have" l said to him now very pissed
"if no be say Na you eeeeh" he says and opens the gate. Shit this man is very hard and insane, his trouble is too much.
"dey bring money come nah see as you dress fine and still you no get shishi" he says again after opening the gate.


When l get inside, Wow she is staying in a mansion look at the environment filled with exotic cars, beautify with flowers and she even has swimming pool. Wow she's not my type l said to myself and called her again thank God she picks it now
Adanne: Stop disturbing me" she says and l can even hear the sarcasm in her voice. God she's pretty damn pissed at me.
Me: Am in your door front
Adanne: Whatever but stop calling me(she hangs up)
God she's angry. What would l do now? Before l know it am calling this same hard man to help me go tell her that someone is here to see her
"please can you help me to tell her that am here" l said quietly
"Wetin l tell you shebi l tell you say my Maram no dey see people like you" he said abusing me
"Please just help me" l said
" see wetin l dey do oh l suppose even go tell her sef because if she see you here Na me she go sack walai" he said and enters the house to go tell her
Madman is what you supposed to have done but your love for money wouldn't let you do your work properly.

Tessy's POV
After discussing with paschal and thinking on how to get my love(Samuel) back l called my friend Cynthia.
Me: Hi Cynthia how are you doing
Cynthia: Bae l dey oh and you?
Me:am good just feeling kind of lonely
Cynthia: You don't have to be l will come see you then
Me: Thank you l will be expecting you
Cynthia: No problem l will be on my way
Me: Don't take anything oh am gonna cook for you
Cynthia: Hahahaha no problem(l hang up)

I wanted to ask her about his friend abi his course mate but decided not to ask her. Nobody is going to know what happened between me and him because if they know or if she knows, am going to be blamed for everything, so l just have to fight this myself.
After about 30 minutes, Cynthia is here, she was looking very hot and beautiful.
"Baby Oku di hot" l said to her smiling
"Bae you hot pass me nah" she says
"ka m nukwa(if l hear) you are the most hottest" l said to her Gesturing her to have a seat, she sits
"wow is a good place you got here" she says looking around our sitting room. I wouldn't say my sitting room because Senator Akuma's daughter and her friends are here with Me.
"like seriously?" I asked her
"yea though am not that kind of surprise" she said smiling
"why do you say that?" I asked her though l already know what she meant
"Dr Micheal no dey carry last" she says and laughs . Dr Micheal is my Dad
"hahaha you funny what would l offer you?" I asks her still laughing
"Anything" she says. I got up, brought out the fried rice l cooked in the dining room and calls Cynthia to come and eat.
"You cooked this?" Cynthia asks
" yes of course" l said to her
"it's really delicious" she says
"thanks" l said
"Are you the only one staying here?" She asks still looking at every corner of the house
"No" l said

After eating, we went back to the sitting room and as we were discussing, Elizabeth and Nuella, senator Akuma's daughter friends came downstairs and met us in the sitting room
"Tessy how are you?" Nuella asks
"am good bae and you?" I asked her
"Am good" she says and sits down
"meet my friend Cynthia" l said to both of them
"Cynthia? Your face looks familiar is like we have seen before" Nuella asks
Cynthia looks at her________
The gateman distracted our discussion and enters like an intoxicated goat.
"Akpan what's wrong with you? This one you are in a haste is someone after you?" Elizabeth asks him laughing
"Maram as me l dey so nobody fit chase me l swear l go kill the person, l go skin the person alive infact l go show the person how l fought the Nigeria Civil war and killed many people and still nothing do me________ as he was still saying his rubbish
"would you tell us why you came inside like that and stop all this rubbish" l Said to him not letting him finish saying his rubbish
" hmm maram Na one idiot Wey wan see you e no even Carry car come, as l dey see am he no get any shishi, Maram the one Wey dey vex me be say Na only #200 he gave me. Maram l know say you no fit let that kind of a guy to come see you l for don let him inside sef but chai l come remember say if l let him in maram Na e bi say you don sack me dat Na so_____"
"short up what's his name?" I asked him still not letting him to finish
"maram l swear he no tell me his name he just tell me say he dey look for my maram Na so l come dey halla am tell am say my maram no dey see people like this, maram l swear l no even collect the money Wey he give me chai maram abeg no sack me oh that man l talk am, l talk am so he no be ordinary person chai maram l swear l no even let him in sef l____
"Shut up!" I shouted and laugh frantically and everyone in the room laughs. Akpan is really funny.
"Let him in" l said to him still laughing
"maram l should let him in? See maram that man no get kobo #1 he no get. Maram l_____
"l say let him in" l yell to him

Chief Akuma's daughter POV

Samuel hates me so much. He hates me, he declines my offer to come see me again. I have already cooked something for him. Seriously l wasn't expecting that to happen. Why is he calling me? He must be fucking crazy. Am not picking this girls yea l won't pick it, he dropped like 10 calls and l didn't pick it to show him how pissed l am. I was the happiest person on earth when he told me he will come visit me today now he turns me down again.
After about 30 minutes, he calls me again to tell me he's here in our house, but l didn't believe him because l was sure as hell he just say that so that l can talk to him, but instead l didn't admit to that and hang up the call.

I have been hearing a lot of noise downstairs from my friends and Dr Micheal's daughter who is also staying with me. Dr Micheal my father's friend.
So because of the noise l decided to go down stairs.πŸ”š

Thank you for reading this episode
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