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The journey of love episode 8 .: stories Love Stories 

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The journey of love episode(

Love Music for this episode
Mr s.kloff- shima(p-square away cover)
The fray-say when
The fray-she is

Peter opens the door and Adanne comes inside, she was very surprised to see me likewise myself l was sort of jealous and happy to see her here in peter's room. She hates me more now because of what happened and why is she even in peter's room? l asked myself and am trying to be nosey over this, but why should l be nosey? Well, since she's here, the only option l have, is to leave because she asks me to stay away near her and l don't even think she will be happy to see me.
"Peter how are you doing" she asks peter
"am fine you are welcome" peter says to her
"Your room is neat and well decorated you must be a clean type" she says to peter smiling
"you teasing right?" Peter asks her
"Nooh am serious it's well decorated" she says smiling but Hasn't noticed my presence cos they were still near the door
"Hmmm Thanks" peter says
"you're welcome" she says

As they were talking, jealousy took over me l got up to leave because, l can't help staying here with her and with the way am feeling right now, l don't think this is going to end well. My heart aches a little and l felt as if l loose her, all my body was shaking Damn shit! I screamed am in love with this girl, even when we are staying away from each other, the feelings are still increasing. So avoiding her since doesn't mean anything l said to myself or is it because she's now for Peter? I asked, but even though she's now peter's or whatever if l don't like her l won't Feel jealous and pissed till the extent my body will be shaking.

I stood up to leave after the Long thought
"Oboy You dey go so?" Idris asks me
"yea l have something to do at home maybe some other time" I said heading to the door, Adanne now sees me and was happy, shit! She is not looking angry to see me and she was still talking to peter smiling. As l reached near to where they are l stopped.

"Guy you dey go?" He asks me (l mean peter)
"Yes l have something to do at home" l lied
Adanne was surprised to see me l can see that in her face and she was just glancing at me smiling, God she is fu✔king damn beautiful, she wore a red short skirt which exposes all her features( you know want l mean so Dont ask me)
"you should have stayed a little more" peter says looking angry
"hmmm maybe some other time" l said staring at Adanne who is now angry
"please some other time" l says to him and walked past them. I didn't even look at her.
"Samuel" she calls me. I didn't stop, but instead she followed me outside
"Samuel" she calls again
I turned back to face her and unsure of what to say
"Why are you leaving?" She asks angrily and l can even feel the sarcasm in her voice
"l have one or two things to work at home" l said kind of fumble the words
"You two are now best friends?" I asked her
"Yea any problem?" She says surprising me
"you two are dating right?" I asked her again
"stop being too nosey" she says frowning her face
"Nosey? Well l just want to know" l said
She didn't say anything
"Please l have to go" l said to her when she didn't reply, but was just looking at me
"You're avoiding me right? She says, see this small girl oh is she not the one that asks me to stay away from her? I said to myself
"am doing exactly what you told me to do" l said A lot of sarcasm in my voice
"You are staying away from me?" She admits by asking, her voice very quiet
"Yea" l kind of growl
"am so sorry for that l didn't mean it Samuel just that you pissed me off, am sorry" she quietly said her voice very low
"You're sorry?'" l asked her
"yea am sorry" she says
"Am also sorry for pissing you off" l said to her smiling, she returns the smile and said
"I will need you to come to my house" she says smiling. I turned her down the other time so l can't decline her offer.
"hmmm when?" l asked
"tomorrow since we don't have lectures" she says
"ok let me see if l will be chanced" l said looking at her face of course she's angry
"Ok have my contact then" she says and called her number for me
"ok l will put you on call then" l said after collecting the number
"you can also reach me on Whatsapp with that" she says
"where do you stay" l asked her
"off campus at VIPI 1C" she says smiling
What the hell is she saying, God her father must be a rich personality not an ordinary person, l said to myself
VIPI_Vip in
1C_first class wing
She must be kidding me
"You stay there?" I asked totally surprised
"yea" she says smiling
"Samuel l will expecting you" she says
"ok take care of yourself" l said
"you too" she says, smiles a little and left to see peter.

Adanne tells me she is sorry, hmmm, but am the one at fault here, l shouldn't have rejected to hang out with her, What? Am not at fault, l was just doing the right thing by avoiding her so that my feelings will not increase, but it seems all this avoidance didn't solve anything. When she comes inside peter's room, l was totally pissed, jealousy took over me and all my body was shaking. That proves l love her and the feelings are now much stronger than before.
God she stays at VIPI 1C, hmmm she isn't my level, she's just like Tessy and everything about Adanne reminds me of Tessy, am loving her(Adanne), little do l know that she's just another Tessy that will hurt me again.

At the mentioning of Tessy, my heart beats, l sigh (do l still love her?) Tessy was totally angry today. She has been telling me she still loves me, could it be that she does? Oh my God, could it be? Do l still love her? I asked myself again what of Adanne does she love me? Do l love her? Yes l do love her, l love her, but l don't know how to open up for her, first she's not my class, secondly l don't want to date anymore, thirdly she's just like that girl that hurts me.

Tessy's POV
I was very happy to see my long time classmate Cynthia, who told me she is Reading medicine, at the mentioning of medicine l know she's reading the same course with Samuel and that means they are course mates. I was about to ask her about Samuel if she knows him and to my surprise he(Samuel) Appears though, l didn't see him, Cynthia saw him and called him.

He was very cool yesterday, he wasn't an asshole and l pretended as if l don't know him, if l didn't do that, am sure as hell he's going to be a jerk , but because l did, he claimed not to know me also.
I know he faked the call just to decline my offer, l know hmmm is it that, Samuel can't just forgive me? I asked myself I will try every possible means to have him back because, l love him, l love him so much. I told myself, l know l hurt him, all was just a mistake and of course everybody makes mistakes l Said to myself. As l was thinking about all of this, paschal calls, this is the first time he's calling me because l changed my line and since l changed it l haven't called him. How did he get my number? Ouch my dad
or mum, either of them.
Me: Paschal?
Paschal: You have my number still?
Me: No true caller identifies that
Paschal: Hmmm Tessy why do you find it so hard to forgive me
Me: you did nothing to me just that am tired of being in a relationship
Paschal: What the hell are you saying, oh now l know you never loved me.
Me: Paschal you have been my friend since childhood and isn't that l don't love you, l love you but not that much.
Paschal: Tessy why are you treating me like this
Me: Paschal am not doing anything to you, you are the one treating me badly
Paschal: Tessy that's why l said am sorry
Me: You don't have to be sorry Paschal am just tired of all this please
Paschal: Hmmm ok can l come and visit you?
Me: Why? No you don't have to worry
Paschal: How is school then
Me: It's fine and you?
Paschal: The same
Paschal: Take care of yourself
Me: Thanks for calling(l hanged it up instead of him)


Paschal loves me, but l don't love him that much. He does the way he likes and bleeps girls the way he wants, l have caught him so many times, but since l don't love him that much l won't complain much, l will just advice him like a sister not that l won't be angry l will, but not that much. We have been friends since childhood, just friends, but now we have grown up our both parents want us to date. We have been dating even before l met Samuel, but wasn't that serious because l don't just love him and now l think am tired of all this, l have to leave him and focus to have Samuel back, Samuel is the only man my heart aches for. So, having paschal in my life is going to hinder me from having him back.
I don't have lectures today so, l was just alone in my room though am not staying alone here my father's friend Senator Akuma's daughter is staying here with me, but we don't used to talk and non of us have time for each other. 🔚

Senator Akuma's daughter? Lols!

Thank you for reading this episode
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Journey of love ❤: Written by Sammy Kloff

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