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The Journey of Love episode 7 .: stories Love Stories 

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The journey of love(7)
The journey of love(7)
11:31 PM
The journey of love episode(7)
Sammy Kloff: An upcoming artist who always likes creating something for himself and his creativity made him to create this story out
The journey of love, a must read.
As l was on my way out, l saw her (Tessy) with her discussing. I walked past them, Tessy didn't see me, but she sees me and called me. God so they know each other, but why? l asked myself.
"Samuel" she calls me
I was very surprised to see Tessy with Cynthia. Who were you thinking it was? Adanne right? No isn't Adanne, but with Cynthia.
"Cynthia how are you? I asked, Tessy sort of surprise.
"Am fine" she says looking very happy
"were you in class today? Cos l didn't see you" l asked looking at Tessy, she's just surprised and she was also looking at me, but looks unhappy which made her fine still.
"yea l came late so l was at the back" she says now looking at Tessy. Looking at this two girls, Tessy is still more beautiful than Cynthia even though, she looks unhappy right now.
"Tessy meet my course mate Samuel" Cynthia says to Tessy, Tessy claims she doesn't know me and says.
"Hi handsome" faking a smile, l was surprised why she acted as if she doesn't know me and instead l didn't reply her immediately
"Samuel meet my friend Tessy" she says to me and l look Tessy one kind eyes which means "your friend?" Since she claims she doesn't know me, l did the same.
"Nice meeting you dear" l said to her
"You too how was today's lectures?" She asks looking very happy
"Fine dear and yours?" I asked her sort of smiling
"still going it will start by 1 pm" she says still happy
"ooh and this is still" l said
"yea" she says
"what's your discipline here?" I asked though l already know. I should have left but l don't want Cynthia to suspect anything, that's why am not an asshole here.
"Business Admin" she says. Why is she happy over this? I asked myself.
"can you do business with those your charming and beautiful eyes?" I teased looking at Cynthia who was laughing
"you are funny" she says and laughs
"Can we be friends? Since You and Cynthia are sort of friends" Shit Tessy wants us to be friends God why did l have to pretend as if l don't know her? I asked, even if Cynthia finds out what would she have done? nothing, absolutely nothing, this is about my feelings. I told myself, now she wants us to be friends what would l tell her, now if l say no it looks somehow and l don't want people to know about what happened between Tessy and l so, saying no to her will prove to Cynthia that there is something going on between Tessy and l and if l should say yes, l have created a room for us to be seeing each other again. Seriously right now l don't know what to tell her. As l was about to reply, my phone rings, l picked it up and Tessy looks me one kind eyes because, l told her before that my phone has problem.
Me: Where
My mum: Aboy( Aboy the name my mum calls Me)
Me: I will be there within an hour
My mum: Samuel you sure you okay?
I hang up the call and promised to call the woman later. Thank God l see something to save me from this shit, l won't like us to be friends and being friends with Tessy will keep remembering me on something l have managed all these years to forget.
"lets talk some other times" l said to both of them
"Did anything happen?" Cynthia asks me
"yea its Peter, he's not feeling fine" l lied looking at Tessy who is now pissed off and am sure as hell she knows l don't want to accept her request.
"Peter?" Cynthia asks
"yea please some other times" l said and leave them.
When l got home, l sit down to settle my head and also to call my mum back. Chai this woman saved me today from that daughter of Eve l said to myself, l would have accepted her proposal if she didn't call, hmmm 3 kposa for my mum joor l said to myself again. Hmmm Tessy? I started feeling sort of guilty for turning her down, l shouldn't have turned her down , She knows l don't want to accept and she also knows that l faked the call.whatever she's just paying for all her crimes and why won't she leave me alone why? She doesn't love me that's why she hurts me. So, let her leave me l don't want any of this to happen again. After thinking about that l called my mum, just for me to check my phone, she has already dropped 10 calls for me and of course l know she was worried.
Me: Mum good afternoon
My mum: Aboy odikwa mma?, l have been calling you, you were not picking
Me: Yes mum there is no problem, l was still in the class(l sort of lie)
My mum: So how is today?
Me: Fine mum what of Dad?
My mum: He is fine, he said he called you yesterday.
Me: Yea he called ma'am
My mum: I just want to know how you are doing Nnam(literally my father)"
Me: Ammum
My Mum: Good Chinasa your cousin is now living with us since you are no more, she's been the one helping me with market and other things
Me: Wow My greetings to her
My mum: Take care of yourself Nnam and study hard, don't forget mum loves you
Me: I love you too Mum
My mum: That's my son bye(she hangs up)
After calling my mum, l was totally hungry, l got up cooked something for myself, but don't ask me what l cooked oh. After eating, l don't know to do again to keep myself busy so, l decided to go see Peter, but l have to call him first to know if he's at home because, that my guy doesn't stay one place, he likes girls too much so maybe he's out to see one.
Me: Guy ele nah(how are you)
Peter: I dey oh wetin dey xup nah?
Me: Nothing dey oh, wetin you cook l wan come your house abi room sef
Peter: Guy l no cook anything oh so you go carry food come Ni
Me: Guy no talk am oh find something cook l dey come( l hang up)
When l got to his room, he was busy cooking and l can perceive the aroma of his food. Though l have eaten already but with the way the thing was coming out, l still have to eat his food
"Guy Na wetin you dey cook Ni?" I asked after he opens the door for me
"Wepukwa anya gi there oh(remove your eyes from there) he says to me looking mean
"Taa no be this your food Wey no dey even smell well" l said to him
"you no cook reach me Nah" he says laughing
"you called me chief cook the other day remember" l said
"l was teasing and it was just a scope to eat your food, was it real food sef, isn't ordinary indomie" he says
While playing with Peter, his room mate comes in and distracted our conversation.
"peter the food never done?" he says laughing
"Idris wetin dat one mean nah" he says to him
"abeg do sharp joor l dey hungry" Idris says to him
After eating peter's food which wasn't even that good has it been l was the one that cooked the food you would have seen how delicious it was going to be. Am not bragging over that, but am just saying what l can do, l was the only child of my parents so, that's why l know how to cook very well. As we were watching a movie with peter's laptophis phone rings he picks it up, l was unsure who the person was. So, After the call
"who was that?" I asked him
"Adanne" he says
"Adanne?" I asked him feeling jealous
"yea she said she is on her way to my room" he replied looking kind of happy.
"l have to leave then" l said standing up to take my leave
"Samuel why? don't tell me you hate her" he says looking pissed
"you two are now friends right"? I asks him feeling very jealous
"hmmm is not what you think, she's my friend because you are my friend so, we all are friends" he says
As l was about to reply to peter, somebody knocks at door and he(peter) opens the door to check on the person and it was Adanne. Holy shit l shouted and am here
Thanks for reading this episode
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Written by Offia Samuel kalu(sammy kloff)

2018-02-23 19:08:08
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