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The Journey of Love episode 5 .: stories Love Stories 


The Journey of Love episode 5
The journey of love episode 6
The journey of love episode 6
The journey of love episode 6

This story was written by Offia Samuel kalu popularly known as Sammy Kloff
The contents should not be copied without noticing the author.
Read and enjoy

Love Music for this episode
Banky w_ My lover
Chidinma _fallen in love
Runtown_mad over you

Tessy's POV

Samuel had been the man l love, but cheating on him wasn't intentional, l never wanted to cheat on him. Now he doesn't like me anymore talk the more of loving me.
After looking for Samuel l didn't see him, l have to go back to paschal who had been my
Boyfriend even before l met Samuel. I don't love him that much l was forced to date him by my parents just because he's from a wealthy family just like me, even though, Samuel parents are not like Paschal's l still love him more, for money is not everything in relationship what matters is your happiness.

Since l was left with no option l continued dating Paschal just to erase all the memories of samuel in the process our relationship became stronger than before much even better than Samuel and l. Samuel and Paschal there is still a difference between these two guys. Samuel always makes me happy and special while Paschal always makes me cry why? Because l have caught him so many times with other girls. Paschal does the way he likes because, his father is rich and nobody not even his father can question him but, he likes me so much so am the only one that talks to him. Samuel in the other hand is a cool guy, he's always the one bringing me back to life and we two love ourselves.
I loose him, l loose this awesome guy and l don't even think he can be able to love again with the way he was hurt. I ruined him
I was very happy to see Samuel here in our school it was just like a dream because, this almost three years we broke up and l had been looking for him since then. I am the most happiest person on earth to see Samuel again and now l have seen him l will try to win his heart again, l will fight for the one l love to have him back, l will ask him to forgive me even though l have done that already am not gona loose hope. I just want him to forgive me at least we can start from being friends till he develops a feeling for me and have me back.
Yea he still loves me l said to myself . After thinking about that l left for afternoon lectures.

Samuel's POV
On Sunday After service l came back and was exhausted, laziness took over me but l didn't admit that l boiled some noodles. As l was was eating peter came in
"aah thank God l came on time" he says, took a fork and joins me
"Guy you no even sabi cook ordinary indomie" he says laughing
" Bia idikwa ukpa oh(you are a longer throat)" l said to him
"stingy guy you want me to stop eating" he says
"if l want to stop you l will" l said
"you should have called Adanne to come cook for you" he pouts
"sounds stupid" l said
"How?" He asks
"she's not my girlfriend" l told him
"and so? She is our friend nah" he said
"is it that l don't know how to cook or what?" I asked
"gbam that's what am insinuating" he says
"taa oya vomit those ones you have swallowed and give it back to me" l said and collected my plate
" aah chief cook l was just teasing person no fit follow you play nawaoh for you oh" he says laughing
With this guy am okay, he can play for Africa and am always happy staying with him.
"where are you going today" l asked
"nowhere am just thinking if we just hang out a little around the campus" he says
"sure but with your money" l said and was very mean
"why is it because of this indomie that's not even up to #100?" he says
"because you are now satisfied your mama there" l cursed laughing at him
"you mama yansh" he said and does the same
"you will use your Money period l don say my own" l said
"Guy that my ticket Na man u spoil am" he says frowning his face
"Gosh! My own Na 3 games spoil am shaa" l said laughing at him
While discussing with my best friend somebody knocks at my door and my heart aches a little because, l had been thinking about Adanne since yesterday she left angrily. I made a mistake by not asking for her number, but what for? l asked myself, but at least she is my course mate l said to myself again and headed to the door.
"Who is there?" I asked
Wow it was Cynthia she was damn ., wearing a black jeans with a red top that barely reached her stomach to match it.
"Happy Sunday" she says
"l wish you the best" l replied
"you are looking beautiful" l complimented
"Thanks for the compliment" she says smiling
After staying with them for an hour Cynthia,Peter and l went out
We landed at one Restaurant to have some fun. Cynthia ordered a drink while Peter and l did the same. As we were having a little Fun a car, Range rover l guess parked at the front of the store for me to see the person it was Adanne with few other girls.
Why do l have to come here not even that l was here, but with Cynthia. Hanging out with Cynthia but refused to Hang out with her. I know to her she's going to say l like Cynthia and hate her like she has said before. I do like two of them, just that l have one strange feelings for Adanne which l don't want it to increase now she's here.
Is she the owner of the car? I asked myself if she is hmm that means she's also from a Wealthy family just like Tessy by mentioning Tessy my heart aches God what is wrong with me Do l still love her? I can't
Adanne was coming inside, she didn't see us instead of my Cynthia to keep shut, she calls her. Well, she does the right thing by calling her even though she didn't Peter is still going to call her because, they know nothing.
"Adanne" she calls and Adanne turns to our direction, she comes closer right now l don't know what to do l looked Cynthia one kind "l will kill you eyes" but she didn't notice of course she doesn't suppose to know because, if Tessy and l have anything in common she doesn't know.
"Cynthia how are you?" She asks laughing am sure as hell she hasn't seen me because l bow down my head a little.
"Hi Adanne" peter says and looks at me
"Am good and you?" Cynthia asks
"Peter Hw are you doing" Adanne says to Peter
"Am good just hanging out a little with my friends" she says to Cynthia
"sure Samuel ask me to hang out with him" Cynthia says and looks at me. I lifted my head because there is no need to hide anymore. Why are mine even hiding? l asked myself, Adanne is not my girlfriend for crying out loud am just hiding here because, it might looks as if l turned her down just because of Cynthia whom l don't even like that much. As l lifted my head, she sees me God! With the look on her face am sure as hell she is angry
"Samuel!" She sort of shouts
"How are you?" l said between my teeth looking at her beautiful face
"Am good" she says, she looks at Cynthia and smiles a little
"Peter take care of yourself, see you later" she says and leaves us
I know she's angry, but mare looking at it she doesn't suppose to be angry no she should be angry. All her mind now is that l hate her and love Cynthia, she will think l lied to her about Cynthia and l know she thinks we are dating.
With her action Cynthia was also confused because she was the one that calls her, but instead she left without saying hello to her.
"Adanne is sort of angry to see you is like you both don't like each other" Cynthia asks me
"No we are not quarrelling you know" l Said really unsure of what to tell her. Peter was just staring at us.
"Yea Samuel it's true what did you tell her yesterday?" Peter asks
"Yesterday? I don't think they have been seeing each other except in the class" Cynthia says to Peter
"No she was in Samuel's room yesterday" my best friend says. I was just staring at Adanne at the other end where she was, l wasn't listening to peter and Cynthia. They don't know how l feel now, they don't know because, if they know they won't be saying what doesn't concern them. Adanne is going to hate me and l wouldn't like that to happen is it that am loving this girl? I asked myself yea am loving her l started loving her the first day l saw her, she's pretty, smart and beautiful. God l love this girl l said to myself
"She was in your room yesterday?" Cynthia asks me, but since l was deeply in thought l didn't hear her well
"you okay?" she asks again looking unhappy
"yea am okay" l said still looking at Adanne
"was she in your room yesterday?" She asks me again
"Yea she was" l said looking at her She's angry
"Hmmm are you two___" she said and couldn't complete her word. Cynthia is a beautiful girl, but her beauty cannot be compared with that of Adanne. Is she jealous because Adanne came to see me yesterday? Why would she also be jealous? I asked is it that she sort of likes me also? Let it not be because l don't like her l just like her as a friend but not that much.
"she came to know why we hate her so isn't what you think" l said to her frowning my face, peter looks at me as if what l said touches his spirit. "You two hate her?" Peter asks me looking unhappy
"we? Who and who" Cynthia asks me
"you and l" l replied to Cynthia as we were discussing Adanne sent one of her friends to go get Peter, she's tall, fair in complexion and looks hot also just like her friend. She wore a short gown which exposes her laps, she's also beautiful, but not more Than Adanne.
"Hi who is peter here?" She asks smiling
"its me any problem?" Peter asks her smiling also
"Not at all my name is Emmaunella Adanne wants to talk to you" she says
After peter left with her to go see Adanne,l was totally pissed and jealousy took over me, why would she talk to peter instead of me? I say to myself hmm l sigh maybe she doesn't like Me whatever l don't even what to date her so why are mine jealous at least l have Cynthia who is also smart like she is and also beautiful.
"But we don't hate her" Cynthia says to me
"she thinks we hate her by challenging her in the class the other day" l said still very angry
"she thinks that?" She asks sort of yelling
"yea" l said
"But we were just correcting her" she says again
"Nevermind l explained everything to her" l said
"Hmm But do you hate her?" She asks
"No l don't why do you ask?" I asked her
"when she came you acted strangely" she says
"No l don't hate her l acted like that because she still thinks l act her that's why she does the same" l sort of lie, but is true
"you need to explain to her" she says
"are they sort of friends?" She asks
"Adanne and peter?" I asked
"yea" she replied
"I have no clue of that" l replied still jealous

Adanne's POV
Samuel hates me, he hates me so much that is why he always challenged my answers in class.l know there was something going on between him and that Cynthia,l knew it, but he lied to me she is just his course mate, but is like they are even more than friends hanging out together. I asked him to hang out with Me, but he told he wouldn't be chanced that after today's service he will go visit a friend is it that Samuel and Cynthia are dating? l asked myself yea they're dating because he told peter yesterday that her girlfriend asked to hang out with him. Could it be that Cynthia is the girlfriend of this handsome guy l have fallen for? I asked myself again, but since when did they start dating? Cos even in the class am the only one he keeps staring, there wasn't any sign that he is dating Cynthia. I love him so much, l have feelings for him but now he's for another girl. I am now very pissed instead of thinking about him l sent for peter why l sent for him is what l don't know.
"Peter thank you for coming" l said
"Adanne l hope you are okay?" he says
"yea l hope you guys are having a nice day?" I asked
"yea and you?" He says
"the same" l said
"peter meet my friends Emmaunella, Rita and Elizabeth" l said gesturing to my friends
"Hi babes" he says
They look at him and smile
"Adanne is this the guy" Emmaunella asks
"No" l Said
"You mean he's not the guy you have been telling us about?" Elizabeth asks
"yea this peter" l said to them and l refused to tell them is Samuel's friends.
"why do you call me?" Peter asks
"hmmm Nothing just want to talk to you"? I said smiling
"talk to me?" He asks
"yea don't you like me to talk to you? or you hate me also just like your friend does" l said angrily
"my friend? You mean Samuel?" He asks sort of confused
"yea Samuel he hates me so much"l pout
"so much? But you were with him yesterday" peter says
"l was just there to know l mean to ask him why he hates me" l said feeling pissed over all this. Emmaunella, Rita and Elizabeth were busy discussing another thing so what we were discussing seems not to be their concerns.
"hmm but l don't think he hates you" peter says
"No he does" l replied, peter didn't say anything instead he turns back to the other side where Samuel was.
"They are dating right? I asked peter
"No they aren't why do you say that?" He asks looking very mean
"Nothing nevermind" l said
"Cynthia is just his course mate" he says
"He told you that?" I asked
"yea" he says

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Written by Offia Samuel kalu(Sammy Kloff)

2017-12-23 11:19:51
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