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The Journey of love(episode4)
Written by Offia Samuel kalu(sammy kloff)
Love music for this episode.
S.kloff- Adanne
Flavour ft Chidinma_ olelufe
Tell me why_ taylor swift
Tessy angrily left when l refused to give her my contact.
The next day during lectures,
Mr Kennedy asked a question which Adanne answered, but unfortunately she didn't answer it well, so l have to challenge her. Adanne and l turned the class to a debating class which in the process two students joined, Victor and Cynthia
The class was very competitive some other students participated, John, Ifeanyi and Amarachi.
I was only challenging Adanne, Cynthia and l were opposing her, while Victor was supporting her.
" you guys really tried, l love that" Mr Kennedy said
" see you all in our next class" he said once again
After the lectures l was on my way out when Cynthia calls me "Samuel" she calls
"Cena" l mistakenly called
"Cynthia" she corrected me
"oh Cynthia am sorry" l said
"no you don't have to be" she said
Cynthia is a girl of her own, she's cool and beautiful also, she's also hot, but l think Tessy and Adanne are more beautiful than she is, but she is o.k.
"where do you stay?" I asked
"Room Number 300" she replies
"what of you?" She asks
"No 255" l responded
"Ok maybe later we will hang around l hope you wouldn't mind?" l ask
"yea sure" she says
"have a nice day" she says
"you too" l replied and she leaves
I needed to have a friend at least someone to be studying with and since Cynthia is a very cool girl l plan to be coming closer to her. Mind you l don't love her and l don't want to date her l just want us to be friends. I only have one friend"peter" who lives next to me, he's studying law we don't study together because we both are not offering the same course. He only comes to my room to spend time with me and sometimes am in his own room, he's is my best friend here in school.
One Saturday morning l wake up, say a little prayer and cleaned up the house. Since there was no light l needed something to keep myself busy so l on my laptopput my instrumental and started singing.
Since that day l challenged Adanne, she has been avoiding me, she doesn't talk to me like before, if l look at her in the class should won't smile to me again.
I came home thinking about that. After thinking for sometimes l decided to laugh it off after all is she my girlfriend? No she isn't
I haven't seen tessy for the past three days, but l was sure as hell she's fine, why was l even thinking about her? Hmmm l sigh and continue my singing and rapping.
After about 5 minutes, someone knocks at my door unsure who it was because, l wasn't expecting anybody. It shouldn't be peter cos my guy went to see his boo yesterday and never returns.
Yea it should be Cynthia l guess
I opened the door but it wasn't Cynthia neither was it Peter.
"Adanne" l said really confused how does she know where l am staying
"Samuel how are you doing?" she asks
"Am hale and hearty and you?" I kind of say than ask
"am good" she says
"how did you know where l am staying?" I asked
"Nevermind" she says
"Don't tell me you have been monitoring me" l kind of yell
"monitoring? Well sort of" she said. This girl must be kidding me how could she be following me to know my Room when she hates me now.
"Samuel why do you hate me?" She surprises me by asking well l don't hate her, she is the one that had been avoiding me.
"l don't hate you" l replied looking at her she's just like tessy to me "why do u say that?" I asked her
"You keep challenging me in the class, you don't like any single thing about me why?" She amazes me again looking very mean and sort of angry
"You're really funny gosh! Challenging you doesn't mean l hate you just to make the class more competitive and also you were wrong in some parts so l have to correct you, don't tell me you were making a big deal out of it" l said laughing
"you don't hate me?" She asks now smiling
"l never hated you and l don't hate you" l said still laughing
"you are the one that hates me" l said frowning my face
" me? Why do you say that?" She asks sort of frowning her face
"you have been avoiding me that's why" l said
"hmmm actually l was doing that because l thought you hate me" she says
"l don't hate you" l said again staring at her
"Me too" she replies and does the same.
We were staring at each other and nobody talks for likes five minutes
"Cynthia you like her right?" She broke the silence between us
"Cynthia" l asked though l already know what she thinks
"yea you like her right?" She asks again
"why do you ask" l ask her sort of smiling
"you were at her side to challenge me" she said looking pissed
"so does it mean l like her?" I asked smiling but she didn't respond
"yea l like her just as a course mate, l like all my course mates for the fact we were opposing you doesn't mean we hate you" l pout
"hmmm ok" she says looking unhappy
"what would l offer you?" l asked her
"what do you have?" She asks
"Holandia yogurt and orange juice" l said braging
"Nevermind just a glass of water" she says"
"a glass of water?" I asked sort of angry
"yea" she says
I got up and get a glass of water for her
"would you mind if we should hang out tomorrow being Sunday?" She asks
What does she want, l love this girl and l don't want to date her or any other girl. I need to be avoiding her because, the more am getting closer to her, the more my feelings for her is increasing. We can't hang out l will look for a lie to tell her.
"no l won't be chanced l will be going to church and after that l will go visit a friend" l lied
"a friend?" She asks
"yea" l said
"l hope you are not angry?" l ask her because, l know she is angry
"No why should l? I just wanted us to know much better but since you won't be chanced nevermind" she says sort of unhappy
"maybe some other time" l said
As we were discussing l heard a knock on my room door. Holy shit! Let it not be Cynthia because, if she happens to appear her, Adanne is going to be pissed, pissed? I asked myself why would she? Neither is she my girlfriend nor am her boyfriend so she doesn't have to be angry to see other feminine friends of mine.
"are you expecting any one?" She asks
"Not really" l replied, got up and check who the fuck is there. I opened the door God why is she here? I asked myself
Who where you thinking it was?
It was peter not she
"Guy how far you nah?" I ask
"nah abobo l dey like l no dey" he replies
When he saw Adanne he looks me one kind "your babe is fine eye" and sits at the other end of my Bed
"Peter meet my course mate Adanne" l gestured to Adanne
"Adanne this my friend peter' l gestured to Peter
"Hi damsel" peter says to her
"Your welcome how are you?" she replied
"Am Ok and you"? He asks
"the same what are you reading?" She asks him
"Law you medicine right?" He said
"yea wow that sounds great" she says to him smiling
"how has it been?" She asks
"We thank God but still boring you know first year is always like that" he says "and you?" He asks
"The same but thanks to Samuel who has been making our class so competitive and lively" she says and stares at me
Jealousy took over me as Peter was talking to her, but why are mine even jealous "no l don't have to be" l told myself and stopped their discussion
"guy how your okpeke nah?" l asked Peter "she dey" he says
"wetin she come give you nah?" l ask
"nothing wetin you cook?" He asks touching his stomach
"she no give you food?" l asked him
"Guy you stingy oh" he says and goes to my fridge and collected holandia yogurt
" Abobo you must pay me oh" l said frowning my face. He didn't respond
Adanne was just staring at us all this while. Shit! This girl is very beautiful just like Tessy
"you guys are funny" she said laughing
Everything about her thrills me, the way she talks, the way she dresses, the way she smiles and the way she laughs. Let it no be that am loving her oh cos l don't want to love anymore l remind myself
" guy how your babe?" Peter surprises me by asking he knows very well l don't have any, l know he's just testing me. He must be crazy to ask me that.
"she's fine l will go visit her tomorrow" l said
Holy shit! I don't know when that comes out from my mouth l looked at Adanne she's damn pretty pissed l know that and Peter was somehow confused. I know what she's thinking now l declined hanging out with her to go see my girlfriend, even though l have one there's no big deal there after all she's not my girlfriend is she? No she isn't
"You're dating now?" Peter Confusedly asks
"Not really" l said and look at her
"l will be on my way now" she says to peter instead of me
I know she is angry but l don't see any big deal there is it that she likes me that much? l asked myself no whatever l don't care
"are you going now?" I asked her she didn't reply instead she waves to peter and angrily left.
"guy she is really beautiful" peter says
"yea she is" l told him
"guy you be slow poison oh don't tell me you have been bleeping her" he says laughing frantically
"how can l be bleeping a girl that is not even my girlfriend? l know to you is possible, but to me isn't" l said but seriously l was not happy since she left, l don't even know why am not happy l can't tell actually.
"is it that you don't like her" he asks
"l just like her as a course mate simple and nothing else again" l said
"guy you dey dull yourself see the kind fine and beautiful girl Wey come here and you let her go just like that" he says and sighs
"Don't be a jerk l know you are a playboy you can go have her if you want, but stop being an asshole to me because of that" l told him but l wasn't that mean to tell him to go have Adanne
"Guy stop all this your no dating of a thing because is not going to help you" he says
"Guy you wouldn't understand" l said
"what wouldn't l understand? Samuel l understand everything. Life is like that you just need to laugh everything off and continue with your life" he says yelling at me
"that is exactly what l am doing" l said
"No Samuel that's not it because the way you are doing you are going to loose those you love and those that love you" he yells
After arguing with peter he left. He must be an asshole to tell me that. Ever since he says that l had been thinking about it and Adanne leaving angrily was another thing l have been thinking of, Tessy? I sigh
Thank you for reading this episode
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Written by Offia Samuel kalu(Sammy Kloff)

2017-12-23 11:10:45
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