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The journey of love episode 3 .: stories Love Stories 


The journey of love episode 3
do l love her? episode 29

the journey of love (episode3 )
Written by Offia Samuel Kalu (Sammy Kloff)
Sammy- Samuel
Danny- Adanne
Still on the flashback
On our way to the toilet, my eyes couldn't believe what I saw God l was totally pissed-off, angry and upset. The Tessy l had been Looking for all day long was here kissing and romancing another guy who dressed in the same school uniform as hers, they are from the same school l guess so with the resemblance of their uniforms and l guess that guy is Paschal.
Immediately l set my eyes on them our both eyes met, she removed herself from the guy and looks at us, surprisingly for her she didn't believe it was me "Samuel" she pouts, l step closer to her " What are you doing here? Your school was invited also?" She asked, shaking like what l don't know "Tessy" l said still surprised cos l can't believe this, everything happening now was just like a dream " Tessy" l said once again and walked out
She calls me, but l refused to listen, she follows me and calls me again "Samuel" l turned back this time to listen to whatever she wants to say "is not want you think" She said, her eyes now bloody, she's very beautiful and that makes her to look more beautiful whenever she's pissed.
"Samuel am sorry" she said l was just staring at her l have no clue of what to tell her, but in the process l couldn't control myself
"Tessy l know you never loved me , l knew all this was going to happen that's why I was so pessimistic, am not good for you right? Am not from a rich family oooh l understand but thank God l never trusted you. Now l understand that you can't put a square in a round hole, l have loved you from the bottom of my heart, l was ready to fight for this love but now you show me how love is, how it really hurts. I don't know this before because, you are the first woman in my life. Thank you so much" l said, she was about to say something but before she could say l asked "paschal right?" She looks at me but l looked away, she surprises me again "No" She said
" he's not Paschal?" I asked God this girl was just fooling me all this while l began to wonder if he's not paschal then who is he "Another boyfriend of yours?" I asked but she didn't respond
"Am done and tired of all these shits, Tessy stay away from me l don't want to ever see you again" l said she looks at me "Samuel l still love you" I was about to slap her when she says that, but Philip stopped me instead l came closer to her " Thank you Tessy for showing me how it hurts, l regret the first day l met you, l regret all the times we spend together in fact, l regret knowing you" l said to her and leave the school compound.
Tessy's POV(point of view)
Gosh! Am so foolish, how could l do this to Samuel. I love him so much and to me l was not cheating on him, l didn't know what came over me and the guy l was kissing wasn't my boyfriend, he was just my friend, but how l got to kiss him is what l don't know. Immediately Samuel left l left the school premises to my house to rest my head cos l was about to go mad.
I couldn't believe that l loose Samuel, the only man l love, the one that makes me happy and the love of my life. I hurt him so much by kissing Micheal, though am dating paschal, but he's the only one that steals my heart.
After staying at home for a week claiming ill, l went back to school and promise to see him immediately am back.
When l came back, l went to see Samuel, but l was told Samuel's parents are no more living there anymore that they packed out. l tried calling him, but l couldn't reach him, he changed his line because of me.
That was how l loose the love of my life.
Samuel's POV
Loosing Tessy was the worst thing that has happened to me. I have no option than to laugh it off, l changed my number, forced my dad to change another school for me and l started living a new life. One thing l promised myself was not to fall for a girl again, l made alot of friends both boys and girls, but l wasn't into any relationship because, l don't want to be hurt again. Even when my friends were asking me l told them when it comes to dating it doesn't end well for me. Though no relationship ends well, but that was what l took as an excuse whenever they ask me.
end of flashback
After reminiscing about all of these that happened between Tessy and l, l was exhausted, l experienced pains all over my body, my body was totally weak and l couldn't eat anything.
Seeing Tessy now reminds me on some many things l have passed through she must be a jerk "why does she have to study here?" I asked myself well, maybe fate wants to bring us back together. "What" l said and slap myself we can't be together again because, l hate her and l need us to continue going our separate ways, that's all l remind myself "Samuel no more dating"
The next day l woke up early, l didn't study in the midnight so l took my shower, took my breakfast and left for lectures. When l got to our lecture hall, l didn't see Adanne though l have already forgotten her but not really. Our lecturer hasn't arrived yet so l gat to press my phone a little while l was busy with my phone a hand touched me, l turned to see the person wow it was Adanne. She wore a yellow gown which looks a little short to her exposing those smooth chocolate Laps of hers. God this girl is really hot, between Adanne and Tessy l cannot predict who is more beautiful, this two girls are the most beautiful girls l have seen. They have the same shape, but just that Adanne is a little bigger than Tessy l mean a little, the same chocolate colour and almost everything about them is the same.
"Hi" she said "good morning" l greeted
"How was your night" she asks
"it was damn pretty good" l replied
"you are really looking gorgeous today" l didn't know When l said that
"thanks for your compliments" she said and look at me
"you are really handsome" she said smiling
"hmmm no am not, l hope you're just teasing" I said and return a smile to her
"teasing? No am not, all kidding aside you are handsome" she says and smiles
"well Thank you" l said
"can we talk after the lecture?" She asks
"Yea sure" l replied
"take care" she says and left me to have a seat
I was thinking about this girl throughout, but what surprises me most is that she's just like Tessy and am beginning to have strange feelings for her "No" l told myself l won't, even though l want to it shouldn't be somebody like Tessy.
Lectures finished and l couldn't see her l made up my mind not to have any feelings for her because, l don't need to be hurt again, what l want here is only focus and l don't need distractions even if l should date l will try another class of people not people like Tessy.
As l was on my way to my dorm l saw Tessy, she has finished her lectures and was about to enter her car before our eyes met. I turned back and followed the other route to my dorm, instead of her to go she runs to me
"Samuel" she calls me
I turned back unsure of what to say cos she knows really well that am avoiding her
"Are you avoiding me?" She asks
"No l__ No am not" l fumble the words
"why then do you changed your direction immediately you saw me?" she asked
Am unsure of what to say, l don't even know why am not even a jerk talking to her, l don't know why am not shouting at her right now and instead l stayed calm
"l would like to know your room number" she said
"Theresa as you can see am tired for today we can talk some other time" l pout she now looks angry
"Ok can l have your contact?" she asks bringing out her phone
"l have a little crash with my phone" l lied she looks at me with you don't want to give me eyes and l turned away
"Some other time" l said
" Ok bye" she said and angrily left
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Written by Offia Samuel Kalu(Sammy Kloff)

2017-12-22 09:31:19
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