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The journey of love episode 14 .: stories Love Stories 

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The journey of love episode 14
Sammy Kloff: an upcoming artist who like creating something for himself and his creativity made him to create this story out
Read and enjoy
This story was written by Offia Samuel Kalu and mind you the contents should not be copied without noticing the author
The journey of love a must read story
"Tessy" l called her back, she came back unsure of what to say. After standing like
3 minutes looking at each other, she came closer to me and before we know it we are kissing.
"Samuel!" Somebody shouts and my door bangs open
Holy fucking shit Adanne why is she here? oh my God! She just saw Us kissing.
I don't really understand the whole thing
"Tessy!" She pouts again
Immediately she came in we disengaged ourselves, Adanne was very pissed and exhausted. She was just looking at us surprised and unsure of what to say likewise myself and Tessy.
"Tessy" she calls her looking at us, Tessy just looked at her and left without even uttering a single words to her.
"Samuel" she calls me already crying, wow this 2 are girls are just the same l said to myself, unsure of what to say
"Am really sorry, am sorry" l said kind of stammered and she laughs a little
"Sorry? Why should you be sorry are we dating? Of course we are not, you are just playing your game, so continue, well done" she yells at me and was very pissed.
I didn't say anything, what would l say? I was just mute and unsure of what to say to her, are we dating? Yes we are dating, to me l thought we were already dating. What came over me? Tessy l have managed all this while to forget is whom I was kissing, shit! What the fuck!.
"Am not p" before l could say anything she shuts me up
"ooh shut up Samuel l don't blame you, l blame myself who has made fool of herself by loving you by showing you how much l love you but instead you treated me in the other way round showing me you don't even love me" she shouts at me
"Adanne l love you" l said
"you love me? You love me then what the hell was going on here? Tell me you are also playing her right? Fuck the hell with your love
Stay away from me and l don't ever want to see your face again" she said and opens the door to leave, l walked to her and held her back.
"am sorry" l said sort of even crying
"let me go" she pouts
"don't stay away from me" l quietly said
"let go of me" she says again and left
Holy fucking shit! Tessy, why would I have to kiss Tessy why? Oh God, this two girls always made me feel something. Tessy, why did l kiss her is that l still love her? No l can't do this anymore with her, Adanne oh my God she will be pretty pissed at me, she now thinks am playing her, she thinks l don't love her.
Samuel are mine really doing this again? Yea am loving again, am loving again and being in a relationship has never for once Ended good for me. I planned not to do this anymore oh God now am totally in love with her.
As l was thinking about this mess, My phone rings and l picked it immediately in order to stop thinking.
"Samuel how are you doing are you at home?" Cynthia says
"Am good yea am at home" l said with a sarcasm voice
"your voice is somehow l hope you are okay" she said
"am fine" l said
"Have you eaten?(God she is the best friend l have now)
"No" l said
"Should l bring something for you?" She asks
"what did you cook?" l asked her
"Jellof rice" she says
"wow l will eat come along with hollandia yogurt" l said sort of laughing
"As your mum or what?" She says
"As my mum nah" l said
"You are not serious" she says
"l will be on my way now" she says again
"Ok please do fast hunger wan kill me" l said
"See your mouth" she says and hangs up
After answering the call, l stood up to go take my bath. I hope bringing Cynthia here will not cause another scenes again? I asked myself
After taking my bath, someone knocks, l opened to the door who else it was Cynthia. Chai she was very hot and gorgeous.
"always looking nice" l said to her
"Sure?" She asks glancing at me
"You are beautiful" l said(you have started again)
"Thanks" she said and sat down
"So where is the food?" I asked her laughing
"I didn't bring any food" she said sort of mean
"You dare not try it" l said
"Hmmm l thought you were not serious" she says still mean
See this girl oh if l slap her eeeh, let her bring out this food ooh
"what's inside that bag?" I asked kind of angry
"See before l give you this food l will like you to answer me first" she says and was very mean
God what does she want to ask me? Samuel have you seen what your longer throat lured you into
"l want to ask you something" she quietly said
"And you think deceiving or bribing me with Food will answer it right" l said kind of yelling(she doesn't know how hungry l am if she does she would have given me this food)
"bribing? No Samuel is not what you think" she says
"Then release the food cos am very hungry" l said
"are you serious?" She asks bringing out the food
She brought the food out with 2 holandia yogurt. Thank God l said to myself
"am sorry l don't know you were that much hungry" she says laughing (why is she even sorry?) she gave me the food
"Such a nice cook" l said after tasting it
"you like it?" She asks smiling
"Yea l love it" I said
"thanks l thought you were just joking that's why l didn't bring much" she says
"no this even much, thank you" l said
"your welcome" she says glancing at me
After eating and drinking my yoghurt l thank her for that.
"Do you like me?" She asks quietly(see this girl oh so this is what she wanted to bribe me with food)
"I like you nah" l said smiling, what do you expect me to say after eating her food of course l like her really isn't because of the food
"You like me?" She asks again
"yea l like you" l said
"are you dating Adanne?" She asks sort of pissed. Mentioning Adanne my heart aches a little
"hmmm yea but still complicated" l said
"complicated? Why what happened?" She asks still angry
God what will l tell her? Should l tell her what happened? No l can't tell her that. Shit! If l don't tell her Adanne will still tell her. Oh my God and Tessy is her friend no am not telling her
"Nothing much shhaa nevermind" l said
"Samuel am your friend try to be sharing your problems with me" she says
"is just a minor case is nothing you should worry" l said
"She told me you both are not dating" she says
"she told you that?" I asked sort of pissed(shit l have made a fool of myself)
"yea" she answes
I didn't say anything because l have already made a fool of myself by telling her we are dating when she has already been told we aren't.
"Do you love her?" She asks again when l didn't say anything
"Yes l love her" l said
"if something is going on tell me Samuel so that l will talk to her" she says(Cynthia is just my best friend ever, she always cares for me)
After spending my day with her she left(mind you l didn't kiss her oh lols!)
Adanne's POV
Why would Samuel be kissing Tessy? Does it mean they know each other or what?. I knew it the day he came to visit me, Tessy was staring at him and that proves to me that she admires him. She knows very well l love Samuel, she knows, how could she do this do me. Does it mean Samuel wants to play me? No he doesn't, looking at Samuel l see love in his eyes, he loves me and he's mine but for now he has to stay away from me .
I got home, went upstairs to go see Tessy. When l got to her room l knocked and she opened the door
"Tessy how are you?" l asked faking a smile and am sure she knows am not happy
She didn't answer instead she was just looking at me unsure of what to say
"am asking you how are you doing?" l asked her again
"why are you here?" She managed to ask
"why are mine here? Well am here to see the hottest prostitute in campus" l pout angrily
"Do you just called me a prostitute?" She shouts
"and that's exactly what you are" l said
"Hmmm between us who is the prostitute? of course you are the prostitute here Samuel doesn't love you stop forcing yourself to him" she said
"am not forcing myself to him fine if it's what am doing what then are you are doing, are you not doing the same also? Mine is much different, he doesn't know you , he doesn't know any single thing about you now let me sound this as a warning to you stay away from Samuel he's mine" l said
"fine he's all yours but do you know what l don't think you know him" she says
"cheap prostitute" l said to her and left
Tessy's POV
Am the happiest person on earth because the lips l have missed kissing l just got it kissed today, the sweet lips that always kiss me back then, the lips of my life, the lips that give me joy and the Samuel that l love so much just kissed me today.
l still don't believe Samuel would kiss me, he kissed me, yea he kissed me, l wasn't the one that kissed him he was the one. He still loves me, his heart still aches for me. I hurt him though but l will fight for him. Adanne will still hurt him again because l can feel that, Samuel is in love with her l can also see that, he is just in love with her cos we both are just the same.
She was here to confront me calling me prostitute, she even said l don't know Samuel hmmmm she is the one that doesn't Samuel, l was just calm to her because l just want to keep what happened between Samuel and l as a secret, l don't want to let people know so l will still be pretending l don't know him. Samuel l love you so much hurting you wasn't my intentions. Today is my happiest day since l came to this school
I will fight for the man l love even though they are going to call me names
Thanks for reading this episode
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Written by Offia Samuel kalu popularly known as Sammy Kloff
The journey of love a must read story

2018-03-10 00:59:55
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