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the journey of love episode 13 .: stories Love Stories 

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The journey of love episode 13

This story was written by offia Samuel kalu(Sammy kloff) and mind you the contents should not be copied without noticing the author
The journey of love, a must read story

After calling her (Adanne) and she told me not to call her again, I was exhausted, should l go and see her? I asked myself, l don’t know what to do, why did she ask me not to call her again? Shit! If l should go there am gona see Tessy oh God!, mentioning Tessy again my heart aches a little. Tessy? l sigh. Is it that Adanne doesn’t love me? Yea she doesn’t love me, but do l love her? Oh God! Am fucking in-love with her. Before l knew it am calling her again
Me: Adanne please l need to talk to you. ( She didn’t reply)
Adanne: Samuel l have told you not to call me anymore, stop disturbing me (she says her voice full of sarcasm)
Me: please just listen to me ( I said before l could finish she hangs up)
Oh God! she did the same thing again why did l even call her again? l asked myself. Holy fucking shit! l love her
The next day, I couldn’t sleep because l was just thinking about her, l managed to get up early do some house chores, took my bath and left for lectures. When l got to the class, everywhere was still scanty but Cynthia was already there, I saw her and changed to another direction for her at least not to see me but instead she sees me and left her seat to come talk to me. Wow this girl is also hot l said to myself as l saw her coming, what she wore got all her features exposed.
“good morning” she says giving me her hand for us to shake
“good morning, how was your night?” l said sort of angry and shaking her
“it was damn pretty good and yours?” she asks smiling
“the same you look hot!” l said sort of staring at her body
“hot? Don’t say that again” she says smiling looking at herself
“am serious you look so beautiful and hott” l said (oh God what is wrong with me)
“Thank you” she says smiling
As we were talking, Adanne came inside. God she is the most beautiful girl l have ever seen .She saw us and came to our direction. What the hell! Why is she coming to meet us? I asked myself thinking that she wants to meet us instead, she passed us and took a seat just behind us. Cynthia wanted to talk to her but couldn’t and looked me one kind eyes that means “what did you do to her?” l was just looking at her and Cynthia notices
“handsome talk to you after lectures” Cynthia says and left to have a seat, she didn’t even wait for me to reply shit! she is angry because Adanne refuses to talk to her. Immediately our lecturer came in and introduced us to another topic
“good morning to you all” he says touching his nose
“today we are going to look into Endocrine system” he says again
“as we all know Endocrine systems are chemical messengers in the human body, before l continue who can tell me what her or she understands by Endocrine system of the body” our lecturer asks
Adanne was staring at me now, am sure as hell she knows it,and she stood up to answer the question
“sir” she pouts
“yes go on” our lecturer says
“Endocrine systems are organic chemicals
or ductless glands produced in a minute quantities in one part of an organism and transported to the site of action where they exact specific effect to control body metabolism” she says and everybody in the class claps for her, she was now smiling and stares at me
“good pretty nice one now tell me why are they called ductless glands?” our lecturer asks again, Tessy was mute but was still standing and am sure as hell she’s confused here
“sir they are called ductless glands because they have no duct” she says smiling and stares at me a little
“thank you, you tried a lot who else can assist her?” our lecturer asks again, l stood to answer the cheap question and she was now staring at me but sort of unhappy
“go on mr man” our lecturer says to me
“Endocrine systems also known as hormones are biochemical substances, chemical messengers and organic substances produced in the body by one part of the body and exported to the part where they produce specific effect to control the body metabolism and they are also referred to as ductless glands, they are called ductless glands because, they have no duct rather their secretion diffuse directly into the blood which carries them to all parts of the body including the organs and tissues" l answered, everybody claps for me also, she was just staring at me and was now smiling.
"Good! Mr Samuel" our lecturer says

After teaching us more on endocrine systems, he he told the class to be getting ready for his text.
"l really appreciate the two of you" he says
"you all should try to emulate from them" he told the whole class "see you all in my next class" he said again and left

After the lectures, Cynthia, Zinny, and two other girls came to appreciate me for producing such a good answer. After that Cynthia and l were coming out from the hall, as were coming out l saw Adanne with 3 other boys appreciating her for that answer. Boys sef me Wey be their follow boy them no go come thank me Na girls Dem go thank, l said to myself kind of jealous. Cynthia stopped to talk to her, l didn't know what came over me instead of me to at least stop to apologize her for whatever l did to her, l walked past them.
"Samuel" Cynthia calls me back and l didn't turn talk the more of answering and left to rest my head.

Adanne's POV

After the lectures l was expecting him (Samuel) to come talk to me, but he didn't though Cynthia and 3 other girls stopped him and jealousy took over me. What's really going on between Samuel and Cynthia? I asked myself, they were discussing also in the morning before lectures. I don't really understand him does he love me? Like l do love him? No he doesn't if he does he should have come to my apartment to apologize to me at least to show concerns, to ask me why l left like that but he didn't come. Though he called me some many times, but that wasn't enough to prove to me that he loves me. Since he didn't come to talk to me, l angrily left and was stopped by Victor and other boys appreciating me for that answers. As we were talking l saw him(Samuel) with Cynthia again coming to our direction, he didn't even look at me and just passed, but Cynthia stopped to talk to me thinking that Samuel is still with her, she saw Samuel going and called him back and Samuel didn't answer.

" leave him" l told Cynthia as she was calling him but he didn't answer
"You both have a crash?" Cynthia asks sort of nosey
"No not at all" l said to her faking a smile
"Then why is he behaving strangely?" Cynthia asks still Nosey
"Hmmm nevermind" l told her
"You both are already dating right?" She asks
"You are being too inquisitive" l said smiling
"inquisitive? Am not trying to be nosey l just want to know" she says sort of mean
"No" l said my voice cracking a little because to me we are dating but l don't know if he's just playing me
"I thought you two were sort of tight friends well, l don't just understand you two, today you both we be best friends, tomorrow you both will be enemies" she says
"Enemies" l asked sort of mean and pissed
"yea the other day you told him to stay away from you, just yesterday he came to visit you now today he's avoiding you, l don't just get it" she says
"Do you love him?" She asks me when l didn't reply her
"Love? I l like him" l said sort of stammered my words
"But l thought you both were dating" l said kind of nosey
"Dating no Ada we are not dating, we are just friends" Cynthia says
"Okay" l said still pissed
"Do you love him?" She asked again
"Yea l love him but l don't think he loves me" l said
"We can just talk about this later" l told her.
"No problem" she says smiling
"let me drop you" l said, we enter the car and left .

Tessy's POV

I can't still fathom on what l saw yesterday, Adanne and Samuel? Yea l was very surprised to see him in our apartment because l am unsure of what Adanne is reading here in our school so l don't know she was Samuel's course mate. I know some of you might be wondering why l don't know, Adanne and l are not friends, the only connection between us is our Dads, we don't talk much to each other and we do our things separate ways. That's it. Could it be they are dating? I asked myself. I was totally pissed when l saw him visiting Adanne, though l was sort of relieved when Cynthia told me they are not dating.
God! I won't sit down and watch some other girl take Samuel away from me just like that.

But l hurt him, l hurt him so much and am not sure l can have him back, no if Adanne is having an affair or dating Samuel then let her know she has just started a fight not even a fight but a war, she has just created nemesis between us. War? I asked myself yea war because l love him, l love him so so much hurting him wasn't my intentions. Before l knew it am already crying over all this.

War? I asked myself again, how can l fight over a man who is not even ready to have me back. Yea l need to "no matter how you hurt a man, if you still love him, you always need to fight for him and make him realize how much you love him" l said to myself.

After thinking about all this, l decided to go see him, l took my bath, wore a nice outfit that will get him thrills and left to see him

When l got to his room, he wasn't around and l was sure as hell he's not yet back from school. I stood in front of his room to wait for him. As l was there all these stupid boys was just staring and talking to me
"Fine girl elekwanu" one boy said
"Asa di sharp how lectures nah" another one says
"Pretty damsel nne imaka" one other boy says

I didn't even respond, if they know my problem they wouldn't even talk to me l said to myself
After standing for like 30 minutes, l didn't see him l sat down on one chair opposite his room sort of flabbergasted and exhausted and before l knew it am dozing off.

Samuel' POV

Why didn't l talk to Adanne? I asked myself as l was on my way back to my dorm.
Shit! I supposed to have stopped to talk to her, to know why she left angrily yesterday.

Shit! I love this girl, l love her so much. I need to know why she hates me, yea l need to know. Should l go and see her? When l get home? I asked myself yea l need to see her.

When l got to my dorm, l saw a car which looks familiar to me, what the hell! I pout could it be she's already here to visit me? No she can't come here, well maybe all these Boys that normally disturb me have hit, l said to myself
When l got to my room, l saw a nice beautiful Queen wow she's even more beautiful than Adanne and Tessy, though l didn't see her face but what she wore Shit! Can thrill any guy unless you are a gay. She was sitting on a chair in front of another person's room that's opposite my own room, l looked at her but didn't recognise the person because she was sleeping, looked at her again and opened my door. When l opened it a sweet familiar voice calls me
"Samuel" she calls her voice very quiet and romantic
l turned to see the person, what the fuck!, what is she doing here? How did she get here, instead of me to shout at her l calmed myself having a little pity for her
"Tessy" l quietly call
"how who____what are you doing here?" I asked sort of fumbling my words
"Samuel am here to see you" she says her voice very quiet and low, her eyes red and am sure she's been crying
"Why how did you know my room" l said sort of shouting at her
"Can you just let me in" she says sort of charming me
God! Why is she here? and before l knew it am letting her in, she comes inside, looked around my room, she looked at me and smiles a little.
"Your room is good" she says smiling after she sits on my bed
"thank you, why are you?" I asked her sort of mean
"can l have something like water am thirsty" she says her voice very quiet. I got up and brought a glass of water for her
"Have it" l gave her the water
"thank you" she says glancing at me God! she is beautiful
"Have you eaten?" She asks me smiling
"No oooh yea yea l eat in the morning" l said sort of fumble my words
"I brought food for you, l cooked it by myself a very nice and delicious food am sure you will like it" she says
God! This girl is still my Tessy, that Tessy that was so caring and loving, she hasn't changed l said to myself. How are mine going to accept this food? If l don't God she will be very pissed and looking at her is like she's been crying. Shit! am even hungry l haven't eaten since morning, No l won't accept this food.

"No am ok" l said faking a smile
"You don't want to be accepting anything from me anymore l know" she says looking very pissed
"look don't just pretend as if there is nothing going on between us now tell me why are you?" I pout removing my face from her
"Samuel am here to see how you are doing" she quietly says
"why listen Tessy it would have been much better if you stay away from me, stay away from my life am sick and tired of all these l don't know why everything l mean everything about me keeps revolving around you Jerk" l says angrily
"jerk? Yea you can call me whatever you wish to call me but to stay away from you, l can't and l won't stay away from you, Samuel do you realize how much l love you, how much l need you? How much l cherished you? All you just know is that l hurt you, yea fine l hurt you, that doesn't mean l don't love you, l love you from the deepest bottom of my heart. Am not here to ask you to date me but am just here for your forgiveness" she says already crying.
God she's more beautiful than any other girl, she loves me l don't just understand the whole thing
"Tessy why can't you find another man to fool and stop fooling me" l said
"fooling you? Of course you yourself know am not fooling you, l know you still love me Samuel, you still love me now can you look at me and tell me to stay away from you? Look into my eyes and tell me that" she says showing me her beautiful face

God! She's right l still love her and right now she is pissed l can't say that. I didn't say anything to her, instead l stood up and faced backward to her looking at my room door.
"Am sorry for everything" she says coming closer to me

"leave my room" l said and turn to face her
"l should leave?" She asks very pissed
"You have to leave, Tessy leave me alone let me be, leave me" l shout at her
"all this proves to me that you don't even love me, fine l will leave but know that l can't loose my hope on you till l have you back. I will stay away from your life as you wish" she says and was very pissed. God! I still love her but she needs to stay away from me

She carried her bag, smiles a little and came to me. God she's really shading tears just because of me but why? Is it that she loves me that much? Or is she just faking it? She stares at me once more and was about to leave
"Tessy" l called her back, she came back unsure of what to say. After standing like
3 minutes looking at each other, she came closer to me and before we know it we are kissing.
"Samuel!" Somebody shouts and my door bangs open

Holy fucking shit Adanne why is she here? oh my God! She just saw Us kissing.

I don't really understand the whole thing

"Tessy!" She pouts again

Thank you for reading this episode
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