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the journey of love episode 11 .: stories Love Stories 

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The journey of love episode 11
This story was written by Offia Samuel kalu popularly known as Sammy Kloff and mind you the contents should not be copied without noticing the author
The journey of love, a must read story
"I love you" she said
"I l l love you too" l sort of stammered
"you love me?" she asks
"yea l love you" l said
"Samuel you love me?" She asks behaving as if she is surprised
"I started loving you the first day l met you" l said still wrapping my arms around her body
She surprises me by removing her body, stares at me and left, l followed her trying to call her back, she didn't even turn talk the more of answering. She enters her car and left.
God! What is wrong with me? Am doing this again, am loving again, why Samuel why, God! why l said to myself. God! why did she leave? Have l done anything wrong? Am stupid why did l even tell her that. This girl is just like Tessy everything about her, she's going to hurt me again. I went inside my room l couldn't even do anything all my body was shaking, l dialled her number and cut it again. Shit! Am loving again l said to myself no am not, but l just told her l love her, yes! I love her, holy fuking shit l even kissed her. Am loving again l said to myself again. I started remembering how l met Tessy but why are mine even thinking about Tessy now when am supposed to think about Adanne that just left angrily ooh my God! looking at Adanne am just seeing Tessy
It was on Friday back then when l was still in SS1, on Fridays l normally Go to visit my Uncle. My Uncle is not that rich but he's rich, he has two daughters namely Ivy and Amarachi whom l called Amy, Amarachi is the younger sister of Ivy, but ivy is my mate.
One lovely Saturday We all were in the parlour watching one Philippian film "handle me with care" l guess that was the name of the movie, Somebody knocks at our door non of my Cousins stands up to go check who was knocking because they were expecting me to go check.
I looked them one kind "if l slap the two of you" eyes and stood up to go check the person
When l opened the door "wow" that was what came out from my mouth. Is this an Angel or human being? I asked myself come and see beauty, she was very beautiful, she wore a short yellow skirt that barely reach her laps "wow" l screamed again exposing her laps and other features( you know what l mean nah)
"Hi" l managed to say with a shaky mouth
"Good morning" she greeted her voice very romantic
"Please am here to see Ivy" she says again smiling
"ooh Ivy come in dear" l said already carried away by her beauty model and she came in
"Are you kidding me?" Ivy shouts
"Ivy see you, you are looking good" she says
"When did you come back" ivy asks her
"Yesterday and you?" She says
"the same have a seat" ivy said
"Tessy you are welcome" Amarachi says and she (Tessy) runs to Amarachi and hugged her
"Amyyy how are you"? She asks her
"Am fine l thought you have forgotten me" Amarachi says to her
"eyaaaah Amy how would l" she says to her
"How is school?" Amarachi asks
"Fine and you" she asks her
"fine" Amarachi replies
"Tessy what would l offer you?" Ivy asks
"hmmm anything she says" smiling
I was just staring at this epitome of beauty who doesn't even recognize my presence, she wasn't even looking at me. When ivy left to bring something for her she now stares at me a little and l did the Same we both caught ourselves and removed our both eyes from each other.
"which film is this?" She asks and am sure she is asking Amarachi
"Handle me with care" l answered her before Amy could answer
"Ivy and Philippines" she said, smiles and stares at me
"You don't like their films?" I asked her smiling
"yea am in love with Koreans" she says and laughs a little
"Tessy this what we got" ivy says and pours an orange juice in a glass for her and gave it to her, shit distracting our conversation.
"Thanks" she says still staring at me
"You don't tell me you have a boyfriend" she said to Ivy sort of nosey
"How l don't get you" Ivy asks
"Like you don't know what am saying" she says
"ooh he's my cousin this girl eeh you never changed" ivy says and laughs
"your cousin?" She asks still staring at me
"yea he came for a week holiday" Ivy said
"okay, what of Mum?" she asks
"she's out with her husband" ivy says and both of them laughs
After the long conversation, Tessy was ready to leave, l didn't even look at her again since she doesn't want to talk to me lols is it by force?
"Hi" she says to me
"hi you going now?" I asked her
"Yea should l stay?" She asks me
"yea you should have stayed a little bit more" l said to her
"Hmmm some other time" she says smiling
"ok" l said
"Tessy nwa! Bye!" Amarachi says
"Amy take care of yourself" she says
Ivy stood up to see her off, after like 7 minutes Ivy is back.
"Who is she?" I asked her
"Sammy Sammy" she says laughing
"you see you're thinking another thing" l said to her sort of laughing also
"hahahah ok she's my friend" she said still laughing
"You like her?" Amarachi asks(l was like see this one)
"you better not" Ivy says sort of frowning
"where is she staying?" I managed to ask
"Samuel don't tell me you like her" Ivy says sort of frowning her face
"well sort of l don't like her why the pessimism?" I asked
"am not being pessimistic am just advising you like a sister" she says
What are they even saying non of them is going to stop me from getting this girl.
"Samuel she's not your level" she says
"level? Then l will upgrade my level to any level she is"l said and she laughs
"just tell me the truth you like her right?" She asks her voice very low
"No" l lied
"talk now if you like her stop doing guy" Amarachi says sort of mean
"shut up what do you know?" I said to Amarachi
"Samuel just tell me you know she is my friend l will help you but just that she can't accept you" Ivy says
"and l said l don't" l said to tell them and walked away
"see you Na yourself you dey do moral you no get" ivy pouts while l was going out
After about two days, Ivy and Amarachi Weren't around they went out and l was the only one at home. I was even sleeping taking my siesta when l heard a knock, l got up to go check.
Wow she's hot and beautiful
"Hi" she says smiling
"Wow you look gorgeous" l said and l don't even know when l Said that.
"wow really? She asked
"yea you are damn beautiful" l said
"thanks for the compliment" she says smiling
"is Ivy at home?" She asks and l let her in since she's not a stranger here.
"No she's out you didn't tell her that you were coming?"l asked
"Yea l tried calling her but her number wasn't reachable" she says glancing at me
"ooh ok" l said still staring at her. God! with the way she dressed even a priest could fall for her.
She was still staring at me likewise myself.
"are you going to wait for her?" l asked and broke the silence between us.
"Yea" she says, hmm this girl should get going before my uncle comes back and suspects anything
"You are Tessy right?" I asked her
"Yea and you?" She asks
"am Samuel" l said
"Such a Nice name" she says smiling
"hmmm you like the name?" I asked
"Yea l love it" she says still smiling and left where she was sitting to come sit besides me.
This girl should stop not that l don't want her but am afraid of my uncle.
"Thank you" l told her looking at her
"Samuel am not here to see Ivy" she says
"Ok is like you came to see other friends of yours and branch to check on her" l said
She didn't say anything, she was just staring at me
"ehhhehh yea yea" she says sort of angry
"ok" l said
I wasn't comfortable with her because of the feelings l was having for her so l excused myself to go inside.
"Samuel" she calls me back and turned back unsure of what to tell her
"Are you afraid of me?" She asks her voice very low and quiet
"hmmm not at all" l said faking a smile
"okay" she says and was very pissed.
"l will be on my way then" she says and was about to leave. I stopped her and held her hand she looks at me unsure of to say also and turns back, she came closer and l brought her closer to myself and before we knew it we are kissing(lols! I was a sort of a bad guy oh)
As we were kissing, My two cousins came inside without even knocking. God! I was flabbergasted. Immediately they came in, we disengaged ourselves shit! They caught us.
"Tessy?" Ivy shouts surprised
"Ibukwa badoo( you are a bad boy)" Amarachi says smiling
Tessy and l couldn't say anything we were just staring at each other and l started feeling guilty of what we just did because we are not dating yet.
Tessy stares at me again, gives me a sheet of paper and left.
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The journey of love, a must read story
written by Offia Samuel kalu

2018-02-25 20:55:44
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