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The Journey of Love(episode 2)
This story was written by Offia Samuel Kalu popularly known as Sammy Kloff and the contents should not be copied without the notice of the author.
Read and enjoy
Adanne is an average beautiful girl in her earlier twenties, she is not just beautiful, but she is the most beautiful of them all. With the way she dresses, you don't need to be told that she's a model, she has a charming eyes, she is friendly and always smiles. She has a smooth chocolate body , with the way her curves and hips show on her dress got boys thrills, wow she's pretty damn
After the lectures, l searched for her, but couldn't see her, l wasn't searching for her really but just to see her once again before leaving. Well, l fake a smile and left the hall. As l was on my way out l heard a familiar voice that calls me "Samuel" the voice called l turned back thinking it was her(Adanne) but to my outermost surprise, it was not her .
"Samuel wow it's been a long time, what are you doing here?" She asked looking at her l was flabbergasted and exhausted because l was not expecting to see this kind of face here " Tessy?" I said " Samuel it's me you have really grown big now" she replied " you got to be really fucking kidding me, why are you here?" I sort of yelled instead of asking. She must be a jerk to put UNN and l hope it wasn't what l am thinking maybe, she came to visit a friend or whatever but let it not be what am thinking right now.
"Am studying Business Admin here l was heading to my first lectures before l saw you" she said smiling God why should we study in the same school l have hated her since that day she did that this what was going on in my mind "You must be kidding me" l yelled frantically
" You are also studying here right?" She asks
"you can really see that excuse me" l said and walked away.
"Samuel wait" she shouts. I stood still "Samuel" she calls me again
"l know you are angry with me, l have been looking for you for long but l couldn't see you. Samuel you don't know how much l love you, l love you so much samuel please find a place in your heart to forgive me. Even though you don't love me anymore, just tell me you have forgiven me" she stops and looks at me tears was already oozing out from my eyes
"Theresa" l called her and laugh a little "Fuck the hell out of my life l don't ever want to see you near around me again, l don't have anything to do with you again____ Tessy do you realised how l felt when you hurt me? Do you? No you don't. Now let me make it clear to you l can't love you anymore, thank you for hurting me and thanking you for loving me" she was totally pissed and her eyes all turned to red
" Stay away from me you jerk" l said she looks at me once more God she's the most beautiful girl l have ever seen, even when she's weeping she's also beautiful Than before "Samuel l will always love you" she cried out and leaves.
I couldn't believe what just happened now, all was just like a dream to me, l couldn't believe tessy and l can still see each other talk the more of studying in the same school. She hurts me so much and ever since she does that l have promised myself not to love again in order not to be hurt, her appearance here seems unbelievable and it has spoilt my day.
I know some of you are confused of this Theresa of a girl.
Tessy: Samuel l will always love you
Samuel: Why
Tessa: Why? Well because you are everything to me, you make me happy and you are the only boy that makes me feel so special
Samuel: Hmmm do you know what? I will also love you, but l think without me you are still special, you were special before you met me.
Tessy: You too, you have always been a special one to me even before l met you, why did you say that in the first place?
Samuel:hmmm sweetheart nevermind, l was______
Tessy: U were what? Samuel if there is anything bothering you l have to know
Samuel: Theresa your dad is rich you are from a wealthy family while my dad is just a primary school headmaster, l gat this feelings that am not good for you that one day you might leave me for another guy.
Tessy: Samuel! So you don't even trust me
Tessy left and l tried calling her but she refused, l don't suppose to say that but l was just saying my feelings because, l can't afford to loose her. I called her on phone but she didn't pick so l have no option than to go to their house
Their house was two hours drive from mine and l got there safely, l didn't even mind what her parents might say, l knocked at their gate
Gateman: Who dey there?
Me: It's Me
Gateman: Then who be you
Me: My name is Samuel and am here to see Tessy
Gateman: Who she be to you
Me: A friend
Gateman: Wait for there
He left and came back telling me to come inside, my heart beats faster now cos l am sure as hell he tell tessy directly he told her parents someone is here to see tessy. I came in, her dad was in the parlour with his wife watching a Tv programme l guess
Me: Good morning sir, Good morning ma
Both: Good morning young man
Tessy's dad: You said you are here to see Theresa?
Me: Yes sir
Tessy's dad: What's your name? young man and what class are you?
Me: My name is Samuel sir am in SS1 sir
Tessy's Dad: Where do you school?
Me: Am a student of Amuma community sec shool sir
Tessy's Dad: "Community school?" Smiling sort of laughing " what is she to you?"
Me: She's_____ before l could answer Tessy came downstairs and answers for me, l wasn't expecting her to answer for me
Tessy: Dad he's my boyfriend
Tessy's mum: What? Tessy are you out of your mind? He is your boyfriend?
Tessy's dad: Now look young man l don't want to see you near my daughter again, she is not your level and be warned she's already dating, she's just cheating on you.
Tessy: Dad! Stop dad am not cheating on him l love him so much and l can't do that to him
Tessy's Dad: What of paschal? Now tell me what of him? Paschal is the right man for you his father is rich just like me, you do love him also?
Tessy was now looking at me she doesn't say any words again neither do l. Both of us were confused she went upstairs while l was ordered to leave
The next day, tessy texts me for us to meet at our village field, around 3 in the noon we met
Me: Who is paschal?
Tessy: Samuel l love you l just want you to know that
Me: That doesn't answer my question
Tessy: Paschal? Paschal is the son of sir chief Dr Ukpai Johnson
Me: Who is he to you? What your dad said was true right?
Tesay: You never trusted me Samuel l know, my dad is forcing me to paschal l don't love him but he's been disturbing me
Me: Hmmm l see but you two are dating already
Tessy: Yea but l love you more than l do love him Samuel
Tessy: My dad is just forcing me to him, just know that l can't do anything to hurt you l love you so much
Me: Me too l can't hurt you, but l just want you to know that am not dating you because of your Dad's money but because l love you so much, l might not be able to give you some of the things you want but l will always try to make sure you are happy
Tessy: I love u so much
Me: I love you much more
Tessy: No am the one that loves you much more
Me: I love you more than you do
Tessy: No you don't
After playing with her, we kissed and she left. Tessy was the only girl l have dated and love, she was everything to me. Till one faithful day all the schools in ohafia were invited for academic week at O.G.S(ohafia girls)
I was very happy to see tessy cos she was living in the dormitory l only see her occasionally not frequently. I searched for her but couldn't see her, but l was sure as hell her school is here. After searching around, but couldn't see her l was exhausted and pissed off, l asked my friend "Philip" to escort me to the school toilet. On our way l couldn't believe what l saw.
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The journey of love
Written by Ofia Samuel kalu(Sammy Kloff)

2017-12-21 17:06:04
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