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The Journey of Love
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The Journey of Love( episode 1)
The journey of love: This story was written by Offia Samuel kalu(Sammy Kloff) and mind you, the content of this story should not be copied else where without the notice of the author.
Read and Enjoy.
Life hasn't been easy, actually is good to love but sometimes it really hurts. Some people are now afraid to be in any relationship because of what might be the outcome.
This story will actually show you how l (Samuel) ended up to be loved and to love.
My name is Samuel, my friends called me Sammy. Am from Amuma ohafia in Abia state. My parents are well dedicated Catholics which made my dad a knight, l was the only child of my parents that made them to cherish me more than any other person. When it comes to money my dad wasn't that rich, but he was doing fine on his own so l cannot say l came from a rich and wealthy family.
My dad always wanted the best for me since l was the only child likewise my mum. I school at one of the best schools in Ohafia.
Back then in school l was just a cool guy, very smart, brilliant and intelligent. My brilliance and intelligence made me to be loved by my teachers, l wasn't used to girls as in is not that l don't like girls oh l like and love them but l wasn't into any shit of a relationship.
"Samuel" l heard my dad's voice from the other room. "Nnah" he called again, nnah is the name my dad normally calls me. "Sir" l answered " where are you( nda gi)?"
" am coming" l yell. I came out from my room, l entered his room he was busy writing something, but immediately l step in he stopped. "have a seat Samuel there is what l would like to discuss with you" my dad said l sat down, my dad was apparently staring at me which sent shiver down my spine, my dad is always friendly and amicable when he wants to talk to me, but now he calls me he was honestly mean and l began to wonder what this discussion might be. "Dad is everything alright"? I asked "what of mum?" l questioned him again, he sort of looks unhappy. "Everything is fine nnah and your mum has gone to market you know today is Nkwo" he said. Nkwo is our market day incase you are confused.
"Oooh Ok" l said looking at him again he looks at me now smiling " Samuel l have always wanted the best for you, l can't even believe you are about to finish secondary school, you know you are all l have got. I want you to make me proud Samuel cos, l know you have a brighter future, but Samuel if you want all ur dreams to come through" he paused small and coughs "koho! Koho! Koho!" He continued " like l was saying if you want all these your dreams to come through you must flee away from girls. Girls are the only ones that can limit you from seeing those dreams of yours" he stopped and looks at me " inule ife m kai(have u heard?)" he asked. "Yes Dad" l responded
Since all this while he was saying that l didn't take it as a big deal because, it was just nothing to me, it was just like remembering me on what l have planned already. I want to become a medical doctor and l have promised myself to stay away from girls even when all my friends are all womanizers l didn't care because, everybody has his or her own plans.
After my waec exams which l did well and my jamb, l was given admission at UNN Nsukka to study med-surg( medicine and surgery). My parents were very happy likewise l, it was one of my happiest day on earth. After a little piece of advices from my both parents to stay away from girls, l left for school.
I couldn't believe l was now a big guy, though my first year in school was frantically boring, nobody to talk to l was just on my own studying because, l haven't made any friend yet.
It was on Monday, my first lecture which starts by since l always go to bed late cos l love reading in the midnight so l set up an alarm to wake me up unfortunately l didn't hear when the alarm was ringing, l supposed to have woken up by 5 but to my surprise this almost to 7. Feeling exhausted l frantically get up, took my shower and left for lectures . When l got there the class is already full with boys and girls of different kinds, l shyly walked in my body already shaking "hey young man" Mr Kennedy our biology lecturer yelled. He's a tall handsome man with a round face, fair in complexion of course mare looking at him he can't be anything more than 30, he has his glasses placed on top of his nose.
"Why are you late?" he asks before l could answer he placed another question to me again "what's your name young man?" my mouth already shaking as l answered " Sir my name is Samuel sir" everybody in the class was all looking at me, l was like "eeey all eyes on me" " Samuel you are welcome l don't want to see you late in my class again" Mr Kennedy said "Thank you sir" l responded.
I took a seat while lecture continues. While the lecture was going on my eyes caught this epitome of beauty who was also looking at me as our both eyes met each other, she removed her eyes from mine and forms a fake smile which l couldn't help and also return a smile to her, she was staring at me but pretends she isn't anytime l looked at her.
After about 5 minutes, Mr Kennedy threw a question " l know we all were taught on the process by which food Can be digested in the human body so who can defend the class?" he asked. All the class was silent for about 3 minutes " so nobody wants to save the class" Mr Kennedy said l knew the cheap fucking answer to that cheap fucking question, but l was sort of afraid to raise up my hands. " Sir" somebody says l turned to see the so called saviour of our class who else it was my so called beauty who has been staring at me since l came in side the class. I looked at her she returns that fake smile of hers to Me " Yes dear go on but before you answer that, the class would like to know your name" Mr Kennedy said, she smiles and look at me again l acted as if l wasn't looking at her " my name is Adanne Sir" she replied and stares at me again while l was also staring at her this time our eyes met once again. "So Mhiz Adanne can you Go on and defend the class?" Mr Kennedy said.
"Good what's dat ur name Again?" Mr Kennedy asks
"Adanne sir but l prefer Danny sir" she says. "Now class who else can correct or add more to what she has said?" Mr Kennedy said "sir" l raised up my hands, Adanne still staring at me
"yes Mr man what's that your name again wait oh are you not the late comer?" Mr Kennedy said. l stood up forming a fake smile " yea my name is Samuel sir" l answered " Good Mr Samuel Go On" he Said
After my answer________"Good you two really tried, love that" my biology teacher said Adanne was still staring at me likewise me l couldn't concentrate anymore.
After the lectures
Thank you for reading this episode, stay connected for the next episode and find out what later happens
Episode 2 loading________
Author: Ofiaa samuel Kalu
The journey of love.

2017-12-21 14:31:19
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