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the journey of loove episode 12 .: stories Love Stories 

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The journey of love episode12

Still on the flashback

"Tessy?" Ivy shouts surprised
"Ibukwa badoo( you are a bad boy)" Amarachi says smiling

Tessy and l couldn't say anything we were just staring at each other and l started feeling guilty of what we just did because we are not dating yet.
Tessy stares at me again, gives me a sheet of paper and left.
"Sammy Sammy" Amarachi says kind of making jest of me(if l slap her eeeeh)
"Samuel how did this happen do you two know each other before? Ivy asks

I didn't reply to any of them,l was just looking at them.
"Samuel am asking you" Ivy says again
"Samuel as in l swear you are bad see Tessy Uchenna, Kelechi and all these boys have been looking for is who you were just kissing as if she's cheap" Amarachi says( see this small girl oh have started knowing runs)
"shut up!" Ivy shouts to Amarachi. May Una kill Una self nah l said to myself

"now listen what happened here should not be said else where do you hear?" Ivy says to her
Chai God will bless this my cousin for me she is a girl that truly understands no matter what the condition might be, l swear if she happens not to be my sister, she would have been my girlfriend.

"but sister" Amarachi says but ivy didn't let her finish
"I said shut up" Ivy said to her now looking at me
"Samuel what happened here?" She asks frowning her face
shit! I will tell her because my cousin Ivy is a master planner, she knows how to handle conditions and telling her is going to reduce this work load on me.

"you just saw us kissing that's it" l said sort of unhappy
"How, is it that you two are dating?" She asks
"No" l said bringing my face down
"You invited her here?" She asks
"no she came to check on you" I said
"But why didn't she call me? She supposed to have called me" she says looking unhappy
Why is she pessimistic over all this
"She said she was calling you and your phone wasn't reachable" l said
"she said that? But my phone hasn't been off since today" she says smiling. Why is she smiling? This my sister abi cousin sef amazes me sometimes
"Hmmm she said so" l said still feeling guilty for what l did
"tell me the truth do you like her?" She asks
l didn't reply
"Samuel do you like her?" She asks again when l didn't reply
"yes" l said
"You see l talk am" Amarachi says
"Amarachi what concerns you haven't l told you to keep shut?" Ivy says to Amarachi
"You like her?" Ivy asks Again
"yea l like her" l said
"Samuel she loves you" ivy said
"how do you know?" l asked her
"she wasn't here to see me she was actually here to see you, Samuel Tessy is my friend and l know everything about her what you just did now some boys have been trying their best to at least talk to her but she is not giving them any chance, she loves you" ivy says
"but isn't that quick for her to fall for a guy she just saw_______ Amarachi says but was not allowed to finish her statement
"Amarachi will you keep quiet" Ivy pouts
"Don't play her if truly you like her " Ivy says to me

After discussing with my best cousin ever l opened the sheet of paper she gave me and it reads

" l am here to see you not Ivy can we meet in that field opposite your uncle's house"

The next day, l left to go see her. When l got there she's already there waiting for me. But facing opposite to me so she didn't see me, l tip toed and reached to her back, closed her eyes with my two hands.

"there is only one person that can do that" she says
"Then guess who is it" l said still blocking her eyes
"the first man l allowed to kiss me, l mean the one that just kissed me yesterday" she says
"What's his name" l asked
"Samuel" she says
l removed my hands and she turns and hugged me. Shit! Immediately my real nigga that is inside my trousers starting dancing holy shit this girl is hot and beautiful. She hugged me tight, like 10 minutes we are still hugging.

"How are you?" I asked her after we disengaged
"Am fine and you?" She asks smiling
"Hale and hearty" l said

We were just staring at each other for like 5 minutes, nobody talks

"You were in our house yesterday to see me?" I asked her
"Yea to see you" she says smiling
"why" l asked her
"to play with you" she says
"to play with me? How and why?" I asked her again
"the first day you met me you were just talking to me freely" she says
"that is why you want to play with me?" l said
"yea because others are afraid to talk to me but you weren't"
"others?" I asked her
"l mean other boys" she says
"but why would they be afraid?" I asked her
"Samuel am not their level so am not even giving them any chance to talk to me but sometimes l would like to leave them to express their feelings hmmm they wouldn't even have the courage to talk to me" she says still smiling
"Level?" I asked her
"yea" she says
"Your parents are rich?" I asked her
"My dad is Dr Micheal Kalu, the owner of M & K international school and also the owner of M & k hospitals" she says smiling
"Dr Micheal kalu?" I asked her
"Yea am his only product" she says
"Dr Micheal Kalu commissioner of health?" I asked again
"yea she says"

I didn't say anything to her again because l was unsure of what to say actually she isn't my level.

"where do you school" she asks me
"A.C.S.S." I said l don't want to mention it in full because I was ashamed of myself
"meaning" she asks
"that's Amuma community sec school" l said
"wow" she screamed and was laughing(see this girl oh she is laughing at my school chai l don suffer)
"That school is wonderful they won my school in one science competition" she says smiling and hugging me this time
"are You a student of Gregory internationals?" l asked her
"Yea were you there that day?" She asks now looking at me very well to remember where she has met me before
"You are Samuel right? Ouch were you not the boy that answered mainly all the questions which our Ss3 science student couldn't even answer" she asks
"hmmm check for yourself" l said to her
"yes you were the one" she says looking at my face
"Yea l was the one" l said

After discussing about what happened on the day of that competition
Non of us says something again, we both were just staring at each other.

"Samuel why do you kiss me that day" she asks
"l don't just know what came over me please am sorry for that" l said
"ok" she says stood up and was about to leave. I followed her and called her. She turns
"What's it" she says looking pissed
"Am sorry for kissing you" l said again
"whatever l can see you just want to play me so fuck off" she says sort of even crying and turns to go.
"Tessy l love you" l said before she could turn
She turns back and looks straight to my eyes
"You love me?" She asks
"yea l love you" l said again
"then prove it" she says

Prove kee? I don't know want to do again instead l drew her closer to me and kissed her, a tight romantic kissing

"Samuel don't stop kissing me" she screamed

After we disengaged, we exchanged numbers
"Samuel l love you so much" she says smiling
"Tessy you are just that epitome of beauty l have been dreaming of" l said to her

🔚 of flashback

That was how l met Tessy.

After the long thought l couldn't get myself again. Why was l even thinking about Tessy shit! Everything about Adanne reminds me of Tessy oh God should l call her again yes l will call her. I picked my phone and dialled her number.

Adanne: Why are you calling me?
Me: Am sorry if l pissed you off
Adanne: Don't call me again(she says and hangs up)

Holy shit! But what did l do to her? I did nothing.

The next day

Thanks for reading this episode

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