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Second Chance - Episode 3 .: stories Love Stories 

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Episode 3
Don't you just love my new cover?


"You are something else, you know that right" Anna said to me as we were busy cleaning up the place after I have successful driven every one out with a false alarm. I chuckled.

"You just started shouting Polices! all of a sudden and everyone just disappeared."

Anna went on, as she bent down to pick some empty bottles under the table.

I shrugged. "I never knew it would work, I just needed to get them out. The place was too crowded Anna. I hope you weren't angry that I ruined your party" I replied, standing up straight".

Anna laughed. "I never expected you could even endure the noise for that long, I expected you would chase everyone out each as they come in. Besides.." She continued, throwing me a bottle of an unopened beer..."You told me no one has ever held a party for you and I wanted to do it for a birthday gift".

I was surprised. Anna was unbelievable. "You didn’t have to do that Anna! Having the both of us alone in a quiet place would have actually been the best party gift."

She shrugged. "I know..well..let's just say I did it partially for myself too...been long I had a party like that" I laughed and threw the dirty duster at her which caught her face.

"Yikes" she screamed and docked, collapsing on the couch. "And the next time we meet Leo, remind me I wanna cut his dick off."

"Oh no, you wouldn't"

"Kathy.." SHe cried."What he did was awful, he needs to be punished. On your birthday, in your room and worse on your bed!"

Oh well..I knew the gravity of what he did but I just didn't feel like avenging anyone. Especially someone I never really had a real feeling for.

"Let him go Anna, he just made things easier, I ve been wanting to break it off a long time ago you know".

Anna smiled and gave me that suspicious look I knew so well.
" mean you mean you ve been wanting to break it off since you started dreaming about that hot guy right, right..?"

I continued cleaning the table, ignoring her. "I have no idea what you are talking about."

This only made her rush quickly to my side. "But but..Kat..aint you a little bit curios about how he really looks like?"

I made no response. "You need to walk over to him in your next dream and see his face."

I said nothing. "Kathy Common, say something."

I knew I could not avoid this forever..."It was just a stupid dream Anna, nothing serious."

"Maybe if you had seen him once in your dream' You yourself told me you dreamt about him almost three times now. It is not a stupid dream . Please go with me to see Lucinda Don't you believe in dreams, and love and soul mates?"

I sighed and faced her."No Anna I don't. And I'm not going to follow you to see some witch!" I snapped at her."

SHe is not a witch. She is a psychic" Anna retorted sharply, throwing her hands up indignantly.

"WHat's the difference? This is Africa, not Europe, anything that is out of the ordinary is spiritual to me and demonic best covers it." I snapped back and she gave me a scowl.

Anna could be such a great pain in the ass. I got so confused some times, when I tried to think who owned my life between the both of us. I was sure if I had a mother, she would have been a lesser pain in the ass. She has been asking me to see Lucinda for a while, she said she is some sort of psychic,s someone that can interpret dreams and see the future and other weird stuff. I se her as the devil’s sister or who else will have such power?

"I just know all those night mares of yours are very special and important and I want to help" She continued stubbornly and then her phone rang.

I exhaled.

"You won't get rid of me that easily" She said as she rushed to pick the phone.

I shook my head, giving an exasperated sigh. Then I packed my hair in a ponytail with the band on my wrist, pulling the filled bin bag with me.

Opening the door, I embraced the fresh hair as I dragged the bag with me out of the apartment.

It was late in the night and quiet. I loved quietness. The air was so cool and refreshing. I dumped the bag beside the first one I had brought outside earlier.

I bent a litle so I could fold the mouth and prevent any dirt from falling out. As I did so, my mind drifted to the conversation I just had with Anna. Yes, I have told her a couple of dreams but not everything. She never knew I had started having those dreams when I clocked 18 and when I was still with my foster parents. I never knew my parents and I wasn't concerned. Didn't even know how I was born. I kept going from one foster home to another until I ended up in Port-Hacourt where I started working as a restaurant as a waiter, I had met Anna the second year.

The dreams about him had always been the same thing..I had always found myself in an abandoned field and he was usually so far way that I could only see his back and black curly hair. I could deduce he was huge and looked like a fighter..or maybe he hit the gym a lot.. Each time I tried to get closer and see his face, then the nightmare starts..I dreaded the nightmare and it happened every time my birthday was close.

Anna never knew that, she only knew that I dreamt of some hot guy before I woke up screaming since the last few days before my birthday.

I didnt want to remember the night mare, it changed every time each even more dreadful than the former. Right now, I knew tonight would be exceptional..perhaps the worst I have ever had..I could feel it deep down ...deep deep down and I was scared.

I took a long deep breath and stood up as I heard Anna open the front door, she was bringing out the last dirt.

Just as we finished packing everything, she brought out a necklace with a pendant that looked like a half moon.

"This is my birthday gift for you sweety, I know you won't go with me to Lucinda so I got something for you I heard, it gives sweet dreams, chases demons and fufils wishes. I do hope it brings you closer to your soul mate, chases your demonsand removes every night mare from your life. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEARY, I love you so much."

I was close to tears as she embraced me and fixed the necklace around my neck.I held the pendant in my hand and smiled. That was like the hundredth time she had given me a gift and each time always drives me to tears."Thank you . Now that is the best birthday gift ever "I said and embraced her again.

"Gosh !I am really so tired. I can't wait to sleep" She said as we walked in together.

I sighed again as I felt the pendant touched my skin, sending a wave of cold through me.
"Me too" I said silently as I closed the door behind me.

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