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Second Chance - episode 2 .: stories Love Stories 

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Episode 2

I wasn't really sure why I let her talk me into having such a party in our apartment(we share same apartment). people I barely recognized arrived by the dozen. Some I recognised as being some of the customers who frequent our diner, others I have only met them on the road a couple of times. Either ways, the house, both the front, the basement and the main room were crowded. The music was loud and deafening. Everywhere was hot and I was so uncomfortable.

The bump short I was wearing leaving major part of my ass out didn't help as it was too tight and I felt pain all around my waist. I probably looked so tired and worried but the man grinding up behind me seemed not to care. I needed to get out and get fresh hair but seeing how I would need to squeeze myself out of the crowd seemed like a formidable task.

I really needed to find Anna and Leo. Where the hell were they anyway?

Without bothering to explain myself to the ass-hole who had grabbed my waist, I ripped his hands off my waist. It was so crowded, I had to push and squeeze and even crawl to get to the stairs.

Finally I found Anna kissing the face off one guy with whom I recognised as Martins. Speaking of boyfriend, where the hell was mine?

I passed them without interrupting anything and I climbed up the stairs. I needed to get to my room and grab another cloth.

I heaved a sigh of relief as too much people weren't in my way. I quickly got to my door pushing it open I stopped short and gasped as I saw Leo on top of another lady..they were eating each others faces on .....Jesus Christ..on my bed!

They had no idea that some one was in the room and I was sure they dint even hear the door open because of the noise. They were so deep into it.

I at first stood akimbo as they both moaned and seemed lost in their own world. I wasn't angry, I just stood there, watching them. Perhaps, it was the lady that first saw me because she screamed and she must have kicked him in the face that he fell off the bed hitting his head on the wall.

"What the hell is wrong with you?!" He shouted at her as he rubbed his head in pain but the lady only pointed at me.

That was when he saw me . He went white all of a sudden and wanted to say something but he couldn't.

I stood, without looking angry or mad, almost like a statement, I told the lady, without any tone of threat or warning.

"Get the f**k out of my room!" My voice was low and expressionless and I didn't have to repeat for she rushed out of my room.

Then, putting my hands by sides, I faced Leo. I searched his face, he couldn't bear to look at me. "Get out." I said quietly. He wanted to say something but I guess the look I gave him silenced him. He silently stood up and was about to walk out of the room when I called him.

"Hey..You owe me another bed cover" I said, throwing at him the cover of my bed.

Without saying anything, he took the cover with him and left the shut the door after him.

I knew I had put up with so much this was time I drove every single person out.


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