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Second Chance - Episode 1
Second Chance - episode 2
Second Chance - Episode 3

This is an interesting love story you will like. Read and enjoy!!

If given the chance to turn back the hands of time, what would you change? I guess R.Kelly got it all figured out. Let's follow Kathia in her forray into the past...

Died many centuries ago, Kathia is given one more chance to redeem herslef and comeback in time torestore the kingdom she had singlehandedly destroyed. She thinks she has it all figured out until she finds out two things she could never have imagined....How soon can a stitch in time save her? Will she make it back on time or will she be trapped in ther past forever.....?

Talk about the unexpected, talk about tantalising and the best suspense that keeps you glued to your phone or tablet. Tobi-Loba has it all in this thrilling experience packed in a book.

Episode 1
"Quit looking into the mirror are beginning to creep me out"

Anna shouted, throwing her handkerchief which barely reached me before it dropped to the ground.

"Your throwing abilities suck Anna. You need to change your arms" I teased, without leaving the spot.

I heard her grimace as she walked towards me, now we were both standing in front of the mirror starring at our reflections.

We stood there for a while without saying anything, I watched her as she squinted.

"But seriously, what do you see when you look into the mirror? I don't just get you. You are not even checking yourself out, you don't make up ..hell you just woke up and you are just starring into the mirror..what is going on Kat?"

I exhaled, facing her. She was looking worried and I hated making her worry..she just worries too much. How do I explain to her? Would she even understand if I tell her that each time I stare at the mirror, I see someone else looking back at me. Not Literally some one else, I mean, as if your body is a different person and the person starring back at me is another person entirely.. she would probably think I'm mad this time.. She has been so worried about my constant nightmares and now if I bring this up, she will probably faint.

No...its better I keep my theory to myself.

I faced my best friend and smiled, roughening her black hair with my hand and she frowned.

"I'm just trying to see how pretty I would look once I rooster 21" I lied. Finally moving away from the mirror and advancing towards the bed. I could hear her heave a sigh of relief as she followed me and we were both sitting down on the bed.

"We are going to have a great party Kat. You have no idea how much responses I've gotten concerning the attendant"

"We are also going to have a lot of poo to clean up..why would you invite so many people. We don't even know anybody"

She shrugged."Well, I know Jonas.." She said in her defence and I scowled.

"Jonas, the dude who brings the papers to the diner"

"yea, at least, and I know Ruby, that.."

"That girl who never even talks to you when she comes to eat" I finished for her. She gave an exasperated sigh and kept quiet. She had invited so many people we hardly know or talk to, to my 21st birthday which was in a few days time. The truth is, we both suck at making friends, this is the reason why it has just been the two of us..almost five years of friendship. We worked together at the diner.

"Well, if its a consolation, Mark and Leo would be coming, we know those two right?"

I sighed and shook my head. Leo was my boyfriend and Mark was hers. I was just tired . The whole party was a big deal to her and she has been working so hard to make it rock. She did the invites and even the planning all by herself. I practically have no interest in the party. Especially not with what has been happening lately. Not with the constant nightmares and now the mirror-thing. The best thing to do is to keep it myself , the party means a lot to her and I'm not gonna ruin it for her.

"Anna, You are an idiot you know that" I teased and she stared at me wide-eyed and was about to protest but I continued.

"You have been working your ass off for this party, You are just something else and I love you for that"

WIth this, she smiled and then said. "I'm glad you noticed and I'm gonna kill you if you dare ruin it for me ass-hole"

I was surprised at her outburst and then I pulled her hair, she screamed and bit me on the hand. In pain, I yanked my hand out of her hair. I heard her laugh as she ran while I chased her.

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