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LOVE IS HAPPINESS {By Mhizta NazeaL}. Episode Two .: stories Love Stories 

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Episode Two.
It was a sunny afternoon, Just came
back from school after having a hectic
day **That teacher meant
real business today,
teaching for almost 2hours,
till the lecture ended, what was
on my mind was when the
man would leave the class
assuming it was even
best subject civic education,
i won’t even shake but my worst
After dropping my bag, I Picked my
phone and
wanted to call the number Rose gave
me earlier at school.
I summoned all courage and dialed the
I noticed my heartbeat increase faster
as it rings.
Receiver: **feminine voice** Hello..
Nazeal: **I intentionally wanted the
receiver to speak first, i concluded that
if i heard a male voice, straight
terminating of the call
but i felt glad when i noticed it was a
female voice**
Receiver: **feeling uncomfortable**
Are you there? Who am i speaking
**Oh God, i was lost in thought**
Nazeal: **stammering** U..h..m, sorr.y…
please is this …. mary?
Receiver: Yes! How may i help you?
Nazeal: **still stammering** yes, this is
Nazeal from Royal high school, your
Mary: **confused** Which nazeal? We
have two people with the name……
Nazeal: **oh s--t, i forgot am not the
only nazeal in school** Sorry, this is
nazeal, Dike. U. Nazeal, the loner.
**The loner! That was my nick at
school, our class master gave it to me
because i don’t always move around
the other guys**
Mary: **suprised** Oh Nazeal, how are
Nazeal: **happy** am fine.
**Someone should help me with the
right words
because right now, i
don’t no what to say next**
Mary: Yes.. So who gave you my
**I knew she would ask of that sooner
or later and i
wasn’t ready to tell her truth- i hope
you know why**
Nazeal: A friend. Anyway, how was
today’s work **changing the topic**
Mary: Cool but right now,
i have to go and have my shower, you
know am just returning from school…
**should i come and join you? I felt like
Nazeal: Me too, bye?
Mary: **breathing in**Bye!
Nazeal: Okay dear, have a nice day.
**Hangs up**
Did i just say that? **smiling** but hope
i made a nice approach..
That was how my first call with her
went, ever since then i kept sending
her text messages, disturbing her
with calls
till she gave me her home addresses
and i visited.
Then, things started to work out well, i
visited severally
so that her parents will
know, even we going to school, i would
branch there and then we go to school
The same thing applies to when
coming home.
Gradually, her parents knew about me.
I also made sure my mother knew
about her.
**although both
parents considered us as friends**
Fast Forward – back to present
If you could still remember, i just finish
speaking with Mary before giving you
some clue
on how to get a girl – referring to the
The day is still new, i got a lot to do
**do some cleaning up and attend my
SSCE lessons**
…To be continued…

2018-01-04 18:51:43
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