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LOVE IS HAPPINESS {By Mhizta NazeaL}. Episode Three .: stories Love Stories 

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Episode Three.
Nazeal: **bowing** Mama, good
Mum: **touching my head** Afternoon
my son, how was the lesson?
Nazeal: **Dropping my bag and sitting
down** Went well ma!
Am really hungry now mama, what did
you cook?
Mum: **smiling** I knew you would
ask of your
food, but before you eat anything, go
and take your bath.
Nazeal: **standing up** okay ma.
Mum: **looking at me** Nazeal.
Nazeal: **looking back** Ma.
Mum: **looking serious** I want to
something with you but that would be
you take your bath.
**Thank God, because am not even
ready for any discussion now, over
tired they worry me.
Nazeal: Okay ma!
**Hmm, i wonder what my mother
wants to discuss with me because she
I rushed to the room, changed my
clothes, then fetch a bucket of water
and rushed out to take my bath.
Oh i forgot my towel, i rushed in to get
it and came back outside.
Ah, I even forgot to take my soap and
sponge, no need self..
I poured the cold water on my body,
hurriedly wore my clothes and rushed
I went inside my room and lay
down on the bed when i heard my
mother calling
me in the sitting
room, that was when i remembered
that she said
she had something to discuss with me.
I wore my clothes and
almost ran to the sitting
Nazeal: **sitting down** yes mama,
you called me.
Mum: Yes, my son, i want to tell you
Nazeal: **anxiously** Mum, am all
**She talked about my upcoming SSCE,
That i should prepare very well inorder
to pass the exam and maybe
sit for the UTME JAMB**
Nazeal: Mama, i would do everything to
make you proud.
Mum: One more thing is about that girl
Mary that you follow about all the time!
Nazeal: **suprised** And what about
her mum?
Mum: You must stop seeing her.
Nazeal: **shocked** Why? I can’t do
without her, she is my everything.
Mum: And i insist u
must stop seeing her unless you want
me to stop
fending for your higher education.
Nazeal: **standing up** Cut
if off mum, how can you tell me that i
should stop seeing
You can do whatever you like. My life
will be frustrated if i don’t have Mary to
of in my life”.
**My mother lloked at me in surprise at
the words i had spoken and wondered
had become of me.
Throughout my life, i had never
contested my mother’s wishes or
She was therefore utterly dismayed at
the defiant words that flowed out
of my mouth.
As she sat there confused. I stood up
and left her.
Nazeal: I am going to look for her. She
is my heart and i can’t afford to let her
out of my life.
I hope am doing the right thing, yes i
know am
doing the right thing.
Or is there still more to it?
I don’t think so!!
…To be continued…

2018-01-13 19:17:41
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