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LOVE IS HAPPINESS {By Mhizta NazeaL}. Prologue .: stories Love Stories 

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LOVE IS HAPPINESS {By Mhizta NazeaL}. Prologue
LOVE IS HAPPINESS {By Mhizta NazeaL}. Episode Three

This story “Love Is Happiness” is
written and owned by
Dike .U. NazeaL (Mhizta NazeaL).
Mobile Num:- 2347084576396.
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Dike .U. Nazeal adored Mary Kevin
when they were both
in school together.

Their parents knew of their love affair/
relationship and seemed to give them
their blessings if the need arises.

But out of blue, both the parents of
Mary and Nazeal started warning him
to stay off Mary.

Nazeal who could not understand why
this sudden change of attitude became
more perplexed when immediately
after school, Mary left for another
country without telling him.

Though still in love with Mary, Nazeal
came to realise that he had to live his
own life without his childhood

Nazeal found a lover and was planning
his wedding.

One day, Nazeal returned from his
travels with his fiancéé and met a
strange visitor at the sitting room.
Mary Kevin of many years ago was back
to see Nazeal.

What for??

Read this interesting story and find

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