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sylviaslypet  (f)

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Kelvin: yes
Smart: that serve her right;she had been cheating on me with you and i wonder why you are not mad too
Governess: Smart
Smart: yes;she kept fooling around with you
Maris: did you take oath with my daughter?
Smart: oath(he flashback)yes;that was a long time again
Maris: you kill me
Kelvin: mama
Maris: meaning my daughter will not get normal again
Governess: am so sorrow;Smart do something
Smart: i do not know how to undo it,all just know is that we just take some stupid oath then.
Kelvin: think;just maybe you know what to do
Smart: i said i don't and if i do,i won't do it
Katy: why?
Smart: so she go back and flirt with him. please you all should leave me alone

Kelvin: mama;come lets go
Maris: Audrey;you just killed me
Katy: this is huge

Smart: is the oath that effective?does it mean i would had gone crazy if had married Katy
Governess: Smart;you need to do something
Smart: but i don't know what to do and please stop talking about her(he walked away)
Governess: what is wrong with this boy?

Audrey: who is there?let me out. where did they go to?(she struggle with the chain;she ended up hurting herself)why so many blood?
Maris: Audrey;what are you doing?
Kelvin: what is it?
Maris: she is hurting herself with the chain
Kelvin: Audrey
Audrey: go on lick them
Kelvin: what?
Audrey: yes;Smart used to lick my blood
Kelvin: that means its true
Maris: go get the first aide;so i dress her
Kelvin: i just hope she pull through this
Maris: i hope so

Smart: do you have to go crazy?(talking to her picture with tears in his eyes)i just don't know what to do?how do i get you out of this mess?
Governess: Smart(he wipe his tears fast)let it flow
Smart: what?
Governess: you are worried about her?
Smart: am not the curse of the problem and i do not have solution to it
Governess: you may not have solution but just go to her
Smart: and watch her misbehave?i can't take it. my heart will break in piece
Governess: i know but just go
Smart: i will try but not today
Governess: good

Kelvin: mama,stop crying already,am off to work
Maris: okay
Kelvin: please;do not take the chain off her hand
Maris: i wouldn't;later
Kelvin: bye

Audrey: mama
Maris: yes dearie
Audrey: my hands are paining me
Maris: what do you want?
Audrey: take it off from me;am not crazy
Maris: no one say you are crazy
Audrey: no;its only crazy people they put this on their hands
Maris: but Kelvin said i shouldn't take it off
Audrey: Kelvin doesn't like me anymore
Maris: that is not true
Audrey: i know and you want to join him
Maris: no
Audrey: then set me free
Maris: okay;i will take it off but you will promise me,you wouldn't hurt yourself or take off your cloths
Audrey: i promise
Maris: okay;here is your drugs(she gave her drugs and took off the chain)you okay now
Audrey: yes;thanks mama

Maris: we barely have food stuff but i can't leave her
Smart: hello!anyone home
Maris: Smart
Smart: good day ma
Maris: i thought you wont come
Smart: am sorry ma;where is she?
Maris: she is inside.
Smart: can i see her
Maris: sure but i think she sleeping. just come(she open the door and find out she as unclad herself and Smart is already inside the room ) Audrey
Smart: shit!why is she without cloths?
Maris: that is how she behave and that is why she is always on chain(she pull the cloth to cover her body)Kelvin asked me not to take it off(he stared at her wounded hand)oh!before we came from your place the other day;she try to take off the chain and she ended up hurting herself and that is why i can't leave her. i will wait for Kelvin to come and then i will go to the market

Smart: you can go now;i will take care of her
Maris: are you sure?she can be unbearable sometimes
Smart: i will take care of her
Maris: okay;Audrey i will be back
Audrey: okay
Maris: be a good girl;you have a visitor (she peck her)i will be back before you know it
Smart: alright(immediately she left he sat close to her)chico(she laughed uncontrollably)what is it?
Audrey: who are you?
Smart: is me Smart;i wish i could take your pain,i wish i know what to do.
Audrey: everything is perfect as long as my Smart is with me but my Smart left me
Smart: am sorry(he touch her hands)am really sorry
Audrey: stop touching me because Smart might start answering me;who has been touching me
Smart: Audrey;its me
Audrey: please;just let me be(she stand without the blanket)
Smart: what are you doing?how many times do you have to walk like this in front of Kelvin?
Audrey: what?
Smart: sorry(he remember she is sick)dammit(she pull the cloth on her)
Audrey: who are you?(she pull the cloth away)
Smart: Audrey(he pick the cloth on her and she struggle with him)will you stop
Audrey: this is my house;please go away. mama
Smart: look at me(she stare at his eyes;Smart move closer to her and touch her lips)should i?
Audrey: what are you doing?stop;i do not want to go mad(he start kissing her)

Kelvin: mama;where are you coming from?
Maris: i went to the market
Kelvin: who did you leave Audrey with?
Maris: Smart
Kelvin: what?you left her with a stranger
Maris: he is not a stranger
Kelvin: what if he rape her?
Maris: he will not even think of that
Kelvin: so you think(they rush in and found Smart touching her)are you mad?(he punch him)you are taking advantage of her?
Smart: no oh!is not what you think
Maris: Kelvin relax
Kelvin: don't tell me to relax
Maris: Smart;you wont had done that
Smart: am sorry(he wipe his face with his hand)

Kelvin: just leave
Smart: what?
Kelvin: yes
Maris: let him stay
Kelvin: mama

Audrey: mama;what is going on?(she draw her cloth to cover nudity and face in shame)why....who....
Smart: Audrey
Audrey: Smart just go out
Smart: what?
Kelvin: you heard her
Audrey: and you too Kelvin
Kelvin: what?
Audrey: yes;mama tell them to leave
Maris: you both should step out
Kelvin: are you sure?
Maris: yes
Smart: Audrey
Audrey: go on(they walked out)mama;why am in this state and they are in here?
Maris: its a long story
Audrey: tell me(she narrate everything)does it mean am crazy?
Maris: no
Audrey: no oh(she hide her face)mama please leave me alone
Maris: are you sure?
Audrey: yes
Maris: okay;you know i love you
Audrey: yes

Smart: how is she?
Kelvin: will you keep quiet
Maris: boys;that is enough
Kelvin: sorry ma
Maris: better
Smart: is she sleeping
Maris: is like she is fine now
Smart: really?
Maris: yes but she is ashamed
Smart: can i talked to her
Maris: no

Audrey: Kelvin
Kelvin: Audrey;thank God you are okay now(he hug her)
Audrey: am sorry for embarrassing you all
Kelvin: its okay;i missed you
Audrey: i missed you too (Smart was no longer comfortable with the touch)
Smart: i need to go
Maris: so fast

Smart: yes;i need to attend to things at the office
Kelvin: okay
Smart: bye
Audrey: bye
Smart: okay;take care of yourself(he walked to his car and cry)it hurt so bad

Audrey: Kelvin;lets go inside
Kelvin: you ought to show him love
Audrey: who?
Maris: you know who;he save your life,so make him happy
Audrey: i know but i feel ashamed that i was mad
Maris: he won't judge you
Audrey: okay(she walked out fortunately for her;he find his car still pack outside so she hit the screen and Smart wipe his tears)open up

Smart: do you want anything?
Audrey: yes
Smart: what is it?
Audrey: you are crying?
Smart: will just go on
Audrey: can we still be friends?(he look at her)yes;do you still love me?
Smart: i should be asking you that because i just saw you hugging Kelvin again in front me
Audrey: are you jealous of Kelvin?
Smart: yes;am suppose to be your...never mind
Audrey: go on
Smart: lets forget it;i know am in no march for him but please give me little of that love and that is all i asked for
Audrey: enough;do you still want to marry me?fine;will you marry me(he laughed)what is funny?
Smart: are the one that suppose to propose to me?
Audrey: i don't know,whatever just say yes or....

Smart: (he press his hand on her lips and knee before her)will you end my mystery and be my wife?
Audrey: yes (he brought out the rope ring and fix it on her)i love you
Smart: i love you too
George: congrats
Smart: dad;what are you doing here?
George: story for another day
Governess: wedding bells
Katy: congrats
Smart: thank you
Kelvin: this is the best;dreams come true
Maris: yes dear
Katy: its celebration time (a year passing) words can not be enough to express what God has done for me?my two kids are married and i know you will be surprise who Kelvin got married to...

Katy: its me
Maris: what are you doing here?
Kelvin: Audrey said we are having a family party
Maris: that girl will not kill me;she want to stress herself with her big tummy. come daughter;how is your dad
Katy: he is fine;my dad as been release,he was release base on parole,when they find out he has really change and he is now a change person;he has apologies to his friend and he is trying to make it up to Smart and Audrey

George: we all have learn our lesson and have adjust our life
Maris: welcome sir
Harrison: thank you
Governess: it seems everyone is here except Audrey and Smart
Kelvin: i will call them

Smart: dear;your phone is ringing
Audrey: am coming,my legs;my tummy
Smart: Audrey;what is it?
Audrey: i want to used the toilet
Smart: come on
Audrey: no;my baby is coming out
Smart: alright;take my hand
Audrey: don't touch me
Smart: sorry
Katy: she is not picking?
Kelvin: no

Governess: call Smart

Smart: doctor;will she okay?
Doctor: she will be fine

George: has he picked
Kelvin: no oh
Maris: i hope nothing as happen to my daughter
Kelvin: relax

Smart: oh my God!we were suppose to be at the party;i just call(he pick his phone and find so many missed call)they must be worry now. (he called)hello mama
Maris: thank God!where is my daughter?
Smart: she
Doctor: congrats your wife just gave birth to a handsome boy
Maria: hello
Governess: what is going on?

Smart: thank you doctor; can i see her
Doctor: of cause

Smart: wow
Kelvin: Smart
Smart: sorry;my wife just put to birth a bouncing baby boy
All: congrats;we will be here
Smart: thanks. Audrey
Audrey: come here
Smart: am happy that with all the odds of life we are still together
Audrey: is because it is true love and it is meant to be. i love you Smart
Smart: i will always love you
Audrey: even if am old and grey?
Smart: yes because in my eyes you are forever young
Audrey: and in your eyes i will remain because i love been there
Smart: thank you;bring my son(to the nurse)
Audrey: come say hello to Dada
Smart: hello A&S
Audrey: what is that?
Smart: the combination of Audrey and Smart
Audrey: you funny
Smart: all because of you


2017-11-06 22:37:43
Haybeewhy (m)

Is just like the story should not end... Very very very..... Interesting, best story ever, love it like.......

2017-11-06 23:05:45


2017-11-06 23:08:51
De joker  (m)

Harrison shouldn't be release but whatever u try THANK YOU VERY INTERESTING

2017-11-07 00:22:51
Laurent  (m)


2017-11-07 05:15:53

he is release not bcoz he didn't committed dose crime but base on good character @ De joker

2017-11-07 08:41:19
shaz (f)

best story..weldon

2017-11-07 10:11:04
Starrylady (f)

this fabulous more of this ooo kudos to you guys

2017-11-07 14:48:22

Tanz all

2017-11-07 16:16:12
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