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sylviaslypet  (f)

In your eyes....episode 45 .: stories Love Stories 

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Audrey: mama;why are you crying?
Maris: nothing my daughter
Audrey: good;stop crying because its my wedding day and you;Kelvin go prepare my car(tears roll his eyes)fast about it
Kelvin: i will
Audrey: good;off to my room
Maris: do you think,she will get better
Kelvin: yes
Maris: or we should inform Smart maybe he can help
Kelvin: you right;i will look for ways to talk to him but that may not be her problem. Katy
Katy: good afternoon ma
Maris: afternoon;did you see that my daughter is not getting any better
Kelvin: mama

Maris: do you know where Smart live?
Katy: why?
Kelvin: we really do not know if its true but someone said maybe they took an oath not to leave each other
Katy: but they did not leave each other?
Kelvin: i really don't know but it seems mama buy the ideal so she want to talk to him
Katy: i think this is not the right time because he is still mad at Audrey
Maris: why?
Katy: base on the fact that he saw you and her
Kelvin: there is nothing go on between us.
Katy: its hard to believe
Maris: i want my daughter to be alright
Katy: she will be fine

Smart: why are the files i asked of not on my table?
Secretary: that is what am trying to do?
Smart: be fast about it and playing when i am paying you
Secretary: sorry sir
Smart: sorry for yourself(she walked away)stupid girl. annoying people

Babe: sir
Smart: what?
Babe: the sales report
Smart: how come you are the one doing that?
Babe: Audrey;as not come to work since then
Smart: just drop it
Babe: sir
Smart: will just get out
Babe: alright sir
Smart: nonsense
Babe: are you alright sir?
Smart: am fine,just leave me alone(he used the file to stone her)get out
Babe: sorry

Babe: what is wrong with the boss?
Handsome: i don't know;that was same way he yelled at me

Katy: good day
Babe: good day friend
Katy: am glad;you recognize me. is your boss in
Babe: yes but i do not think he is in the right flame of mind to see anyone
Katy: i need to talk to him
Handsome: if he yelled at you don't say we did not warn you
Katy: thanks
Handsome: go take permission from the secretary
Katy: alright

Smart: what are you doing here?
Katy: i came to see you
Smart: if its about Audrey;i do not want to hear
Katy: she needs you now
Smart: why are you so concern about her all of a sudden?i see;you want me to go to her so Kelvin can returned to you?
Katy: you are unbelievable
Smart: now you know
Katy: Audrey is.....
Smart: thank you for the information but no thanks. have a nice day
Katy: are you asking me out of your office?
Smart: no really but this is an office not where we chitchat. so excuse me
Katy: Smart;you are different now
Smart: if i still remain the way your dad used to treat me then i will not be able to do anything in my life
Katy: are you still mad at my dad?
Smart: yes because if your dad didn't not force you on me;Audrey's dad will still be alive and she doesn't have to live with Kelvin that kept touching her unnecessarily and we might probably be married

Katy: Smart
Smart: just leave me and my broken heart alone
Katy: you need to know this,you might know what to do to cure her
Smart: like i said am not a doctor. so leave before i called security
Katy: no need;am leaving already
Smart: good;she is sick and she didn't call me;so i should go there and start fooling myself again. never;i will learn to live without her;just maybe i will love again

Maris: you are not eating your food?
Audrey: i will eat but i want to feed Smart first
Maris: but he is not here
Audrey: who told you
Maris: i can't see him
Audrey: that is not true,he is here. Smart come and eat(she pour the food on the floor)good boy,am coming let be dress up
Maris: Audrey;you are taking off your clothes
Audrey: am dressing up
Maris: Audrey please stop already(she cry;struggling with the cloths with her,Kelvin came in and chain her again)what are you doing?
Kelvin: this what she need;i may not be around all the time and maybe you went to the market,will you want to come back and meet her half there naked?
Maris: no(she cry)

Audrey: Kelvin take me out of here. Smart will not be happy that am here
Kelvin: baby;everything will be fine
Audrey: why are you crying?am i hurting you?
Kelvin: no oh(he hug her and cry)just maybe i cause it
Maris: we will pull through this
Kelvin: yes

Katy: Kelvin
Kelvin: did he agree to come see her?
Katy: no;he is mad at my dad and he blame my dad for everything
Kelvin: that is not what we need now
Maris: just take me to him just maybe he will listen to me
Kelvin: mama
Maris: yes;even if i have to knee before him for my daughter to be well again,i will do it
Kelvin: i wouldn't let you
Katy: just maybe he will listen to her
Kelvin: do you think so?
Katy: yes
Maris: then lets go
Kelvin: am coming
Maris: who will take care of Audrey?
Kelvin: she is sleeping already;so before she wakes we will be back
Katy: okay

Governess: coffee
Smart: thanks
Governess: how was work today?
Smart: do you think i can live with out Audrey?
Governess: why do you want to live without her?
Smart: i don't know(bell ringing)are you expecting someone?
Governess: no;i go get the door
Smart: please do
Governess: Katy
Katy: good day ma
Governess: you have really change,you now refer to me as ma
Katy: i was just been stupid then,is Smart in?
Governess: yes but who are this people?
Katy: Audrey's mama and Kelvin

Governess: come on in;where is Audrey?
Katy: she is the reason we are here
Governess: really?
Maris: yes;where is your son?
Smart: what is going on here?
Governess: they are here for you
Smart: i do not feel like talking to them

Maris: whatever happen just put it in the best;i need you to cure my daughter
Smart: i told Katy that am not a doctor and i do not want to hear anything about her
Kelvin: you can do whatever you want to do,after you undo what you did to her
Smart: what did i do to her?in fact get out of my house Governess: Smart
Smart: just tell them to leave
Maris: if you still love my daughter;you will set her free(she cry)Audrey is mad
Smart: what?

2017-11-06 19:22:46
Starrylady (f)

love is more than just ordinary word

2017-11-06 21:58:51
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