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sylviaslypet  (f)

In your eyes.....episode 44 .: stories Love Stories 

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Girl: that was close
Babe: could it be Audrey was the girl,whom his dad didn't like back then?
Handsome: yes;now i remember his Instagram page carry that name way back
Girl: oh my God
Babe: no wonder;they were staring at each other
Girl: but it seems they are having issues
Babe: yes;i pray they come together again
Girl: me too

Smart: hello Audrey
Audrey: Smart;who gave you my number
Smart: is that the question you are asking me?
Audrey: sorry;what do you want?
Smart: are you okay?
Audrey: yes
Smart: why have you not been coming to work?
Audrey: nothing
Smart: or maybe you do not want to see my face?
Audrey: if that is what you think. i need to go
Smart: am i disturbing you?
Audrey: i don't know
Smart: you have finally made up your mind. is it Kelvin you want?
Audrey: oh please(she end the call and refuse to pick again)

Smart: Audrey pick up(he texted but no replied)

Maris: no work
Audrey: i do not feel like going(she wipe her tears)
Maris: you crying?
Audrey: no oh
Maris: you are not happy,what is wrong?
Audrey: am bad right?
Maris: no;you brought joy to me and Kelvin's life
Audrey: that is the issue;i do not want Kelvin to be unhappy and if i continue with what i want,i will hurt him
Maris: he told you;he love you
Audrey: yes
Maris: is that why you are sad?you don't love him the way you love Smart right(she nod to it)that is enough;i do not want to see my baby get hurt
Audrey: what about Kelvin?
Maris: leave that to me
Audrey: thanks ma

Governess: Smart;what is it again?
Smart: she doesn't want to talk to me;she didn't even show up in the office for the passed three days
Governess: then go to her house
Smart: you right;is a good thing,she let me drop her at her house
Governess: then go to her
Smart: bye

Kelvin: mama;what is it?
Maris: did you see your sister for the last three days?
Kelvin: she is not my sister
Maris: anger;hatred was what made Cain killed Abel
Kelvin: i do not intend to kill her
Maris: you do not need a gun to kill her but your action had killed her
Kelvin: what about me?do you ever think of me?
Maris: if i am not thinking of you;i will not be here to tell you this things. at first i wanted her for you because she makes you happy but now;she can't make you happy if you become spouse but if you both are siblings she will. her heart belongs to another and when ones heart is not here,it becomes empty of everything,remember one can give what he have. Spouse can be choose;replace and forgotten but siblings can't and no matter what happen,they will always be siblings. i trust you son,i know you will do the right thing. someday you will find the one whom truly love you. i love you son

Kelvin: was i really turning into a monster?oh my God!i need to talk to Audrey

Katy: everything here is different now. am glad i came back
Smart: (he move and saw Katy at first he wanted to passed her but he decided to stop for her)Katy
Katy: Smart;long time
Smart: ya ya;when did you returned?
Katy: i just arrived
Smart: okay;are you going my way?so i drop you
Katy: i wont know unless you tell me
Smart: okay;let me drop you first
Katy: thanks;i have been waiting close to an hour for a cab
Smart: its okay
Katy: you have grown to become a very attractive and handsome man
Smart: you too;so why did you return to Nigeria?
Katy: i needed to start my life again
Smart: you right
Katy: you done so well for yourself. your companies are everywhere and your wines as become household names in the state especially your A&S wine. do you know what came to my mind when i saw that?
Smart: yes
Katy: Audrey and Smart;how is she now?you two are back together
Smart: sort of,talking about Audrey that is where am going?
Katy: what about Kelvin?
Smart: i see;someone still has her eyes on that boy
Katy: will you stop
Smart: okay;he is in town now. you can come with me
Katy: they both live in same house?
Smart: yes;he is handsome too
Katy: i really want to apologies to him
Smart: just that?
Katy: yes(they both laughed) i just pray he forgive me

Kelvin: baby
Audrey: do you need anything?
Kelvin: must i be in need of anything before talking to you? Audrey: no but you haven't talk to me for the passed three days
Kelvin: am sorry;did i hurt you that much(she nod to it)please forgive me;i was such a fool to hurt you. you deserve to be happy and your happiness lies with Smart. mama say siblings are better than spouse and it is the fact. so i will let you follow your heart
Audrey: really?
Kelvin: yes;am not that mean because i love you and i realised that the love in my heart for was that of siblings and not of spouse and that i am still in love with.....
Audrey: Katy
Kelvin: what?
Audrey: yes;i saw her picture under your pillow last night when i went to check on you
Kelvin: naught girl;maybe i was just anger that Smart made me loss you and Katy
Audrey: i understand you and Katy will definitely come together again if it was made to be
Kelvin: amen;you need to talk to Smart
Audrey: yes
Kelvin: hurry up before its too late

Smart: here we are
Katy: i hope he is at home
Smart: good day ma
Maris: Smart;you are now a big boy
Smart: thank you ma
Maris: you welcome;are you looking for Audrey?
Smart: okay ma;come on
Maris: what are you doing in my house?
Katy: i know i did a lot of bad things to your son but please forgive me
Maris: really?
Katy: i really need to see him,i still love him
Maris: go talk to him
Katy: thanks ma

Maris: just maybe this is what he need to set Audrey free

Audrey: thank you(she walked forward and turn)
Kelvin: what is it?(she kissed him while Smart and Katy walked in,seeing both of them in the act,immediately Kelvin saw him;he withdrew from her)
Maris: are you two mad?(she wipe her lips)

Audrey: Smart
Kelvin: Katy (he turned to leave with tears in his eyes)
Audrey: hold
Smart: just stay away from me
Audrey: is not what you think
Smart: think?no. i saw it,i know you love him but please stop doing it in front of me
Audrey: what are you saying?
Smart: nothing;what is it that he has that i don't have?is it the way he touches you or probably the way he just kissed you(she slapped him)i say the truth,you get angry. am tired of forcing myself on you. you promise me;you will not kiss him but you did. only God knows what you do behind me. goodbye
Audrey: are you breaking up with me?
Smart: just leave me alone(he drove off)

Maris: is okay my daughter
Audrey: am sorry mama
Maris: come here

Kelvin: what are you doing here?
Katy: am sorry,i thought you stop loving her and that you truly love me but it was just a mere wish. i still love you
Kelvin: what?
Katy: yes;you are the only man i love,i was never in love with Smart but you don't love me. i need to go
Kelvin: no;am still in love with you
Katy: but i just saw you and her

Audrey: (she remember what he told him and burst into laughter)yes;i told him so but i did
Maris: Audrey;what is funny?
Audrey: everything is funny?this;that;all of them and even this clothes(she take off her top)i need air
Maris: no;Kelvin Kelvin

Kelvin: why is mama screaming?
Katy: lets see
Kelvin: mama;Audrey why are you taking your clothes off
Audrey: they are smelling(she kept laughing and acting crazy)

Maris: my daughter is going crazy?Audrey please don't do this to me
Kelvin: mama relax;what happen to her?
Maris: we were talking after Smart break up with her and all of a sudden she started laughing and taking off her cloths
Kelvin: what did Smart did to you?
Audrey: laughter,i like it
Maris: no;my daughter can not be mad(she run towards the door and kelvin tie her down)she is not mad remove those things from her hand
Audrey: stop tying;am not mad
Maris: yes;she is not
Kelvin: relax;i will just take her to the hospital
Maris: (she cried why Kelvin carried Audrey to the hospital and Katy console her)my daughter

Smart: she is ganging up on me
George: who son and why are you drinking?
Smart: i need this
George: no;you need your life
Smart: my life choose someone else(he drink more) i saw her in the hands of another
George: even at that you need to stop doing this
Smart: i want to die
George: are you crazy?
Smart: no;she is suppose to be crazy because she promise not to leave me (he fell and slept off)
George: my poor son

Audrey: kelvin;why did you bring me there?
Kelvin: you were acting strange
Audrey: so you are calling me crazy?
Kelvin: no oh!mama was worry sick about you
Audrey: did she think am crazy also?
Kelvin: no one think so(she continue laughing)Audrey;can you stop laughing
Audrey: can't i laughed again
Kelvin: you can
Audrey: better

Katy: are you back?
Kelvin: yes;where is mama?
Katy: she is talking her bath
Kelvin: good;Audrey sit
Audrey: i want to stand
Maris: you back;how did it go?
Kelvin: its a long story but let me first take her in(he put her to sleep)the doctor said she is not mad and that she is okay
Maris: then why is she laughing?
Kelvin: i don't know could it be Smart cast a spell on her
Katy: Kelvin
Kelvin: am i lying?it was immediately he left this happen
Katy: he can't do that
Kelvin: if i found out he is responsible i will kill him
Maris: Kelvin
Kelvin: mama;let me be (it continue for days)

Katy: hello
Babe: hi
Katy: is this the company of Smart George?
Babe: yes;how may we help you?
Katy: is he in
Babe: no;he hasn't been to work for days
Katy: do you know were he live?
Babe: i can't tell you because i don't know you
Katy: am Katy and Audrey needs help
Babe: what happen to her?
Katy: is a long story
Babe: okay;here it is

Maris: son;what do we do?
Kelvin: am confuse mama
Maris: my daughter is taking away from me slowly
Kelvin: she will be fine
Maris: i hope so

Katy: Smart
Smart: what are you doing here?how did you know my apartment?
Katy: that is not important;Audrey is sick
Smart: the last time i check;i didn't study medicine
Katy: i know but i ought to tell you because they feel you are responsible for it
Smart: their business,excuse me
Katy: Smart;do you know the kind of sickness?
Smart: i don't want to know. goodbye
Katy: what is wrong with this boy?

Neighbor: Maris
Maris: Neighbor;how is your kids?
Neighbor: they are fine and where is Audrey?
Kelvin: good day ma
Neighbor: how are yo and where is Audrey?
Kelvin: am fine and Audrey is ....
Maris: she travelled
Neighbor: okay (enter Audrey)i thought you said she travel?
Kelvin: assuredly....
Audrey: Kelvin;why did you wear my shoe?
Kelvin: Audrey;your....(she laughed and misbehave)
Audrey: i want to wear that shoe to i and Smart wedding
Neighbor: what is wrong with her?
Maris: we don't know but she is not mad because the doctor said nothing is wrong with her brain
Neighbor: then she had an oath and she violate the oath
Maris: what?
Neighbor: yes;it happen to my elder sister's son
Kelvin: what do we do now?
Neighbor: i don't know but maybe the boy in question can help her because my nephew own was without solution because the girl in question is dead

Maris: my daughter can not remain like that
Kelvin: relax mama

2017-11-06 12:36:20
shaz (f)

interesting nxt plz

2017-11-06 16:37:43
shaz (f)

interesting nxt plz

2017-11-06 16:37:55
Haybeewhy (m)

Can't wait for the next episode

2017-11-06 18:38:05
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