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In your eyes.....episode 43 .: stories Love Stories 

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Maris: are you back my dear?
Audrey: yes;mama
Kelvin: welcome
Audrey: thanks;Kelvin;go on and answer me
Maris: i think you need food;come lets go prepare something for her
Audrey: i will do that later but Kelvin
Maris: i will excuse you two
Audrey: thanks mama
Maris: no problem

Audrey: Kelvin
Kelvin: Audrey;let sleeping dog lie
Audrey: no;just tell me the truth
Kelvin: fine;i have always love you right from childhood
Audrey: no;you don't;the one,you love is Katy and not me
Kelvin: no oh;i told Katy that i love you few days before you travelled out
Audrey: what i heard is that;you told her that you are in love with her
Kelvin: no Audrey
Audrey: Kelvin;you used to be my special friend but when Katy came into the picture,i was no longer your special friend but i was happy been just your friend and that friendship you still do not want to give me. so i decided to move away when dad asked me to
Kelvin: you missed understand everything;i was hoping that when you returned we will still be friends but you are already in love with Smart

Audrey: he is my friend;i started dating him when you propose to Katy
Kelvin: how did you know mean?i know you love him even if i didn't propose to Katy and you change your look because of him
Audrey: no;i was willing to change my look because of you,i felt you do not love me because i wasn't attractive. everything i did was because i love you;i was crushing on you. at first i thought it was just my friendship that was important but then i realise i have feelings for you and Smart was the only one whom knows about that
Kelvin: what?

Audrey: yes;i have always love you
Kelvin: do you still love me?
Audrey: of cause but no as someone i want to spent the rest of my life with but as a brother. i want to thank you for given me the opportunity to know what its feels like to be truly in love
Kelvin: Audrey;i still love you
Audrey: i know you love me like a sister but i love Smart
Kelvin: have you forget what you went through in the hand's of Smart dad?
Audrey: no;i still love him;those time we stay apart;make me realise how much it means for us to stay in each other hands. words can't explain my love for him
Kelvin: are you even thinking?what about the people that will get hurt because of you
Audrey: no one;will get hurt
Kelvin: okay;its your choice but i will not allow you to do that
Audrey: you can't stop me
Kelvin: and if i do?
Audrey: i will move out
Kelvin: lets see

Governess: son(smiling to himself)what is it?
Smart: nothing
Governess: why are you smiling?
Smart: am i?
Governess: its obvious
George: just maybe he just won a jackpot
Smart: yes;i just won a huge contract
Governess: is that so?
Smart: yes
George: or you and Audrey are back together?
Smart: dad
Governess: yes;in fact,it was our plan that you go with her on that trip
Smart: what?
George: yes;so how did it go?
Smart: dad;will you accept her;if i bring her to you?
Governess: have you already propose to her?
Smart: yes;come dad
George: what if she doesn't accept me?
Smart: she will but please dad accept her
George: fine;i will
Smart: thanks dad
Governess: i go set the dinning
Smart: okay
George: am happy that your happiness is back,i just hope you could forgive me
Smart: you are my dad;so whatever you did then;was what you thought was the best for me and i am fine by that
George: thank you;i love you son
Smart: i love you too
George: when you are done;come downstairs
Smart: alright;i wish i collected her number. i will just call the office to sent me the number,no. i don't want them to start talking about us. jus wait till tomorrow

George: Smart
Smart: am coming

Audrey: are you going out?
Maris: yes;dear
Audrey: okay
Maris: baby
Audrey: yes
Maris: we need to talk when i come back
Audrey: what about?
Maris: Smart
Audrey: what about him?
Maris: the wedding
Audrey: mama
Maris: yes;tell Kelvin am gone
Audrey: okay

Audrey: come and eat
Kelvin: am not hungry
Audrey: okay;let me get my bag;so you drop me
Kelvin: didn't you say he doesn't want to see me in his company?
Audrey: yes but
Kelvin: never mind and i advice you to quit that job
Audrey: i can't do that;i love my job
Kelvin: your job or Smart?
Audrey: whatever?
Kelvin: you will not go you that work again
Audrey: do you want to control my life because i live in your house?fine;i will leave (she walked into her room to pack her stuff)
Kelvin: you want to go live with him right?
Audrey: yes;if i have to
Kelvin: you are ungrateful. after everything i and mama did for you;all you could pay us with is to turn your back on us because of a boy that made you loss your father and all the odds that you went through because of him
Audrey: its not his fault

Kelvin: a boy that pick another girl over you
Audrey: just stop already
Kelvin: i will;you can leave(he walked away while she sit and cry out her eyes. Smart on the other hand sit patiently walking for her and when she is not further coming he become frustrated)

Babe: sir;do you need anything
Smart: where is your friend?
Babe: Audrey
Smart: yes
Babe: i haven't....oh!there she comes(he walked to her and embrace her forgetting people are watching them)

Smart: how are you?
Audrey: we need to talk
Smart: what about?
Audrey: its important
Smart: okay

Handsome: what just happen?
Babe: i told you;Smart is in love with her
Handsome: it hurt
Babe: sorry dear

Smart: sit,how was your night?
Audrey: it was fine
Smart: are you alright?did you tell mama about us?
Audrey: Kelvin is in love with me
Smart: so
Audrey: he said i should stop coming to work
Smart: if it because you live with him,he think he can control your life then move out and come live with me
Audrey: i can't turn my back on those that are always there for me
Smart: i don't understand
Audrey: lets give ourselves a little space
Smart: space?
Audrey: yes
Smart: what is the space for?for you to choose him over me?for you to know if you still love him?
Audrey: Smart
Smart: don't call me;i know you love him. even if you denial it,i know he has always been your childhood love
Audrey: what are you saying?i said i need space that doesn't mean i love him
Smart: be truthful;when he said he love you,you also said you love him too?(she open her mouth but nothing came out)am i right?
Audrey: just stop
Smart: dammit(he hit the table and others stared at him)
Audrey: what is that for?
Smart: you are irritating me
Audrey: fine(she pick her bag and stood up)
Smart: where are you going?
Audrey: home
Smart: what is wrong with her?

Maris: welcome son
Kelvin: thanks mama
Maris: where is Audrey ?
Kelvin: I do not know
Maris: why?
Kelvin: am tired;i need to rest
Maris: no problem

Smart: Babe
Babe: sir
Smart: do you have Audrey number?
Babe: yes
Smart: please give it to me
Babe: but sir what do you want to do with Audrey's number?(he stared at her) sorry;you can have it(he collect it but he heard them talking bad about Audrey)Audrey as really seduce that boy
Girl: am sure she used charm on
Handsome: what?
Babe: there was a day i saw her touching his face. am sure if i didn't walked in,she would had kissed him
Girl: she is such a flirt
Smart: what are you guys saying?
Handsome: nothing sir
Smart: you all should mind your business because you know nothing about i and Audrey. if you think we just met then you are mistaking
Babe: sorry sir
Smart: sorry for yourself

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