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If I Die Tomorrow - Episode 1 .: stories Love Stories 

The morning was filled with so much hope of a brighter day, the sun shining so bright as the rays came through the window to distract Kenneth’s peaceful sleep. Kenneth an average height, handsome chocolate guy of late-twenties, slept so late the previous night sequel to his busy activities in school.

He was fortunate to be the president of student union government of Enugu state science and technology Enugu State, Nigeria, and that has always subjected him in having a very busy schedule in the school from Monday to Friday. Saturday morning has always been his free moment of having a solemn sleep but the sun brightness became a stumbling block to the peaceful morning he always had.

Kenneth was still so weak and reluctant from standing up to block the rays of light from the sun, anger written all over his face that he could beat up the sun if it were to be human. He is still on the bed a lot running on his mind when a knock came at the door.

“Who is there” he reluctantly replied after few minutes of his refusal to respond to the knock.

“Is me baby” Amanda replied from behind the door

He managed to stand up from the bed and covered the window with the curtain and straight to the door, on opening the door his mouth got consumed with millions of speechless words.

“Happy birthday my hero” Amanda wished him

Amanda a tall slim girl of her early twenties, whose beauty has become a topic on daily basis, kept every mini gathering of male students busy with gossip. Her charming smiles that always exposed her gap tooth which successfully turned the men into gossips and secret admirers on campus.

Kenneth has been in love with Amanda for two years and few months, their faithfulness on the campus has become a lesson to the duo friends and other students. So many students believed that Amanda’s love for Kenneth was based on his political status in the school, but days have progressively continued to grow old yet there have not been any form of unfaithfulness between the duos.

“I practically forgot that today is my birthday” Ken replied with a handsome smile taking the better part of his face

“Who in your shoes will remember such a day if not reminded by someone close to his heart, and do not forget that a woman role in a man’s life is to call his attention back when responsibilities and office schedule have succeeded in taking away his whole life” She replied and chuckled

Kenneth who has already been drowned by the ocean of emotions stood akimbo and looked directly into her eyes, smiled and whispered “You are the good luck of my life, thank you for loving the naughty me” tears of joy rained down from his eyes soaking the neck part of his pyjamas. She hugged him and passionately they kissed and entered the room.

Amanda has always been a very good cook that anytime she comes any close to Ken’s apartment he makes the kitchen her favourite place to be, she drives so much joy spending more of her time in the kitchen. Without been told it is her cooking ability that stole Kenneth’s heart not really her adorable beauty. He loves her to be around him every weekend because she makes sure that different type of soups and other food are well cooked and preserved in the fridge which on daily basis Kenneth warms whichever food he wants to eat. Amanda made life so easy for Kenneth that he would never think of losing her to anybody, so he tries his possible best not to make her sad and provides for her anything and everything she needs that money can buy.

Kenneth has always been an addict smoker but Amanda whom he fondly calls wife material stopped him from smoking and also from other irresponsible act that young boys exhibit on campus. If Amanda were to be a God Kenneth will not give a second thought the chance from worshiping her each day of his life, for a lot of things changed for good since Amanda came into his life. His denouncement from the red dragon confraternity almost took his life; he took the risk all for the sake of love. Kenneth and Amanda went into exile for months when his life became so close to the grave, his office became vacant as his political career went into jeopardy. All through his stay on exile the troubles of his thought became on how to retain his office as the SUG president. Two things are involved at that moment is either he returns back to school and remain his brother’s keeper or his office varnishes into the thin air…

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