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Kerry  (f)

Heartbreaker - Episode 84 .: stories Love Stories 

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It wasn't an easy question to answer. He looked so betrayed and I felt so guilty. The tables had turned. I brushed another tear away that escaped as I took a deep breath trying to put the lid back on my emotions.

But he was right. A simple misunderstanding shouldn't have spiralled into this. Why had I judged and juried him before giving him a chance to explain?

I knew why. It was something that had plagued me from the moment he'd told him he felt the same way about me. It had been unbelievable. If he had just been the 'boy next door', my brother's best friend, or the guy I'd grown up with it would have been so much easier. But he was so much more. He was international superstar, loved my millions. He could have any girl. What made me so special?

He studied me for a moment before he leaned closer.

"Talk to me," he said. His eyes held mine.

"It's me," I answered. My insecurities.

"I don't understand," he said tilting his head slightly.

He wouldn't. He didn't have any. He was the most confident person I know, comfortable surrounded my throngs of fans.

"You wouldn't understand," I said standing up.

"Try me," he said rising up from his chair. I turned away from him, feeling vulnerable and open.

He reached out. His hand enclosed my arm and he turned me to face him.

"I can't try and understand if you won't tell me." His eyes softened and he held my hand loosely with his. I looked down at our connected fingers.

"What did I do to deserve you?" I asked him. It still didn't make sense, the two of us.

I looked up so see him frown.

"You didn't do anything," he assured me. "It's who you are."

He reached out and placed his hand on my chest. "In here."

He stepped forward.

"It's the sound of your laugher, the sight of your smile. It's how I feel when I'm around you..."

I lifted my gaze and held my breath.

"...It's how I feel when I touch you."

He leaned closer touching his lips softly to mine before pulling slightly away.

"I feel more alive when I'm with you."

I was breathless. The way he could make me feel with just a few words.

"And without you...I feel lost."

He was so close I could see the different shades of blue in his eyes.

"I'm sorry," I whispered. He pressed his lips together before taking a step backward.

"I need to know why you jumped to conclusions," he told me. "Why you were so quick to think the worst of me?"

I shrugged, not liking the feeling that spread through me.

"I don't feel good enough for you." There I'd said. It was out in the open.

He frowned. "Why?" he asked.

"Look at you, you're a flipping rock start Grey," I said, feeling a little annoyed that he didn't see it for himself. "You could have any girl."

His expression was unreadable.

"It's like I'm waiting for the moment when you realise you can do so much better than me," I told him. "Not only I'm I just the plain girl next door, I had a brain tumour."

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