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Heartbreaker - Episode 81 .: stories Love Stories 

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"What do you mean she told you to leave?" I asked ready to pull my hair out.

"She told me she no longer required my services," Sam explained calmly and I wanted to throw my phone.

I took a deep breath closing my eyes as I counted to ten to reign in my temper.

I was stuck. As much as I wanted to get on a plane and go home to see her and sort this out I had too many commitments to just to pick up and leave. And no matter how hard I had tried Harp refused to talk to me and Sam was telling me that she'd told him she longer needed him.

It was like she no longer needed me. I understood that she believed something that wasn't true but I wasn't going to let her go until I got a chance to explain it to her. I had to at least try to explain it. I couldn't make sure she believe me but I had to at least try.

Alex refused to talk to me and I hadn't even bothered calling Reece. Her response to me would be worse. I needed someone to help me to try and get Harp to at least hear me out before she slammed the door on us, and our future. A future I had fought long and hard to have with her.

"Then keep an eye on her without her seeing you," I instructed.

"She said that she would report me to the cops for stalking if she saw me anywhere near her."

I looked to the ceiling. She really was trying to make it difficult.

"Then make sure she doesn't see you."

I ended the call feeling more hopeless about the mess I was in. What if I couldn't fix this? What if despite the honest explanation she didn't believe me?

I shook my head unable to accept that. There had to be a way for her to realise that it had just been a misunderstanding and to forgive me. We had survived brain tumour, forgotten memories. There was no way I was going to allow a simple misunderstanding to mess everything up.

There was only one person who I believed could help me. I called Aiden.

"I need your help," I said.

"Why should I?" he asked curtly. "You hurt my friend."

I felt that familiar pain spread in my chest when he told me she was hurt.

"I didn't sleep with any other girl. Harp is the only one I want and after everything I've been through with her do you honestly think I'd throw that away for one night with some girl?" I asked, desperately.

I needed someone to believe me.

"So what really happened then?" I felt a moment of relief that someone was finally giving me a chance to explain what had really happened.

"You should have told Lacey that you were looking after someone who'd had too much to drink. It also didn't help when you told the reporter that she was only the little sister of your best friend," he said once I'd given him a rundown of the events that night. I knew it.

"I know," I replied. There had been so many times that I'd criticised myself for not doing that. But there was no way to turn back time and do it. The only thing I could do was try and talk to her.

"I've never seen her like this before," Aiden said.

"Like what?"

"She's really hurt."

I was determined to get her back.

"I need you to help me."

There was silence.

"I don't know if I can get her to change her mind," he told me.

"All I need you to do is get her to talk to me."

I rubbed the back of my neck as I waited for him to say something. My hand stilled as I waited.

"Honestly, she is so angry I don't think there is anything I can say that will make her meet up with you," he replied and I felt that sinking feeling in my stomach.

"If you can't convince her, would you get her to a place for me and I'll take care of the rest?" I asked, holding my breath slightly. This was my last chance. The longer this went on the further away she drifted from me. It was still hard to believe a simple misunderstanding was capable of tearing us apart.

Aiden let out a deep sigh before he said, "Yeah."

"Thanks," I said. My mind already racing ahead trying to figure out the best possible way to handle this with Harp. At least I had someone on my side who was willing to help me.

"You better make it good," he added. "This isn't something she is going to forgive easily."

"I know."

I knew her well. Looking back at that night I had made a few mistakes that added with Katie answering my phone had convinced Harp that she didn't mean to me as she did. It was one misunderstanding, everything combined had whole created the mess I was in.

Just explaining the events of the night or my reasons for saying what I did to the reporter wouldn't be enough. Actions spoke louder than words.

There was a chance it would backfire. But I had learnt in life that anything worth winning wasn't worth it if the stakes weren't high. I had be risking everything I had with Harp. I would be risking my heart and the future that had just been in my grasp.

My first phone call was to Link. I needed to speak to my bandmates.

The plan was already forming in my head as I spoke to Link.

"I need to talk to everyone," I told him.

"Sure," he said. "I'll get the Sage and meet you in your room in an hour."


An hour later my bandmates surveyed me. I'd told them what I needed and I waited for their answer. Link looked to Sage before looking back to me.

"Do what you need to." he said and I felt relieved. "We'll finish up here."

I hated doing this to them but I couldn't stay here when everything at home was falling apart.

Slowly but surely my plan was coming together. There was still a lot to do but I believed that what I was doing was going to win Harp back.

"Whatever you're planning I hope it blows her away," Link said.

"I hope so."

I was laying everything on the line, holding nothing back. Even though I was trying to keep myself positive I couldn't squash the feeling of doubt that no matter I was going to lose her anyway.

I had a few days to put my plan into action. I called Sam and gave him a set of orders. He seemed to be confused but I assured him that he needed to follow my instructions.

"You're going to bail me out of jail if this backfires," he said and I smiled.

"I will."

He was silent for a few moments. "Okay, I'll do it."

There were just a few more things that I needed to sort out. Once I disconnected the call I sat down on the sofa. For a moment I allowed myself to scroll through my phone to find Harp's number. I wanted to hear her voice but I knew she wouldn't answer my call.

I pressed the call button. I knew she wouldn't answer but I did it anyway. There was a part of me that was disappointed when she didn't answer the call even though I knew she wouldn't.

Letting out a heavy breath I ended the call. I got my laptop and opened it up.

There was a change that this whole thing would blow up in my face and push her further away. I had to hope that I'd made the right choice. I hesitated for just one moment as my fingers touched the keyboard. There was no going back once I did this.

But I didn't hesitate for long. It was the only way to fix what had happened. It was the only way to show her that I was serious about her and what I had said to the reporter before had been to protect her, not to hide my feelings about her from the world.

There was only one way to remedy it. I began to type.

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