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do l love her? [secret lovers] episode 27 .: stories Love Stories 

Do l lover? (secret lovers)
Episode 27
Samuel narrates
"stop" Tessa yells and they stopped
Oh Amarachi! She was looking at me crying, even when she was weeping, she looks more beautiful.
"ha l can see you love her" Tessa says coming closer to me
"Tessa let her go" l said
"ha l should let her go?" She says and slapped me, Amarachi was still looking at me crying
"I will deal with you Samuel" she says
"then start" l managed to say
"girls bring her here" she pouts
"oya stand up!" One of them says and their carried me to where Amarachi was
"am sorry" Amarachi says
"Amarachi you don't have to be" l replied
"ha you guys are still talking right?" Tessa says
"Elli undress him" Annabel says
What! What the hell are they planning to do.
"oya stand up" the Elli says, l stood and she started removing my trousers
"what are you guys trying to do?" I asked the girl
"shut up" Tessa says
They got me naked, shit! And started playing with my balls. God! I screamed Tessa was just looking at me crying, Annabel was actually the one touching my balls with Elli while Amarachi closes her eyes in other not to see it.
"Elli you have to fuck him" Tessa says
"ehhh you raise up your head if you bend again l would deal with you" she says to Amarachi.

Hahahaha to fuck me? Elli should fuck me? Is nothing, but the only thing there is to fuck her in front of Amarachi, would she feel heartbroken? God! How would l fuck this girl in front of everyone here.
"hey just cooperate here" she said and got herself undress.
"lie down" she says and l lay down, she started touching my balls, rubbing it with her palms, the thing carry vex and raised up, she started sucking it "oooh" l screamed and looked at Amarachi shit! She is crying, cos of that, l pushed the girl away put on my boxer short to go meet her, Tessa and Annabel was just looking at me.
"what's that rubbish" Tessa says sort even laughing
"Amarachi" l called her, everybody was just looking at us
"don't touch me!" She yells
"take the both of them out of here" Tessa says and they took us out.

Amarachi narrates.
Why would Samuel accept to fuck that girl in front of me Amarachi are you ok? It's just normal cos you guys are not dating, she doesn't love you and you don't love him so what's there(l love him) but Samuel you don't suppose to have fucked her in front of me, Samuel didn't fuck her she was the one oh God!
"Amarachi" he called and l didn't answer
"you have refused to talk to me" he says again and l didn't reply
"am sorry l involved you in this" he said again
"Samuel l hate you so much don't talk to me again don't just talk to me" l said to him
"am sorry for doing that am really sorry" he said
"you were just doing it as if l wasn't there" l said
"am really sorry" he said
"sorry for yourself" l said and he stood up to Meet me
Samuel: Amarachi am sorry
Me: Why are you even sorry
Samuel: Coz you are mad at me
Me: Get out!
I said and he didn't say anything again he was just looking at me.
Me: Stop looking at me like that
"hahahaha secret lovers" we heard a voice from behind as we saw Annabel and Tessa coming.
Tessa: Amarachi
Samuel: Tessa what else do you still want
Tessa: Ha am not done with you guys yet
Annabel: You prostitute (Annabel says and hit me)
Samuel: Don't touch her anymore
Tessa: Ha mr lover boy, we are taking Amarachi out to be fucked by another man
Me: What!
Samuel: What!
Tessa: Yea
Tessa: Oya come
She says and took Me away
Me: Leave me
Samuel: No oh Amarachi
Samuel screams.

Samuel narrates.
Another man wants to fuck Amarachi? No oh l must do something, l said and started struggling with the chain on my leg, l was still struggling with it when Elli showed up
Elli: You are too sweet
Me: Why have you come here
Elli: For you to finish what you have started already
Me: Hmmm l would do it on one condition
Elli: Just tell me anything you want l will do it(she says already touching me)
Me: Unlock this chained, so that l can be able to handle you
Elli: Wow sure just wait
She says and left, after about 3 minutes, she came back and started unlocking it as she just unlocked it l hit a stone on her head and she screams and fainted there. "Good! Bloody idiot if not because of Amarachi l would have fuck you here till you die" l said,collected her gun and mask and left. I tiptoed to the other room. I hid on a corner to see what they were doing to her. Shit! They have already got her naked, as the Guy was about to start, l shoot distracting the mood.
"who the fuck is that" l heard Tessa says
"guys let's look for that ashore" Annabel says and they left leaving only Amarachi there. They followed the other direction and immediately they left l came out.
Me: Amarachi we have to leave get dressed
Amarachi: Samuel are:::::
She was about to start her quarrels, l didn't let her finish
"Amarachi please we don't have time" l said and carried her outside, and we left immediately.

At Samuel father's house

"honey the Police is still investigating" Samuel's dad said
"honey biko rapum aka"
"you have to save them" Samuel's mum said
"am doing something nah, are mine not trying my best? Eeh" the man replies
"save my daughter for me biko kwa biko" she cried and left

Ivy's narrates

We had been looking for that building and we didn't find it, we searched for like 3 hours and still yet there was no trace of them, we called Tessa so many times, but she didn't pick up and we left.

Thanks for reading

Next episode comes tomorrow

Written by Sammy Kloff

2018-04-13 01:16:24
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