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do l love her?[secret lovers] episode 21 .: stories Love Stories 

Do l love her? (secret lovers)
Episode 21
Amarachi narrates

"Samuel do you love me?" I asked him
"Amarachi you are not feeling fine you need to rest" he says now holding my hand we both looking at ourselves
"Samuel l asked you a question!" I sort of yelled
"l don't love you" he said still holding my hand and staring at me
"ok" l said now angry
"aren't you going back to your room?" He asks
"l can't sleep there all alone"
"ha all this while are you not the only one staying there?" He asks
"ok l will be going since you don't want me to stay" l said and stood up to leave
"no Amarachi l don't mean to hurt you" he said and grab me, l turned and we started staring at ourselves. God! This man is my man , I can't just understand why l have much feelings for him and am sure this man looking at me right now really loves me, but would l say he can't say it.
"you can stay" he says again
"ok" l said
"you can make use of the Bed while l use the floor" he said and l frown a little
"is that not ok?' He said
"it's ok" l said and disengaged myself since l was still grabbed by him to go lay down on his bed, while he lays on the floor. We both were still looking at ourselves before l knew it he has slept off. I climbed down to go meet him there in the floor, l laid beside him and touched his chest.
"Amarachi what do you think you're doing" Samuel said and l got shocked and stopped. So he's not asleep all this while, Amarachi what's wrong with you l said to myself
"Amarachi" he calls again his eyes still closed
"hmmmm it's nothing" l said and he stood up looking at me, he brings his lips to kiss me
"you can't kiss me you don't love me remember" l said and returned back to the bed. Which he was just looking at me.

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The next day

Tessa narrates
I waked up and started thinking on how to deal with Samuel. Since l have called Annabel who told me "Samuel loves Amarachi" that he said "if you don't like Amarachi you don't like him" so am going to use Amarachi to get him. I have told Annabel to gather our confranity members in their school. You might be surprised to hear the word "confranity" yea l joined a secret cult cos of Samuel, l want to threaten Samuel, l will deal with Samuel, but first l will start from Amarachi. But Annabel it's like she also has issue with Amarachi, but that girl can she hurt Samuel? Though l didn't tell her to threaten Amarachi cos of Samuel, l actually told her Amarachi is having an affair with my Dan which l wouldn't like, she promised to kidnap Amarachi today with her gang.

Samuel narrates.
"Amarachi wake up" l said and tap her
"Samuel" she calls
"how is your body now?" I asked her and she stood up
"now getting better" she said
"would you be going for lectures today?"
"yea" she answers
"Amarachi you need to rest" l said now holding her
"Samuel l have a test to write and besides am ok now" she replied looking at me
"you are not going" l said
"and l said am going"
"to go see him right?" I said sort of nosey
"who Dan?" She replied
"oooh spare me that as if you don't know who l am talking about" l replied
"l don't know"
"ooh like seriously? I mean mr Sampson" l replied still nosey
"Samuel don't just start" she said and stood up to leave
"come back here Amarachi" l called but she didn't come back.
Let it not be what am thinking right now, but Samuel you're stupid can't you just open up to her? Gosh! I really need to know what Dan did to her and that stupid lecturer l said and left to go talk to her. When l got to her room, l knocked, but didn't see her.
"ooh maybe she is in the bathroom" l said to myself.
I went to take my bath. After taking my bath, l went to see her, as l was just going we met. Wow Amarachi you are very beautiful.
Me: I came looking for you( looking at her)
Amarachi: I was in the bathroom
Me: You are::::
Amarachi: What!
Me: You are still going?( l wanted to say you are beautiful)
Amarachi: As you can see l have already dressed up
Me: Amarachi why are you so stubborn
Amarachi: Samuel please l have a test to write this my first test and l don't want to miss it
Me: Fine what were you doing in his office
Amarachi: Samuel am already late
Me: So?
Amarachi: I would tell you that on one condition
Me: Hmmm ok
Amarachi: If you tell me what happened between
Me: Stop
I said and turn to leave
Amarachi: Samuel wait
Amarachi: Are you dropping me?
She said and we left.

Amarachi narrates
After my lectures, l was coming out when l saw two cars in front l walked past to them and before l knew it l had been hit and they took me away.

Samuel narrates.
After dropping Amarachi, l decided to buy some stuffs since l don't have lectures, l entered inside one supermarket. I was checking on what to buy when l had a voice from behind
"Samuel" she calls and l turned shit!
Me: Ha
Rita: Samuel how are you
Me: Stop doing as if nothing happened
Rita: Samuel Am really sorry for hurting you like that
Me: Ha Rita l don't ever want to see you again, l have nothing else to say than you get the hell out of my life.
I said and left
Rita: Samuel wait(she screams and followed me)
Rita: Samuel l have been looking for you explain::::
Me: Leave me alone!
I said and left

Amarachi narrates
I was taking to one uncompleted building, they were like five girls there who had masks on their faces, they tied me so tight that l was unable to move every part of my body. They were all smoking
"Amarachi hahahaha" one said and laughs
Hmmmm that voice should be Annabel's l said to myself and immediately another girl who seems to be their head comes out and walked to where l was. She looked at me with a full long gun in her hand and removed her masks.

"what Tessa?" I screamed

To be continued
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Written by Sammy kloff

2018-04-13 00:59:47
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