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do l love her?[secret lovers] episode 20 .: stories Love Stories 

Do l love her? (secret lovers)
Episode 20

Samuel narrates.
"Samuel!" Tessa screams
"Tessa you can't hurt her" l said and Amarachi was just looking at me, Dan was a a little bit surprised.
"Samuel very interesting" Tessa says
"am happy to see you again" she says sort of even crying
"Amarachi go take your stuffs and let's leave from here" l said to Amarachi who was also sort of worried at Tessa's reaction towards me
"yea l remembered she is staying with you" Tessa says again now coming closer to me
"l should stop threatening her right? I can't hurt her right but you hurt me, you hurt me, Samuel do you think l can just forget what you did? Eeeh you are so wicked" she says and l was tongue tied cos l really hurt her but looking at it am not sure am at fault nah.
"please can someone tell me what's going on here" Dan yelled
Tessa and l still looking at ourselves
"she is the one you love now right?" Tessa says and l didn't reply, before l knew it she has brought something like bottle from her bag to hit me , Amarachi blocks it and it got hit on her head shit
"Amarachi! No oh why" l screamed
"Tessa!" Dan calls her, but she left.
"what do we do now" Dan asks trying to touch her
"get those your filthy hands off her" l said and carried Amarachi to my car and rush her to the hospital immediately.

Tessa narrates.

Samuel you really made me angry, you were the one that spoilt me, though l gave it to you, but you shouldn't have said that to me, you should have at least show a little more concern. So Amarachi loves Samuel to this extent. I planned hitting the bottle on Samuel, before l could Amarachi has already entered saving him. Little Amarachi if you are in love with that guy who has no feelings ha just get ready to suffer l said as l was on my way to ivy's apartment.

"Tessa not even to call us that you were coming" ivy says after opening the door for me
"Tessa are you ok?" She asked again
"wow Tessa welcome are you just coming now?" Adanne asked
"ivy give me a glass of water" l managed to say and she brought it
"Tessa what happened" Adanne asks
"Amarachi" I said
"what happened to her?" Danny asks
"the girl just wants to kill herself loving that idiot" l said
"Samuel?" Ivy asks
"yea do you know l first branched at Dan's place, you know Dan nah"
"no who is Dan" ivy asks
"that my new guy l always told you about" l replied
"ooh yes" ivy says
"on getting to his house l saw that Amarachi"
"what! I thought she was supposed to be with Samuel" Adanne says
"is Dan also dating her?" Ivy says
"I don't just know" I replied
"so l was trying to confront her, to ask her what she was doing there and from nowhere Samuel appears" l said
"Samuel?" Both of them shouted in unison
"well Amarachi got hit as l was trying to hit Samuel"
"what!" Both of them shouted
"Amarachi saved him" l said
"it's like this girl really loves Samuel" ivy says
"yea but Samuel is not a guy for a cool and beautiful girl like Amarachi to date"
"if Amarachi should date Samuel, she's just like putting herself into trouble" l said
"God! Amarachi" ivy screams
"cos my plans is now to use her to get Samuel since she loves him" l said
"how what do you mean?" Ivy said
"the plan should have worked better if Samuel also loves her" ivy said again
"yea you are right" l said
"please you guys should hold on l want to call Annabel" l said
"but come oh you guys have not told me the reasons for this plans" Danny says

At the hospital
Samuel narrates
Amarachi was just there laying on her bed, you should have been there to come see how beautiful she was even on a sick bed. I was besides her just staring at this beautiful damsel who l now love, but would l say am afraid to open up to her" l moved a little more bit and held her hand, since she was sleeping
Me: Amarachi am sorry it was my fault
I said, but since she was sleeping she didn't hear me, if she happens to be awake l wouldn't even say that instead l will quarrel with her. After like 3 minutes Amarachi surprises me by saying
Amarachi: Samuel it's not your fault l was the one at fault, if l didn't follow Dan to his house it wouldn't have happened.
What! So she was not at sleep all this while
"Amarachi why are you so stupid like this eeeh you just got hit like this trying to save me" l said
"Samuel l can't help seeing those bottles on you" she said(l love you )
"why" l asked
"don't think of anything it's nothing" she said
'you should have allowed it to hit me Amarachi" l said
"no Samuel no" she said
"Samuel" she calls me
"yea" l answered still holding her
"have you dated Tessa before?" She asks
What should l tell her now? Should l just go on and tell her the truth? Oh God
"Samuel am asking you"
"hmmm not really" l said
"why were you making love with ivy" she asks now very pissed
"Amarachi you just need to rest stop stressing yourself" l said
"ok" she said
After about 2 days, Dan has come to see Amarachi in the hospital.l was out for sometimes to go take some stuffs at home. I was coming with nuella when l saw Dan just sitting beside her. I got pissed and walked faster to drag him out there
Me: Hey what the hell are you doing here
Dan: To see her of course
Me: Leave
Amarachi: Samuel leave him
Nuella: Hi Amy babe how are you feeling now
Amarachi: Am okay now
Me: Dan
I said and left them to go see the doctor. After like 30 minutes, l was back, but l didn't see Dan
Me: What did he say
Amarachi: Samuel just leave Dan alone
Me: Well you will be going today

Amarachi has come back from the hospital, after spending time with nuella and l, she decided to go sleep.

I had gone upstairs to sleep, but l couldn't sleep. I was only thinking of Amarachi. Tessa am really sorry for hurting you, but if it involves hurting my own Amarachi l wouldn't leave you. I said and stood up to go see her.

Amarachi narrates.

I Can't allow anybody to hurt Samuel, l have much feelings for this guy, am so much in love with him. Does he Have anything to do with Tessa? But Tessa and ivy are sisters, is it that he is also doing two of them? But what has Samuel did that makes her want to hit him like this, l saved him cos l love him. I said as l was thinking and couldn't sleep. Should l go and see him? Cos l still have a lot to ask him, l said and left to go see him. I was about opening his door when he just comes out.
Me: Hi l l was
Samuel: Coming inside my room?
Me: Not really
Samuel: Hmm how are you? Why aren't you asleep
Me: I couldn't sleep(he was now looking at me)
Samuel: I l l
He was about saying something when l left him to go sit on his bed and he follows me.
Me: Samuel
Samuel: Amarachi is there anything?
Me: What were you doing with ivy yesterday
Samuel: Ha l was just teasing she wasn't the one
Me: Then who?
Samuel: It was nuella haha Were you jealous?
Me: No oh why should l
Samuel: But why did you cut the call
Me: Nothing
Samuel: How are you now l hope you are feeling better (he said touching my head)

Me: Yea (now looking at him)
Me: Tessa do you have::::
Samuel: Please l don't want to talk about that one
Me: Rita
Me: You don't want to talk about it also?
Samuel: Rita?
Me: Yea (l love him so much at least he's changing)
Samuel: Amarachi!
Me: Samuel

We were just looking at ourselves. Samuel has started touching me with all his fingers.
"ouch!" I screamed
"l do like the way your body do respond with mine" he said and held me very tight
"did Dan do anything do you?" He asked me
"no he was just trying to"""""") what if l should tell him that Samuel would still got pissed and left me, but right now all l need is his lips l don't want him to be angry l want him right now.
"common he did what" he said
"tell me" he said again
"Samuel do you love me?" I asked him

Thanks for reading
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