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do l love her? episode 32 .: stories Love Stories 

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Do l love her? (secret lovers)
Episode 32

Amarachi narrates

Samuel" l called him back, but he left
I planned seeing my dad
I need to go see Esther first, and l left the room.
She was talking to someone on phone when l got to her room and l sat down.
"Amarachi" she called me after the call
"am not surprised about what happened" she says
"I can't just believe it" l replied
"you are my sister, l had noticed this since even before this happened" she says
"what about Samuel have you seen him this morning?"
"yea he's still finds it difficult to cope with this" l replied
"you guys were already getting along?"
"we were already dating"
"l love him, my feelings"""""""""
"Amarachi shut up he's now your brother" she yells
And l didn't say anything, we both just looking at ourselves.
"yea" she said again
"let's go downstairs and eat" she says and we left

When we got downstairs, l didn't see Samuel. Everyone was in the dinning room.
"where is your brother" my dad asks
"dad he should be in his room" Esther says
"it's like he went out" nuella says
And immediately my dad phone rings
My dad: Who is on the line
My dad: What!
He says and and hangs up
"what's it darling"
"chief anyawu is trying to threaten Samuel" my dad said
"why oooh please do something what has he done after what his daughter has done what else does he want"
"chief is very angry, cos Tessa's case isn't an essay one" my dad said and immediately my mum left.
And everybody was just looking at her

Samuel narrates.
I left immediately to go see Tessa, after what she has done to me, why are mine even going to see her?. When l got the station, l saw her mum, dad and ivy discussing with Tessa oh they came to see her l said to myself. I got closer to them.
"what are you doing here" ivy asks standing up while Tessa was just looking at me
"you?" Her father says and holds me, he hit me very well and immediately some policemen came out to stop him
"arrest this man he raped my daughter" the mans says and they arrested me and beat the hell out of me. As they were about to take me inside "Samuel" l heard my mums' voice and they stopped.
"woman why have you come here"
"even though you appear l would still deal with this bastard you called your son" ivy's dad said
"chief you have to stop" my mum said sort of even crying
"l would arrest him" he said and immediately my dad shows up with Esther and Amarachi
"chief Samuel is your son"
"what!" Tessa's mum Screams
"what!" Tessa screams
"what is going on here" my dad asks
"Mrs offia what the hell are you saying" Tessa's dad asks
"ask your wife if what am saying is not the truth" my mum said
"what! Honey do you know anything about this?"
Mrs anyawu was pregnant and was taken to the hospital, her husband had left them to the city, and then there was no money, things were very hard for her. She had delivered of two babies a boy and a girl , Mrs anyawu due to what's she going true left a baby there and took just one. It happens that Felicia a nurse who was working in that hospital had come to clean up a room and saw a baby there, she sneaked out with the baby and asked her sister to take him as her child.
"where do you get this baby from" her sister (Mrs offia asks)
"it's your friend son, she left the child in the hospital and took only one with her" Felicia replied
"what why would Nkechi do such a thing"Mrs offia screamed
"please maybe she has her reasons for that" Felicia replies
"please she's your friend you have to take care of this baby"
"how would l be able to take care of him" she says
"please just do it we can't allow him to die"
That was how Mrs offia accepted to take the child, deceiving her husband is Thiers since her husband wasn't around for like 2 years.

After the flashbacks.

"Tessa Tessa" everyone screamed and Tessa fainted
"no oh oh God! Am sorry" Mrs anyawu said
I was just there unsure of what to do.
"shit!" I said and left
"Samuel" my first mum called
"Samuel" my second Mum called
"Samuel" Amarachi called and l left.


Me: That was how we later be together
Amarachi: Our story is quite interesting
Me: Am planning to write our story
Amarachi: Wow
Me: You secretly love me, but wouldn't say it
Amarachi: Hahahaha you too
Amarachi: What if you were truly my brother
Me: Amarachi l would have killed myself
Amarachi: I wouldn't help, l would still kiss you forever even though you were
Me: I don't know how to show up at that house
Amarachi: You mean your dad's house?
Me: Yea
Amarachi: No Samuel you have to forgive your mum
Me: Would Tessa forgive me?"
Amarachi; common she would just talk to her first
Amarachi; you need to go see them
Me: Ok ma
Amarachi: I love you
Me: I love you
Amarachi: Come
She said and we started kissing.
Me: Your lips got me thrilled
Amarachi: Yours too it's very sweet
Me: I have never seen any girl as beautiful as you are
Amarachi: Hmmm flattering me right?
Me: No oh you are so beautiful
Amarachi: Look
Me: Wow where are they coming from
Amarachi: From heaven God himself has finally come to bless us
Me: This is another journey of our love

"hi" we heard a voice from behind
Amarachi: Tessa
Tessa: Samuel you still find it difficult to forgive mum
Me: Tessa no, l have forgiven mum already l understand why she did what she did
Tessa: Why then haven't you showed up even dad is not feeling fine just because you have refused to come see them
Me: You are the reason l haven't come, which face would l use to talk to you as my sister, l spoilt you, Tessa l ............
Tessa: Samuel it's ok, l know how you feel, but its nothing, you are now my brother and nothing can change it, not even what we did
Tessa: Am very sorry for kidnapping you too, Amarachi am sorry
Me: No you don't have to be sorry
Tessa: Samuel no
Me: Come (she hugged Amarachi and l)
Tessa: Take care of him
Amarachi: I will
Tessa: Ndi secret lovers
Hahaahahaha we all laughed

My family and l later got along
Dan and Tessa later be together
I forgave Rita, and up till now she is still my friend..

"don't think of the end product, believe that once you see the one truly meant for you, the end products are always happiness, love, good friends and marriage"

The End
Dedicated to Amarachi Emea Emetu
For proving to me that love is not all about dating
I can't love you less dear
For all your support and morals God will highly reward you
My special thanks goes to Makanjuo temitope (for you financial supports)

Special thanks to those Who found this story interesting, my campus stories fans l love you all
Written by Sammy Kloff (the author of journey of love)

2018-04-27 02:15:36
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