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do l love her? episode 24 .: stories Love Stories 

Do l love her? (secret lovers)
Episode 24
Samuel narrates.
I was taken to a place that looks like an uncompleted building. l just sat on the floor, my hands and legs had been chained. Later on a guy appears
"young man" he calls
"why did you bring me here?" I asked him and he didn't answer, he just walked closer and tied my eyes with something that looks like a clothing material making me not to see
"hi man what do you think you are doing" l asked
"if you dare talk anymore l would use this bullet on you" he said and left.

Shit! What have l done ? come oh Tessa kidnaped me, but how yea am pretty sure she is the one behind this. Oh God, but what about Amarachi? Is she Also the one that kidnapped her? No Tessa can't kidnap her oh God. It must be Annabel, no oh Annabel? Did they also kidnap her? Cos immediately l was about entering her room l was hit and lost consciousness so l don't know if they also took her out.

Amarachi narrates.

Samuel had it been l listened to you this wouldn't have happened, l wouldn't have been kidnapped. I know he is not even concern about my disappearance. Hmmmm no that guy really cares for me. I said to myself and smiled a little. As l was thinking about him, a voice talked to me, since my eyes had been covered, l couldn't see the person, but l was pretty sure it's Tessa.
she: Aunty Amarachi the most beautiful girl in campus, how are you?
Tessa: you even recognize my voice
Me: Cos you are a jerk once someone hears your voice he or she would know
Tessa: Amarachi am not wicked do you understand l just know what am doing
Me: Ha l don't get it, how can you just bring me here::::::
Tessa: Amarachi l have my reasons
Tessa: Guys take her out from here

She says and they took me to the other side of the house.

Tessa narrates.

Yea at last Samuel had been kidnapped, hahahaha l need to go see him, l said and left to go see him. When l got to the room he was::::::. Shit l started having a little pity for him, he was just there alone and chained all over so there is no how he can be able to move. He didn't see me as l walked to him since his eyes had been covered. Shit! Tessa what's this feeling you are having. I asked myself as l walked to him.
Samuel narrates
"do you need something?" A voice says
What! Tessa kidnapped me? I said it, l said it this is actually her voice, but let it not be she kidnaps Amarachi also. Cos if she did l can't be able to control myself when am released l would make sure l threaten her thoroughly.
"are mine not asking you?" She said again
"ha Tessa? Do you think kidnapping me is the right thing?" I asked her

And she didn't reply, am pretty sure she is a little bit surprised.
"Samuel you really hurt me" she said her voice sort of low now
"I know which am sorry and it has nothing to do with her, just let her go" l said my voice full of sarcasm
"let her go? And you are sorry now? Ha it's already late Samuel why didn't you say it back then" she said sort of even crying
Shit l can see how pissed she is
"I think l said that" l replied
"you didn't say it in a proper way, Samuel ha you are such a guy that does things not even minding what the repercussion would be cos you think money can solve it all" she said
"let her go" l said
"who the hell are you talking about?" She asks which sent shivers down my spine
" Amarachi" l said
"Amarachi?" She asks
"Amarachi is not here" she said again
What! Why?
"do you love her?" She asks
" l don't" l replied
"ha do you know what? I would free you if only you tell me the truth" she said
"l want you to know how little you are to me" she says again
"now do you love her?" She asks again
Do l love her? Ha why did she want to know? God! Tessa really know where Amarachi is
"Tessa let her go" l managed to say
"that's not what l asked you" she says
"answer me" she said and hit me on my head, l didn't reply and she left.

Nuella narrates.

I had been waiting for Samuel to come, since he went out he has not returned. I tried calling him, but his phone was switched off. I called his mum immediately to tell her that both Amarachi and Samuel had been missing.

At Samuel father's house
"darling" Samuel's mum calls
"yes" her husband answers
"Samuel, honey Samuel is missing, even Amarachi" Samuel's mum cried as she tells her husband
"honey what do you mean? Make me understand"
"l said Samuel and Amarachi Nuella just call me now informing me that Samuel and Amarachi are nowhere to be found"
"since when?"
"she didn't tell me oh honey, she didn't tell me please you have to do something oh my daughter oh, oh my daughter my daughter" she cried
"honey it's ok"
"l would call the D.P.O right away
"my daughter oh Amarachi ha oooh" she cried

Amarachi narrates
I had been there all alone thinking about him, l couldn't even think straight l was only thinking about Samuel. After like minutes l heard a noise, l just keep calm and l couldn't here anything later.
Did they dropped anyone here? I asked myself
"who is there?" I managed to ask
"are you looking for anyone?" The voice replied
"what the hell are you doing there?" I asked him
"can you help me? I was kidnapped can you just untie me please" the voice says
"ha you must be stupid how can you tell me to untie you when am also tied as well" l replied
"oooh" he said
That voice sounds familiar. It sounds like Samuel's. Could it be him? No am not sure. But oh God it's him. Should l call him? No l wouldn't even though it's him.

Written by Sammy kloff
Thanks for reading
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