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do l love her? 22 and 23 .: stories Love Stories 

Do l love her? (secret lovers)
Episode 22 & 23
Samuel narrates
Rita l can't just erase what you did to me, you hurt me so much, she must have lounge a hotel around just to disturb me. I said to myself as l was driving back.
When l got home, l was told that Amarachi hasn't return. I just laugh it off, but after about 3 hours, she is still not yet back. What! Why? I said and dialled her number, but it was switched off.
Has something happened to her? Why did she switched off her phone? Could it be she is with Dan? Or that stupid lecturer? I said and left immediately to go look for her.
I branched at Dan's house first, on getting dear, l saw him just outside his house
Dan: Samuel welcome l hope_______
Me: Eeeeh am not here to share silly words with you, just bring her out
Dan: Pardon?
Because l was already boiling inside me, l moved closer and held him on his neck so tight
Me: Where is Amarachi?
Dan: What! Amarachi?
Me: Don't let me ask you again
Dan: She is not here!
Me: I said where is she? (still holding him)
Dan: I swear she is
Before he could say something finish l blew him and push him away.
Me: If something happens to her l will hold you responsible
I said and left. Oh God! Where the hell is this girl? I dialled her number again, but it was still not going, Tessa? Mr Sampson, yea even though you want to help me with something, but once it involves Amarachi l personally will deal with you, l said to myself and drove to his office. When l got there, shit! He was no longer in his office, he had left already. What if Amarachi follows him to his house? Does it mean Amarachi loves her? Shit! I truly loves this girl, l truly love Amarachi. Some of you guys might say am stupid, that if l love a girl, why can't l just go on and let her know. Yea Amarachi might be beautiful, but am afraid to date again cos of what has happened to me earlier and l might just fuck Amarachi and leave her since l no longer trust myself. But Samuel is this the reason you wouldn't tell her? Oh l don't just k know.
Where the hell did she go to? I asked myself as l was driving back home. Oh God! She is no longer a kid maybe she just went out. I said to myself, but this almost 5
"Samuel Amarachi is not yet back" Nuella says immediately l got inside the house
"let's just wait she will be back" l told her

Amarachi narrates.

"Tessa" l screamed immediately she removed her mask
"Amarachi" she calls
"you jerk don't call me so you are behind this" l pout
"am not only behind it beautiful Amarachi"
"l planned it myself" she says
"untie me let me go" l said
"untie you? That can never happened" she says
"Tessa why are you doing this" l asked
"ha why are mine doing this?" She said
"is it because of Dan? If it's because of him? Am actually not doing anything with him" I said
"Dan? Ha" she said and before l knew it am receiving hot blow from him, she blew and kicked me until blood started oozing out from my nose
"Tessa what have l done to you" l faintly said
"common keep shut" one of them said
"you're in love with him right?" Tessa asks
And l refused to answer cos they was no strength left.
"am l not asking you?" She said again
"who?" I asked
"like you don't know who am talking about" she says and kicks me
"common answer me" she said again
"l don't love Dan" I said
"do you love Samuel?" She asks (shit! I love him, but am not telling them)
"no l don't love him" l said
"Amarachi don't play with me just answer me" she said
"and l said l don't love him!" I yelled
"are you like yelling at me?" She said and kicked me again
"you will remain like this until you tell me the truth" she said and left

I truly love Samuel, but l can't just tell them that? But why is she asking me such question.
Oh God! Samuel! How can l tell them? My phone has been seized, does it mean Tessa is using me to threaten Samuel for what ever he must have done to her, thinking that we both are in love.

Samuel narrates.

I had been looking for Amarachi for like 3 days now, but l couldn't see her. I have refused to let my parents know that Amarachi is missing,not even Esther why? Cos they will all blame me for that.what would l do now l asked myself.

Annabel, yea though l had been suspecting her, but refused to go see her. I would confront her today, cos am pretty sure she knows the where about of Amarachi. Amarachi wherever you are l would Actually come to save you, l said to myself and left to go see Annabel, but unfortunately for me l didn't find her at home, but l decided to call her and still she didn't pick up. Shit! And l went to see mr Sampson, l have been looking for him all this while, but didn't see him. I decided to go check on him again luckily for me, l saw him in his office
Me: Mr Sampson
Mr Sampson: You ignoramus of a thing don't you have respect anymore
Me: Hahahaha how can l have respect for a lecturer who is after his student
Mr Sampson: Young man it's like you are accusing me of something what are you talking about.
I got pissed cos of what he said and drag him closer
Me: Do you know the where about of miss Amarachi?
Mr Sampson: No young man
He said and l freed him
Me: Are you sure?
Mr Sampson: Am very sure young man
Me: Shit!
I screamed and left.

Episode 23
I couldn't find Amarachi that day and this is actually 3 days of her disappearance. God! What should l do now? Am really in trouble l Said and decided to go drink the hell out of my life

I was in one bar, just chilling cos l was thinking too much, l have already nursed like 5 bottles. As l was drinking l heard a familiar voice
"hi" the voice calls and l brought my face up a little to see the face and it was ivy
Ivy: Samuel? (she didn't know l was the one)
Me:ivy what's it again, get out!
Ivy: You have been drinking? Eeeeh
Me: Ha l don't like seeing your face cos it got me irritated
Ivy: Give me that drink l can see you are just drunk
Me: Ivy stop acting like you care do you think l don't know your plan?
Ivy: Samuel please stop drinking
Me: Get out! Just go
Ivy: I can't leave you like this
Me: Get out!
Me: Has she sent you to kidnap me also? Like you guys kidnapped Amarachi?
Ivy: What?
Me: Amarachi is missing ivy l couldn't find her
Ivy: Since when
Me: Get out!
I said and stood to leave but she follows me
Ivy: Samuel
Me: What's it
Ivy: Let me take you home
Me: Get out l don't trust you
I said and left

Tessa narrates
l had left Amarachi with them to go rest my head a little, our next plan now is to kidnap Samuel also as that plan will be carried out tomorrow. I was already in my room when ivy bangs inside sort of angry and flabbergasted.
Me: What's it is someone after you?
Ivy: Do you know anything about Amarachi's disappearance
Me: Amarachi? No oh though l planned to threaten her to hurt Samuel but l was later told both of them don't like their selves at all
Ivy: Hmmm
Me: Any problem?
Ivy: Amarachi is missing
Me: What?
She left
Me: Ivy wait
I called but she didn't answer.

Samuel narrates
The next day, l have waked up on time.. I couldn't even sleep. I was only thinking about Amarachi. Who could have kidnapped her? Hmmm my mind keeps telling me is that Annabel. Hmmmmm l decided to call her and luckily for me she picks up.

Me: Hi Annabel
Annabel: Handsome how are you
Me: Am ok are you at home?
Annabel: Yea any problem?
Me: I wanted to come see you
Annabel: Wow interesting when should l be expecting you
Me: Around 10
Annabel: Ok l will be expecting l hope there is no problem.
Me: Not really
Annabel: Ok

She says and l hanged up.

After about hours l set to go see Annabel, l got to her room, but didn't see her. I decided to call her which she told me to wait and she later appeared. Just for me to enter inside her room l got hit and was Taken to a place which looks like an uncompleted building.

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Written by Sammy Kloff

2018-04-13 01:06:13
NII (m)

good one

2018-04-26 19:31:59
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