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THE MONEY COLLECTORS (Thriller Story By Mhizta NazeaL) .: stories inspirational Stories 

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Episode One.
The sun was at its peak that Saturday
afternoon as Nwabueze Obinkpu
struggled along with the bag of money
he was carrying. The money was in
different denominations. He was
sweating profusely and his spirits were
low. About thirty-two years of age, fair
in complexion and tall, Nwabueze had
huge hands and feet and the muscular
shoulders of a wrestler. But few would
guess that his strong musculine body
housed the spirit of a mouse.
He was walking gently but with a tinge
of fear in his large black eyes, fully aware
that he was carrying one hundred and
twenty thousand naira, and the situation
was made worse by the fact that
everyone in the area knew it.
Every saturday, at exactly the same time,
he performed this duty which lasted
some five good hours. During those
hours, he collected money from traders
who had received their consignments
of cosmetic products
from Amby-Jack Cosmetics Enterprises,
W.A. Ltd., an associate firm to Otike
Security Organisation. The varieties of
cosmetic products produced in this
company were given out to traders for
retail business, and commission was
paid to them accordingly at the end of
the sale.
Nwabueze always carried a list of the
traders’ names whenever he was out to
collect the money. And as he went from
one trader to another, he sweated with
fear, expecting at any moment that
someone would shoot him down and
grab the money.
For over three hundred Saturdays, he
had successfully performed this task. But
even with such an unblemished record
of success, he still could not banish the
fear out of his mind. He kept telling
himself that if it wasn’t this Saturday, it
would be the next.
It was difficult for Nwabueze to believe
in the vaunted power of his boss, Otike
Abakpo. He couldn’t believe that any one
man could have this sprawling town of
about one million inhabitants in such a
tight grip of fear that no one – not even
a dare devil- would attempt to snatch
the bag of money that Nwabueze was
carrying. The Security Organisation he
worked for was a household name;
people often reffered to it simply as ‘The
Organisation’. And the man at the head
of it, Otike Abakpo, was widely reputed
to possess mysterious powers the limits
of which no one appeared anxious to
test. Nwabueze often took solace in this
fact, and Dike Ochiagha, who was
considered the best gunman in the
security organisation, was always with
him on his money – collecting trips.
‘If anything happens, Nwabueze,’ Dike
had told him time without number, ‘fall
on the bag and leave the rest to me.
Remember, I have a duty to safeguard
the money.’ Nwabueze would then look
inquiringly into Dike’s eyes as if
he needed more encouraging words
and Dike would nod reassuringly..
To be continued……

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