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THE MONEY COLLECTORS (Thriller Story By Mhizta NazeaL) .: stories inspirational Stories 


THE MONEY COLLECTORS (Thriller Story By Mhizta NazeaL)
THE MONEY COLLECTORS (Thriller Story By Mhizta NazeaL)

This Story Is Written By Mhizta Nazeal
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Story Without The Writter’s

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Dike was a top official in a security
outfit simply reffered to as ‘The
organisation’. With some fifteen years
experience and a solid reputation as
their best gunman, he was often
entrusted with large sums of money
to protect and did not for once steal a
But then as the circumstances
changed, he began to dream of laying
his hands on a large sum of money
that would set him up for life. His alibi
would be airtight and he had a secret
duplicate key to the safe. No one
would even suspect him.
But no one robs ‘The Organisation’
and lives to enjoy the money or so,
they boasted. Would Dike have the
guts or luck to null it off?
Find out in this exciting and
suspensefull story about the money
collectors by Mhizta NazeaL.

2017-12-31 13:56:21
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