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THE LOST TREASURES EPISODE 3 .: stories inspirational Stories 

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weekends were very busy in drinking houses.ashake,the little bar girl was always at her best.she would wake up as early as 5a.m to pray before doing her routine chores which included sweeping and washing the plates and cups used the previous day.she also dusted and arranged the could hear her little steps around these areas quality in ashake.
"here is a new girl who knows everything she supposed to do,"she would murmur."there is nothing i can teach her unless i want to learn some new things from her."adunni secretly envied ashake's dilligence and innocence.madam stella too came to realize that ashake was actually the pep in her bar,infact,she had not found anything wrong with her performance as was the case with most new hands."ashake!"ma!" "why did you arrange the cups this way?"she questioned."i want them to look like corn rows,"replied ashake.madam stella burst into laughter and walked away.ashake had a flashback to her parent's farm where she used to go and work on corn rows.....

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2018-05-06 08:41:19
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