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sylviaslypet  (f)

Does he know.....episode 42 .: stories inspirational Stories 

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Presenter: stop it....thank you very....(a voice came from behind and everyone turned it was Diana singing one of Dickson songs)
Diana: better than life
more than death
crazy in love(Dickson looks at her with surprise)
hiding in dark
every moment we touch
is like forever
life is endless in love(she take his hand and move to his side)is in the heart
you make me wanna live forever
only God's know why(he takes the mic and he sing)
i don't know what else to say
cause words ain't good enough
there is no words to explain my love for you(the both sings while the fans scream in excitement)
better than life
Dickson: i love you baby
Fans: you will always be the best

Presenter: this is one in a million;husband and wife singing and moving same ways. they are truly made for each other. thank you very much

Dickson: what could be better than you?
Diana: love
Dickson: you are something else. i love you just the way you are
Diana: i think we should be singing together
Dickson: no way;my wife can not be a musician
Diana: why is it so?you are wicked;you don't want me to be popular
Dickson: no;am jealous and i won't boys to be flocking around you because i can kill for you
Diana: hmm
Dickson: of cause
Diana: that will never happen because you are my only bee that will never hurt me
Dickson: of cause;i will never get tired of your smile(he held her face;while he stared into her eyes)i love you(he press his lips towards hers and stop)am sorry

Diana: why?
Dickson: nothing;excuse me(i turned to leave but she held me back)what?
Diana: do not hold back yourself because i also want you to kiss me
Dickson: just let it passed because i wont want to hurt you
Diana: why will you hurt me or don't you love me and i am your wife right?you said the marriage we did was legal right?
Dickson: yes but if i start kissing you;i might not be able to hold back
Diana: then make me a woman
Dickson: it might me dangerous to your health and your treatment
Diana: just admit it;you do not like me right?
Dickson: just stop it(i walked out on her but i just couldn't hold myself back;i just love her too much because i couldn't bear seeing her hurt so i return to her and carry out her wish but not knowing that night i planted a seed in her not knowing to me because i did asked her if it was save for her and she said yes and this make it difficult for her and health condition got worse by the day)

Ada: there are so much preparation and why is there renovation going on in the house
Cook: yes;ma Diana will be done with her treatment by next week so sir Dickson want to celebrate her home coming
Ada: really
Cook: yes
Cleaner: i have missed ma Diana

Larry: Dickson;are you sure her treatment is okay?
Dickson: yes;i cant wait to hold her in my hands again
Larry: hmm
Dickson: of cause;is she not my wife
Larry: she is;you remember what i told you?
Dickson: no
Larry: i hope you will be able to get away from what you are getting involve
Dickson: naught boy;come on;i want to give my wife the best gift. what do you think she will like?
Larry: jewels;all woman like that?
Dickson: i don't think so;i know what to do
Larry: what?
Dickson: just come with me

Oncologist: i told you;you will survive it
Diana: i am happy;four mouths is like yesterday but i am happy i did the key mo
Oncologist: you need to be careful because this situation you are in is the most deadly one;due to the fact that;you are pregnant and your leukemia
Diana: no problem;i will follow all your instruction and like you said my child will not inherit it right
Oncologist: probably but that shouldn't bother you because you are save
Diana: thanks
Oncologist: alright;enjoy your day

Diana: i can't wait to tell him the good news to Dickson
Guard 2: good day ma
Diana: good day
Guard 2: am here to take you home
Diana: i thought he said he will be here to take me home?
Guard 2: he has a show to perform in
Diana: alright;just help me get my stuff
Guard 2: no problem ma(has we drove home sadness fill my heart and i feel like he doesn't love me)

Cleaner: welcome home ma
Diana: whoa!
Cook: welcome back
Ada: happy home coming
Diana: this is lovely;thank you all but.....
Guard 2: we are happy ma that you are back
Diana: i am happy too
Guard all: once again welcome
Diana: where is....
Larry: Diana;i happy that you are hold again
Diana: thank you
Larry: enjoy yourself is your day
Diana: Larry;is.....
Princess: Princess
Diana: sweetie;i missed you
Princess: i missed you too and i want to give you something Diana: what is it?
Princess: is my piece offering(she gave me a wristwatch)
Diana: why?

Princess: i saw your name written on it
Diana: thanks
Princess: what are you looking for?
Diana: nothing but i think i have to go to my room now
Princess: i know you are looking for father
Diana: what?
Princess: i know
Diana: where is your father?
Princess: just go to his room but don't tell him;i told you
Diana: cross my heart. thanks
Princess: anything for you

Diana: knock knock
Dickson: who is there?
Diana: is me (she open the door)Dick
Dickson: who told you am here?
Diana: don't asked
Dickson: i know is Princess;come here,sit
Diana: i have something to tell you
Dickson: let me change to something nice
Diana: you can change in my front
Dickson: are you sure?(when i take off my clothes she screamed)what is it?
Diana: you take off your tattoos

Dickson: yes;you don't like it?
Diana: i love it but why did you take it off?
Dickson: is because i love you and i thought what i could give to you,i decided to take it off and thank God i was able to take it off
Diana: thank you
Dickson: i am glad you love my gift
Diana: and for that i will also give you a gift
Dickson: what is that?
Diana: am pregnant
Dickson: what?are you crazy?what are you thinking?i told you not to think of that?
Diana: are you not happy that i will soon become a mother?if you do not want to get a child form me is okay because you do not want your child to be like me

Dickson: that is not true;try and understand me
Diana: what is there to understand?is the truth right(tears drop her eyes)i am not worthy to be called the mother of your child
Dickson: that is not true;just listen to me
Diana: keep your explanation to yourself(she run out and i run after her)

Dickson: where could she had gone?Diana;honey coffee
Diana: just go away;stay away from me. no one love me
Dickson: i love you and you know that
Diana: but not enough to have your child come from me?
Dickson: i do want my child to come from you but not enough to loss you in the process and it is one thing i can't take
Diana: i will fight for your love and i am not ready to die just yet. even if i have to fight for life;i will do it all because of you Dickson: then lets get rid of the baby
Diana: am not a murderer;if you don't want my baby then i.......
Dickson: just stop it. if this issue of baby will cause trouble between us then if it is what you want
Diana: yes is what want
Dickson: thanks(i accepted that she keep the baby but it did not go well with me,what can i do?weeks turn into month and month turn into months and as months passes her pregnancy increases also)dear
Diana: are you going out?
Dickson: yes
Diana: go well
Dickson: are you alright?
Diana: am fine but it just that i am having a....(screaming)my God
Dickson: what is it?
Diana: am......(she fainted and when i take her to the hospital, there i was told that she needed bed rest)

2017-09-13 22:18:12
Horla (f)

u shall b heal Diana

2017-09-13 23:15:23
Horla (f)

next ooo

2017-09-13 23:18:24
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