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Does he know....episode 41 .: stories inspirational Stories 

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Dickson: please don't close the door
Joy: just go;my husband will not like to see you
Dickson: then let me be see your husband
Collins: dear;who is there?
Joy: some neighbor;he needed something
Collins: then attend to her and let him go
Joy: just leave
Dickson: i can't;your daughter needs you more than ever
Collins: what are you still doing there
Joy: just leave (he stood and walk to the door)dear
Collins: what is this man doing here?
Dickson: sir;please forgive me
Collins: you wanted to get married to her and that is what you got. why are you still here?
Dickson: i know what i did was bad;i was such a fool to act this way but please forgive her
Collins: that girl will never step my legs on this house alive
Dickson: punish me instead of her;she did nothing wrong,i was the one who institute all this bullshit......
Collins: no;that girl is the one that is s obsess with you and i am sure that she is cast a spell on you
Joy: dear.....
Collins: just keep quiet;leave my house......
Dickson: she need you two more than ever before
Joy: is my daughter alright
Dickson: she has......
Collins: get out(he pushed him)leave
Dickson: i will leave
Joy: what is wrong with you?
Collins: just shut up
Joy: i have heard you

Collins: better
Joy: dear God!please protect my daughter

Larry: you look dejected
Dickson: just one wish;i couldn't grant her. they did not even allow me to tell them her situation
Larry: you worry too much;you have to put up a smile and stop acting like she is dying
Dickson: i know but i just want to make her happy
Larry: then me strong for her

Dickson: i have heard

Ada: ma Diana
Diana: yes dear;i know you want to asked what am doing?
Ada: of cause
Diana: i am making cheese;i know my husband has a lot on his mind now and it seems he had forgotten to go out and he hasn't been doing much of his music
Ada: okay
Diana: my love

Dickson: uh....why are you doing that?where is the cook?
Diana: relax;is my treat. just sit and let me treat you
Dickson: interesting
Diana: but why are you sad?(he hug her tight)will you stop;i hope you do not intent to choke me to death
Dickson: why will i do that? when my surviver depend you
Diana: you are kidding right?
Dickson: no;i love you and that is why when i couldn't grant your wish it breaks my heart
Diana: don't tell me;you change your mind and you are not going with me?
Dickson: no;am sorry that i wasn't able to talk to your parents
Diana: is that why you are sad?
Dickson: am sorry;please forgive me
Diana: is not your fault;just forget about it. taste this(she put some on his mouth)how did it taste?

Dickson: lovely;i truly love this. thank you very much
Diana: am glad you love it. lets sit in the garden
Dickson: you need to rest.
Diana: i know;that is while i said we should go to the garden,there i can watch the stars and the moon
Dickson: alright;shall we

Diana: of cause(at the garden)tell me;what is feel likes to be a celebrity?
Dickson: i never thought that when you are popular;your whole life change;you lost your privacy;you have so many girls around you and you have no choice than to satisfy them;everyone look at you like a bad boy;they felt you have no heart and that you are selfish;you do things you do not wish to do
Diana: like smoking;drinking and......(she stared at his tattoos and he smile)what?
Dickson: yes;i know you do not like those in a man but i do have all of this,then why are still interested in me?

Diana: i love you before you started this act and i do not know why i can't hate you after I have find out that you do not .....just forget it
Dickson: i know what you want to say but please do not stop loving me because my life depend it

Diana: just do not hurt me again
Dickson: i promise(we sit and watch the star;she was okay with just staying by me but the true is that my heart is beating very fast that i could even hear my heartbeat but i have to be strong for her;the next morning we went to the hospital for the chemotherapy to began)

Doctor: welcome ma
Diana: thanks
Oncologist: you can sit
Diana: thanks but can i used the restroom
Oncologist: of cause(she walked inside;she stared at mirror while she cry out her eyes)

Diana: i don't want to die;God;please save me. even of i have been doing what is wrong all my life,just let me be strong to be able to carry through this difficult time in my life
Oncologist: what is taking her?
Dickson: i don't know but let me check. honey coffee
Diana: yes(she wipe her tears)what are you doing in the ladies room?
Dickson: you where taking too long
Diana: sorry;i was a little press

Dickson: did you just cry?
Diana: no;shall we(i turned to leave but he hug me so tight)i told you stop been sad; will be fine
Dickson: yes;you will be fine
Diana: yes(as she walked into the room;she turn to see if her parents will come but they did not show up because they know nothing about it;she went for the therapy;we attended the first;second;third but as the key mo continue her happiness is taken away slow but she try to be strong not for just herself but for me also)dear

Dickson: what is it?
Diana: you look so unkempt
Dickson: am okay
Diana: see;who is talking. sit and let me help you shave
Dickson: do you know how to do that?
Diana: of cause
Dickson: okay;lets see
Diana: i used to see father;when does that and i sometimes help him
Dickson: go on(she shave)hold on;why are you wearing your nose mask
Diana: i got tired of wearing it
Dickson: but the doctor said you should always wear it to prevent infection
Diana: i know but i don't feel like it
Dickson: okay(phone ringing)why is this man calling me?
Dian: who?
Dickson: is my producer?
Diana: then pick it
Dickson: i do no have time for that
Diana: yo are neglecting yourself and your job all because o me
Dickson: i am;i just want to be there for you in every single day of your therapy
Diana: but that doesn't mean that you should forget yourself and your career;know you need money to care for me also
Dickson: i have enough to do that
Diana: just pick it up
Producer: hello
Dickson: sir;why are you calling?

Producer: we have a show to perform today and i want you to be there
Dickson: i can't
Producer: you have to be because we can't afford to lost this chance
Dickson: i will not be around am busy
Diana: (she collect the phone)don't worry;he will come
Producer: thanks a lot;please keep to your words
Diana: no problem;he will definitely come
Producer: thanks

Dickson: what is wrong with you?
Diana: nothing;is a good thing that you have shave;i will go get you what to wear
Dickson: am not going
Diana: you do not want people to say i have take your happiness away?i know that you do not want the world to know about my illness but you are making them suspicious

Dickson: they do not dare write anything about you because i will kill them
Diana: see your face;go get ready
Dickson: i can't leave you here
Diana: and who said i am staying at home?
Dickson: are you sure you will be fine?
Diana: of cause(we went to the show but i just couldn't sing any song because the thought of Diana;is making life leave me slowly)what is going on?

Presenter: sir;please go on
Fans: (shouting)maybe he is frustrated or he has lost his voice or maybe he is on drugs
Diana: this can't be(tears drop her eyes)i have turned him into something else but i have to right my wrong;i need to give him the life he deserve and this i will do

Fans: get off the stage loser
Producer: go on;what is wrong with him?
Fans: loser

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