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Does he know.....episode 40 .: stories inspirational Stories 

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Doctor: welcome Mrs Dickson
Diana: thank you sir
Doctor: am glad you are able to make it
Dickson: doctor;i hope it will not be stressful
Doctor: no;are you ready
Diana: yes;what is it?
Doctor: i will like to suggest to you
Diana: what?
Doctor: that you should go through chemotherapy
Diana: key mo
Doctor: yes;but relax is not that dangerous

Dickson: i thought i said she is not doing that?
Doctor: let her make the decision
Diana: what are the side effect?
Dickson: baby no
Diana: relax;doctor tell me

Doctor: some come with drugs while others come in bags like drip but is not that bad. oh!welcome doctor
Oncologist: thank you
Doctor: she is the one i told you about
Oncologist: okay;friend
Diana: Diana
Oncologist: Diana;you shouldn't think that a person taking this treatment is going to die and even if others did;you will not because you are too beautiful to die and one thing(she laughed)death are always scared of fine face (laughing continue)that is good;the therapy do last for weeks and sometimes for months depending on the test result we carry out on you;its 45 minutes a day,this will help to slow down the speed of the cancer. although during the therapy you might lost some of your hairs or all of them but don't be afraid you might experience some pains but please inform me if any. just tell me when you are ready

Diana: am ready but one more thing....
Oncologist: which is?
Diana: will it affect me;should in case i want to give birth in future
Oncologist: yes;but we will do everything to make sure it wouldn't affect you but i will advice you not to give birth it might be dangerous
Diana: that doesn't answer my question(tears roll his eyes)
Oncologist: no
Diana: that settle it
Oncologist: okay;when did you intent to start?
Diana: as soon as possible
Oncologist: we will run the test on you for verification of your health statue;your blood pleasure also and i will also tell you the type of food you eat during those period;if we are using the drip type you have to be here and i am sure is the trip type from the record i have here
Diana: thank you
Oncologist: you welcome;take good of yourself and avoid thinking

Diana: no problem(we drove home in silent but this silent is killing me and i have to break the ice)are you alright?
Dickson: yesiana
Diana: just take me to somewhere quiet
Dickson: why?
Diana: nothing(he took me to the beach)thanks;the wave are peaceful right(he said nothing)why are you silent?

Dickson: do you think miracle exist?
Diana: of cause;everything in the earth is a miracle
Dickson: do you have to do this?
Diana: he said it will help to slow down the cancer
Dickson: what if you continue with just the drugs you are talking?
Diana: the drugs are no longer effective. my sickness as gone passed that stage. this is the best for the both of us;don't worry once i am done with it;i will show you how much i love you
Dickson: what if it doesn't work?what if something bad happen?
Diana: have faith;nothing will happen to me. promise me;you will always be by my side through out the therapy
Dickson: i promise;how can a bee live without honey?

Diana: that will be death
Dickson: naught you
Diana: and please don't spoil the mood
Dickson: okay;now what are you looking at?
Diana: the first time you wanted to fight that boy whom wanted to raped me;in my mind i was say this boy will beat you up and that i will run away if he start beating you
Dickson: you are bad
Diana: but then you are were really attractive
Dickson: what about now?
Diana: no.....
Dickson: what?
Diana: okay;a little
Dickson: even if you do not agree;i know you can't denial it
Diana: okay;how many kids will you like to have?
Dickson: lets not talk about that now
Diana: okay

Larry: brother;how did the meeting go?
Dickson: she accepted it
Larry: what?
Dickson: am scared but i am just acting strong for her
Larry: Dick;i know she will be fine
Dickson: i just wish i could believe everything that you all are telling me;but you all should never stop praying for her;so that she will be fine again
Larry: stop it;she is not dying
Dickson: what is the project going to be like?
Larry: is going on fine but please be there
Dickson: i will definitely come
Larry: okay

Ada: ma;we will be praying for you
Diana: its next tomorrow;but i am scared
Cleaner: don't worry;sir Dickson;will go with you and he is planning of coming with DVD player;so you can listen to music and feel at home
Diana: i am happy(Dickson walk in unnoticed)that Dickson is going to be by my side but i would had love it;if my parents were there when i embark on such a deadly journey,i wish even if i have to die;let me see them for once
Ada: i pray God grant you;your wish

Dickson: Diana
Diana: stop calling me that
Dickson: honey(he hug her)
Diana: bee(she laughed but he is not)don't be sad
Dickson: are you sure you want to do this?we can consult another doctor or better still let me fly you out
Diana: oh my dear bee;stop it;if you are acting like this how do i get the courage to pull through?how do i get the strength?
Dickson: why are you this brave?why are you not scared?
Diana: is because my husband is the most handsome man in the whole wide world and the best musician

Dickson: noted
Diana: all i want now is for you to promise that you will never leave my side
Dickson: i promise
Diana: am happy that even if my first wish was not grant this one will be granted
Dickson: whatever you wish for;will always be granted
Diana: thank you my bee
Dickson: now have bee to yourself even if it is dangerous
Diana: bees don't hate his own and they can never hurt themselves
Dickson: that is enough honey coffee

Joy: my baby
Collins: you are at it again
Joy: something is wrong with my daughter. i need to call
Collins: just shut your mouth and get inside
Joy: i will obey you;i can feel my daughter is not okay. all is not well with her(she try but the number did not go through)what as happen to my daughter;i just hope she is fine
Collins: just shut up(bell ringing)who could it be here?go get the door
Joy: am coming in. who could it me?

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diana father is heartless

2017-09-13 08:26:29
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