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Does he know.....episode 39 .: stories inspirational Stories 

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Nike: why do we have to go to that so fast?there other ways of treating this right?
Dickson: yes;why not we try bone marrow transplant?
Doctor: sorry about that;she has already done that before now that she has been place on drugs but am only saying is not like the choice to carry this out is mine but should in case you wish to carry out just let me know so that i can refer her to an oncologist

Nike: is it the one that will carry it out
Doctor: yes
Dickson: she will not go through that
Doctor: like i said is your decision
Dickson: better
Nurse: Doctor;the patient in ward 101 is awake
Doctor: okay;i come check on her
Nurse: okay sir
Doctor: excuse me

Nike: i think you should go home and fresh up
Dickson: i want to be here when she gain consciousness;if this last thing for
Nike: i don't think it is right
Dickson: please;do not deprive of this also because i can't take
Nike: fine;you can stay
Dickson: thank you very much
Nike: back then i thought you don't love my niece but now i can see that you truly love
Dickson: i do love her but i was just one jealous dude
Nike: is okay;i go fresh up and try get food
Dickson: okay
Nike: if she need anything call me
Dickson: (he touches her hair)when you sleep you look more beautiful;when(i talk to her not knowing she is conscious)i first met you;i have a thing for you but i just do not know if it is love or pity but then each passing day;i want to be by your side;i want to be the only one who touches your hand;the one;you confided in,i wish that you were my dream girl;the one i gave my jacket to but then when find out everything is true;i am happy and i love you(he bent to kiss her lips and she open her eyes)sorry;i was.....
Diana: oh!so you want to take advantage of my situation?

Dickson: no no;is not you think
Diana: then what?is in your eyes
Dickson: what?

Diana: and why are you here?
Dickson: i was scared that something might happen you
Diana: okay;fine you know am alright now;you can go
Dickson: just maybe you need something
Diana: i do not need anything
Dickson: i really do not mind;if i just stay at the window looking at you
Diana: fine;do me a favor since you must watch over me
Dickson: which is?
Diana: just close your eyes and don't look at me
Dickson: you not serious right?
Diana: yes;i am take it or leave it
Dickson: i do it (he close his eyes while she watch and smile)even i close my eyes;your face is still right in front of my mind's eyes

Diana: are you saying something?
Dickson: no

Nike: sweetie
Diana: uncle;you are back
Nike: yes;how are you now?
Diana: am okay now;we can go home now
Nike: i am not sure of that
Diana: why is it?can i go home now?
Doctor: you can but there is a thing i will like discuss with you but you should go home
Diana: is it something bad

Doctor: no;is just a minor issue
Diana: okay
Dickson: so what day should she returned to be specific
Doctor: next week but why is your eyes close

Nike: yes;i also notice it
Dickson: assuredly.....
Diana: is nothing;he is just feeling sleepy. right Dick(he nod)so no problem
Dickson: sure
Doctor: okay;don't forget to come
Diana: alright;uncle lets go
Nike: baby;i am having a business meeting in kano
Diana: you want to leave me alone
Nike: that is one thing;i will call your mother
Diana: no;i will be fine
Nike: what do we do now?

Dickson: why not you come back to the house?
Diana: the house you throw me out of
Nike: just go with him;immediately i return i will come get you
Diana: okay

Mike: why are you here?
Grace: father;even if you never forgive me,i will take it because i know i am not a good daughter but forgive me
Mike: just leave if he is not coming to get married to you
Grace: he is not responsible for my pregnancy
Mike: what?
Grace: yes;i told a lie because i was rejected by the one whom i love and i envy Diana;so i decided to hang it on him
Mike: you such a good for nothing daughter. go and never return
Grace: if that is what you want i will leave and i will never come back
Mike: good for you

Ada: am glad yo returned
Diana: why?
Ada: those times you where away;sir Dickson is always yelling at us;we hardly satisfied him
Diana: hmm
Dickson: can i borrow my wife
Ada: sure

Dickson: come with me
Diana: to where?
Dickson: i want to take you somewhere
Diana: i said where
Dickson: just relax(he drove to village off town)here we are
Diana: what are we doing here?
Dickson: people say;having a simple is the best but i felt been popular is the best but then when i saw this place and the people;i see reason why people say that
Diana': i don't get you
Dickson: being with you;give me peace of mind
Diana: you give me pain

Dickson: i admit;i am was stupid
Diana: Good start(she show him her thump)
Dickson: but you cause it;you know i hate seeing you around boys and it make me jealous
Diana: you are jealous
Dickson: yes because i love you(she stared at him)yes;i love you
Diana: really
Dickson: yes
Diana: i do not believe you
Dickson: you may not believe it but it is true. i love you right since (he close his eyes)
Diana: what?speak up
Dickson: (he takes her hand)from the day you hug me
Diana: you are still very young back then
Dickson: yes;but you never stop stocking me
Diana: no;i just had your pictures on my walls;all your songs;i know by heart and your moves(he stared at her with surprise)and then i used to tell all my family member that i like you (his mouth fall open and then she realise she as let the cat out of the bag)but.....

Dickson: coffee;you are bad;you such a stocker
Diana: stop it (she throw things at him)
Dickson: is okay;you love me right?
Diana: you;do you love me?
Dickson: no;i don't love stockers
Diana: i could never fall in love with a bee
Dickson: is it because am not honey (she laughed)
Diana: you such a joke (she hit his chest)
Dickson: but that hurt
Diana: stop teasing bee
Dickson: honey;i will(he kiss her head)i love you
Diana: i love you too

Collins: dear;why are you sad?
Joy: i feel bad;it seems something is wrong
Collins: i know;you are going through hard time but you have to deal with
Joy: i think we should try reaching our daughter
Collins: your daughter not my daughter
Joy: what if she is in danger especially now that your niece live with her?what if she is pregnant and need assistance
Collins: just shut up and get inside
Joy: i have heard you

this passing week;the love we share is not something i could describe with mouth;i feel like all the things i wish for his right in front me,her love is more than enough for me;even if it is just that wish that is been fulfilled

Diana: bee
Dickson: stop calling me that honey?
Diana: and you stop calling me honey because i prefer coffee
Dickson: but why did you prefer that?
Diana: coffee as a nice smell which any sleeping soul can't denial just as bee can't resist honey
Dickson: then i should call you honey coffee
Diana: what?
Dickson: yes(she keep quiet)are you scared?
Diana: if i say am not then i am lying
Dickson: that is why you have me here
Diana: alright

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