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Does he know......episode 38 .: stories inspirational Stories 

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Dickson: you guys don't know about it
Grace: what is it?

Ada: ma;your dairy
Dickson: why did you get it from my room?
Ada: sorry;is just that she has been looking for her diary and a jacket that was given to her but since she is leaving i decided to really put in an effort but i just couldn't find the jacket
Dickson: how does the jacket look like?
Grace: it is the jacket that you gave to her

Dickson: am confuse
Grace: i am not the girl you gave it to. please forgive me(she open her eyes)sister;please forgive me;for all I have done to you for making life unbearable
Diana: don't cry;i would have done this a long time again but i am happy that you did not soil your hand with my blood. i know you are a good person;i will let go for you to have a good relationship with your unborn baby father and there is nothing left for me
Grace: no(she close her eyes)am sorry;please forgive me
Nike: what is going on?
Diana: lets go uncle

Grace: hold noickson is not......
Dickson: not what?
Grace: you are not the father of my unborn baby;i got rejected by my boyfriend when i told him i am pregnant but i though of a way to get out of this mess and i hang it on you based on the fact that i had a thing with you
Dickson: do you know the emotional pain you put me through
Grace: i know;i just want to get the life of Diana;even if i have to kill
Diana: Grace;you won't have done all that i am your sister
Grace: yes;i love you but i hate you for always been my shadow;for being a good girl why i am the bad one. all i wish for is to have your life and walk on those shoe of yours

Diana: (she laughed)you know nothing about my life;am dying;i have leukemia
Nike: what?
Diana: yes;i was diagnose of it;four years back and since then i have been battling with it
Nike: and you did not tell anyone
Diana: i do no want people o treat me different because i might drop dead anytime(Dickson take her hand why he walk towards her)let me go;uncle (he hug her closer with tears in his eyes)do not pity me;i maybe dying but you are the least person i need around you in my dying days

Grace: Diana
Diana: stop it;yes;i am dying but one last thing i wish not to happen t me is for people to pity me

Dickson: i am not pitying you
Diana: why are you crying for a woman you just throw out of your house because you do not trust her;i have never slept with any man in my life but accused me wrongly;you were so fast to castigate me without hearing me out. i know everything now;few minutes after you left the hotel Praise;called to tell why you get married to me;it is all because of the award and right now;you have won it and i am no longer useful
Dickson: that is not true;i admit.....
Diana: no need explaining;uncle lets go(they both walk away)

Grace: i am sorry if i ruin your life
Dickson: is not your fault
Grace: i will be leaving
Dickson: is okay;thanks for saying the truth
Grace: should be the one thanking you
Dickson: is nothing(he tape her shoulder and walk away)

Grace: Ada;you all should forgive me
Ada: is nothing
Cook: we forgive you but please take care of yourself
Grace: i will. goodbye

the truth is bitter sometimes;Grace left my house but it still hurt that i couldn't trust Diana and the fact that i don't trust her hurt her,i wanted to right my wrong but anytime i try her uncle refuse me for seeing her but this day i have made up my mind to go confront her;so i asked my guards to give me information about her daily activities

Nike: why are you dressing up?
Diana: i want to go to the mall
Nike: you are going alone
Diana: yes
Nike: is a good thing;since you returned to my house you haven't go out
Diana: i have no reason for wanting to go out but it seems am strong now
Nike: when are you meeting with your doctor?
Diana: next week
Nike: please make sure you keep the appointment
Diana: yes boss(she comb her hair but she find her pulling with the comb and she cry more;after sometime she carry her bag and left to the mall but instead of buying she just sit)everything will be gone one day

Dickson: Diana;you are crying again
Diana: i am not crying and who told you;am here
Dickson: am sorry;i had you follow
Diana: are you stocking me?
Dickson: i have no choice then to;what do you expect me to do?your uncle wont let me see you and i need to talk to you
Diana: i do not want to talk to you

Dickson: hear me out;i didn't mean to hurt you
Diana: but you did;will you be able to give me the happiness i deserve?i take every bullshit because of you but you always push me away because i am nothing to you;am not your dream girl
Dickson: that is not true
Diana: then what?
Dickson: tell me;are you the girl i save sixteen years back?
Diana: does it matter?if i am the little girl then;whom you save from those rapist and whom you gave your jacket to?what matter is the present and not the past;in the past you love me but now you detest me;am nothing to you(tears roll her eyes)just let me be. leave me with my predicament

Dickson: coffee.....
Diana: do not call me that?(her bones ache her and she cry)no oh
Dickson: what is going on?Diana;please stop this
Diana: Dick;get...... my phone.....
Dickson: do not say anything(i carry her to the hospital)doctor
Doctor: relax;is a good thing you brought her on time
Dickson: will she be fine
Doctor: she will be fine

Dickson: i hope so
Praise: dear;what is going on
Dickson: we were at the pack when she passed out
Larry: poor thing
Praise: what kind of illness does she have?
Dickson: she have leukemia;i saw the pains she went through before passing out;it seems all the bones in her body were paining her and she passed out. she passed out and the painful thing is that i could do anything;nothing(she cry)
Praise: pull yourself together(reports rush in)
Report: sir;is.......
Dickson: Praise;tell my guards to take care of this men and women stocking me
Praise: alright;just go in. please this is not the right time for this
Report: its just some few question
Guard 1: stay away from him

Nike: Dickson;what did you do to my niece?
Dickson: i did nothing;i wanted to talk to her,so i followed her to the mall and we kept taking and then she kept screaming like all her pains were paining her and she passed out
Nike: that is enough;i know my niece will pull through it

Dickson: i hope so
Doctor: she is in great danger;am afraid we need to carry out a chemotherapy on her
Nike: just do anything to save her life
Dickson: wait;will it not be dangerous
Doctor: its seventy thirty;she might survive she might not but if she does she might not be normal and this might make her to be unable to do things on her own

Dickson: then...

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Horla (f)

next pls

2017-09-12 21:19:56
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