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Does he know......episode 37 .: stories inspirational Stories 

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Grace: father;i thought you do not want me anymore
Mike: why would i do that?
Grace: i got pregnant without marriage why your brother's child got married without children
Mike: that is not true;i love you but i just do not want you to bring shame to me and my family
Grace: is okay dad;why did you sent for me?
Mike: when is he coming to pay your bride price
Grace: dad;that is not the issue because he is madly in love with Diana and he cant never love me because Diana is there
Mike: then Diana must leave the way
Grace: father
Mike: yes;i will give you a substance to put on her food Grace: dad;am not a murderer even if i were one not my sister. she is the only sister I have
Mike: will you keep quiet;did she regard you as one
Grace: father
Mike: shut up and take this

Cook: i want to prepare ma Diana;favorite
Cleaner: i want to clean everywhere before they come in
Cook: of cause
Ada: am sure;they will soon be here
Cook: welcome sir
Dickson: thank you
Cleaner: where is ma Diana?
Dickson: i don't know;Ada call my secretary to place a call on Larry for me
Ada: okay sir
Cook: what is wrong?
Cleaner: sir;is ma Diana alright?
Dickson: don't asked me about her

Cleaner: i hope she is alright
Cook: relax;she will be fine
Cleaner: i pray so because she doesn't need stress
Ada: welcome ma
Grace: where is my sister?
Ada: she is not yet back
Grace: but Dickson is back
Ada: yes

Grace: why did he return with out her?
Cleaner: please ma;i try asking him but he refuse to tell us but maybe he will tell you
Grace: no problem
Cleaner: may God bless you
Grace: thanks;knock knock
Dickson: i do not want to see anyone
Grace: are you alright

Dickson: am tired of everything;i look in the mirror i see her face but then whatever spell she cast on me;i will break it
Grace: i told you that my sister is not a good girl but you did not believe me
Dickson: could you believe that she is carrying another man child?
Grace: are you sure?
Dickson: yes;she even want to terminate the pregnancy
Grace: how did it happen?
Dickson: i have never touch her even for once
Grace: she is really a bad girl
Dickson: it hurt
Grace: am sorry(she hug him)please let me love you and pay you back for all the love you show me when i was still a kid
Dickson: no need just leave me with my broken heart
Grace: you will pull through this
Dickson: i pray so

Diana: hello uncle
Nike: how are you?
Diana: am not fine;i just want to tell you that i need some assistance
Nike: anything for you
Diana: i know you are not working but can stay with you for a little time
Nike: what happen to your husband's apartment?
Diana: is a long story;i just need somewhere to stay for now
Nike: no problem;i come get you
Diana: thank you very much uncle
Nike: is nothing

Ada: ma Diana
Cleaner: thank God!you are save. are you alright?
Diana: am fine;excuse me

Ada: what is wrong with her?
Cleaner: i don't know but i think we should go and check on her
Ada: shall we
Grace: Ada;where are you going?
Grace: you are not saying anything
Cleaner: assuredly;we are going to ma Diana
Grace: what is wrong with her again?
Cleaner: we don't know
Grace: okay

Larry: what is wrong this time?back then you easy your pain with drinking and smoking but now it seems that can not easy your pain and you are suppose to be happy because your just won yourself a contract which everyone in your position will sweat for
Dickson: everything i wish for is happening but my greatest wish was for her to love me in turn not to hurt me. yes i love her but she doesn't love me
Larry: how did you know that she doesn't love you?
Dickson: she is pregnant with someone's baby
Larry: what?
Dickson: yes;when i caught her;she want to abort the baby
Larry: you might be accusing her wrongly and that is an offence
Dickson: i collected the drugs
Larry: seriously
Dickson: yes;if you think i am lying i even have the drugs Larry: go on and let me see
Dickson: here it is as if you know

Larry: i may not be a doctor but i think i am seem this drugs;this should be arsenic trioxide
Dickson: lawyer doctor now tell me;what is it used for?
Larry: i really do not know but it is not meant for abortion because the person i saw taking this drug is a man
Dickson: are you serious?
Larry: yes but i think you need to show your doctor that
Dickson: okay;i will go when am less busy
Larry: alright;or maybe you should go now
Dickson: okay

Diana: when as my relationship with Dickson got sour?why is my life in this bad shape
Ada: ma;what are you doing?
Diana: just call me Diana;i do not have anything to deserve such kind of respect.
Cleaner: you are packing up?
Diana: he told me to leave his house
Cleaner: why?
Diana: i did nothing all i did wrong is to love him and disobey my parents
Cleaner: but that is unfair
Diana: nothing in life is fair;life itself is unfair
Cleaner: don't talk like that
Diana: what should i say that life is fair,should i also blind my eyes to the truth when the true is sitting in front of me?(tears drop the cleaner eyes)don't(she help her wipe her tears)this is my lot in life
Ada: ma;hold on

Grace: madam;where are you going?
Diana: Grace;please forgive me if i offend you
Grace: please am not the cost of your misfortune
Diana: i know;just let do this
Grace: excuse me
Diana: just grant me this
Grace: okay my sister;am sorry;i go get you a drink
Diana: you don't have to

Grace: i insist
Diana: alright;this could be my chance of doing away with her,since she is leaving no need killing her

Doctor: my boss;what brought you here?
Dickson: you know every;if Mohammed refuse to go to the mountain the mountain will come to Mohammed
Doctor: that is not true
Dickson: you good at denial;how is everything doctor
Doctor: we thank God!Larry whats up
Larry: nothing;we are looking up to you
Doctor: you two are cunning so why are you here
Larry: Dick;go on

Dickson: there is this drugs we are look for his cure
Doctor: okay;what is the name or do you have it?
Dickson: yes;here it is
Doctor: where did you get this drugs?
Dickson: why?
Doctor: who is taking this drugs?
Larry: tell us the cure?
Doctor: this is arsenic trioxide;it is used by people with acutie myeloid leukemia
Dickson: you kidding right?
Doctor: no;they take this drug to suppress it but not to cure it because leukemia has no cure(he stood up and walked towards the door)Dickson;who have it?
Dickson: cancer of the blood right?what is about if we replace her blood with someone else?what do called it again?
Larry: relaxick
Dickson: does it mean there is no cure for her but even if no cure;she will not die right
Doctor: it can be manage but it depend on the stage of his or her illness
Dickson: she will no die;Larry;lets go
Larry: bye doctorick get a hold of yourself

Dickson: am sure she doesn't have that(he sit and cry)why her?what am i saying?i need to go home
Larry: better;maybe she is not the one taking it
Dickson: i believe you

Diana: thanks Grace(she pull it close to her mouth)uncle
Nike: my niece;you pale
Diana: life as taken beauty and joy from me
Nike: don't say that;shall we go
Grace: so you do not want to asked about me;uncle
Nike: you seize to be my niece the day you embark on this journey of yours
Grace: go on and take side with her
Nike: i don't take side but i just want you to be good. Diana;lets go
Diana: yes but how can you come without taking anything you can have this drink
Nike: no;i don't want
Diana: do not reject it
Nike: okay;thanks
Diana: i get my bags
Nike: okay(he pull the drink to his mouth and Grace hit it)what is wrong with you?
Grace: it is poison
Nike: you are joking right?
Grace: no;am sorry Diana;i do not mean to do it
Diana: why do yo want to soil your hand when i will soon die?
Nike: what are you saying
Diana: nothing

Grace: forgive me;i will just leave
Diana: am not God that forgive
Nike: lets go(she collapse)Diana

Dickson: Diana;please wake up and tell me;is not true
Nike: what is not true


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next plz

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