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Does he know......episode 36 .: stories inspirational Stories 

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Diana: my jacket
Dickson: who gave i to you?
Diana: what kind of a question is that?
Dickson: is just that i was thinking you......never mind
Diana: i did not steal anything from you
Dickson: that outside;we need to talk
Diana: talk about what?
Dickson: first of all;why do you keep passing out and throwing up?

Diana: is no like i have been vomiting all the time;i did i just once and do have to right to do whatever i like
Dickson: it is only a.......
Diana: go on;complete what you want to say?

Cleaner: sir;ma Grace is having pains in her abdomen
Dickson: then call the doctor
Cleaner: is late already
Dickson: go give her pain relief
Diana: what kind of a man are you?she is pregnant and all she need is attention
Dickson: yes;how will know that?
Diana: am a woman so i know
Dickson: oh!i see;you will definitely know,you are really a woman (he walked away)

Diana: what is wrong with this boy?

Praise: dear
Dickson: yes
Praise: i missed you big time;did you not missed me( she kissed he did not respond)are you okay?
Dickson: am fine
Praise: i know you two well
Dickson: if you find out the one you love is in love with someone else what will you do?
Praise: i will not stop loving the person but i will not stock the person
Dickson: okay
Praise: why did you asked?i hope you do not have plans of telling me not to come to you again?

Dickson: no;not at all
Praise: the award is for next week
Dickson: yes;so I will travelling by weekend
Praise: when so that i go prepare
Dickson: sorry Praise;i don't think you will be going with me
Praise: what?who are you replacing me with?
Dickson: i am not replacing you with anyone but i thought of going with Diana since .......
Praise: award on married couples. i told you get married to me but no,you choose someone else because you find her attractive

Dickson: Praise
Praise: just stop(she walked away)
Dickson: i do not have any intent to hurt you but i just couldn't teach my heart to stop loving Diana

Diana: Princess;when did you return and why are you crying
Princess: no one understand my assignment
Diana: that is a minor thing;have you have forgotten that am here
Princess: will you help me to do it
Diana: of cause;let me see(she help her with it)you see;its simple
Princess: yes;you are the best

Diana: and you are the one who make my heart calm
Princess: that is sweet of you(she hug her)father
Dickson: Princess;why do you have tears in your eyes?
Princess: i was unable to do my assignment but Princess as done it
Dickson: okay
Diana: princess;i go to my room
Princess: you said you.....
Diana: baby;am tired
Dickson: of cause she is because a........
Princess: what is wrong with her?
Dickson: asked her. off to my room
Princess: i come with you father
Dickson: no problem

Grace: Diana;where is my phone?
Diana: do i used your phone with you?
Grace: you are a thief;Ada;lets go and check her room
Diana: are you insane?i may not have a phone but that doesn't mean i go stealing phone
Grace: liar;Ada
Ada: ma
Grace: fellow me;call the cleaner and cook also
Diana: Grace;you know me too well i don't steal
cleaner: ma;you call
Grace: yes;am looking for my phone
Cook: but i don't steal
Grace: i just want you to check Diana room for me
Cleaner: ma;i cant do that
Dickson: what is going on here?
Grace: Diana;here is a thief
Dickson: why will she steal when she have everything?
Grace: so you think;come girls lets search for it
Ada: but ma
Dickson: stop it;i will buy you a new one

Grace: no
Diana: don't worry just go on
Grace: good girl(she search and find it)i said it;you are a thief
Diana: Grace;what have i done wrong against you?
Grace: oh please;if you need phone just go get yourself one
Diana: you can leave now;you state your point
Grace: i will leave because i do not want anyone to infect me with spirit of stealing lying and unwanted.........
Dickson: unwanted what?
Grace: asked your perfect wife
Dickson: all of you out(they walked away)

Diana: what are you still waiting for?if you want to send me out of your house because you think i am a thief no problem(she drag her bag out and begin pack her stuff)i will leave
Dickson: just what is wrong with you? maybe i shouldn't had deprive you of your phone
Diana: you are calling me a thief
Dickson: that is not what i am saying
Diana: leave me alone (he pushed him)get out
Dickson: Diana
Diana: just leave the thief and the prostitute alone (he walked away) everyone is hurting me;mother and father hurt me;no one loves me

Cleaner: ma;relax
Diana: get the drugs at the draw
Cleaner: ma;blood is coming out of your nose and what kind of drugs is this?
Diana: i know;just bring it (she gave it to her and she drink it) Cleaner: ma;you should see the doctor because your health is going worse by the day
Diana: yes;i know but my illness have no cure
Cleaner: what do you mean?
Diana: i have cancer
Cleaner: what?
Diana: yes;i am dying
Cleaner: ma;you need someone to taken good care of you not a man that doesn't love you
Diana: he may not love me the way i love him but i am okay with it
Cleaner: you love him
Diana: yes;i have always love him right from when we where kids
Cleaner: i do not understand
Diana: yes;the day he save me from that boy that almost rape me and when i am cold he gave me his jacket and that jacket as always been with me and as time goes on i grow to love him not as a celebrity but as a young boy that save me,am okay with that

Cleaner: does he know?

Diana: no
Cleaner: just maybe you will get a cure from your sickness
Diana: just let it passed and please do not tell anyone because you are the only one that know about it
Cleaner: what about your parents?
Diana: they know nothing about. this is my burden let me carry it alone because no one love me(she cry while she hug her)
Cleaner: you will be fine
Diana: i pray so

Grace: my dad sent for me
Dickson: you can leave already
Grace: i know why my dad sent for me
Dickson: why?
Grace: for you to come marry me
Dickson: don't you pity your sister?is your conscience dead already?have mercy on the poor thing
Grace: stop it and i do not want to hear any stupid thing from you and that thief. excuse

Ada: hey!what is eating you up?
Cleaner: can cancer be cure?
Ada: i don't know;if there is anyone that can answer that question it should be either Dickson or Diana they are the only one that are intelligent here
Cleaner: okay
Ada: who has cancer?
Cleaner: a friend of mine
Ada: if you say so
Cleaner: okay
Ada: just get back to work
Cleaner: alright

Dickson: Diana;i will want you to travel with me to Abuja
Diana: i don't feel like
Dickson: is not like you have a choice
Diana: lets see then
Dickson: if do not want to go;i will not argue with you but the guards will do their work
Diana: did i not know that you are a mean person
Dickson: thank God you know

Cook: this house is going to be boring without ma Diana and sir Dickson
Cleaner: of cause
Ada: those two are something else
Cleaner: i wish sir Dickson love her
Ada: are you blind sir Dickson love her but he is jealous
Cook: yes;i see the way he look at her but he is scared to tell her
Cleaner: but they are both married
Ada: their marriage is all a contract
Cook: i do not understand
Ada: leave it at that

we board the flight to Abuja;during our stay at the airport waiting for our flight she said nothing to me but when we got in the plane she became scared because that was the first time to fly a plane

Dickson: Diana;what is wrong?
Diana: am scared
Dickson: why?
Diana: i have never fly a plane before now
Dickson: alright;see what you do
Diana: what is that?
Dickson: just close your eyes and hold my hand and breath in and out
Diana: okay
Dickson: of cause(she breath in and out)did it work
Diana: yes;i write this on my diary. my first flight
Dickson: did you write when we first met?
Diana: stop it

Dickson: i concur
Diana: yes
Dickson: we will lodge at the hotel for to night
Diana: alright
Dickson: okay(he take a room;that was where they lodge till the night before the award)come on in
Diana: this is lovely
Dickson: i know you like it
Diana: l love it

Presenter: oh my God!this is my first time of setting my eyes on you apart from set
Dickson: hmm
Presenter: of cause,you look take home
Dickson: don't say that my wife might get mad at you
Presenter: noted;so how is today going to be
Dickson: i am depend all you all to vote for me
Presenter: don't worry you will win
Dickson: alright

Presenter: (the award began;so many award was given and the award for that of the youngest married musician was announce)and the winner is.......(fans shouting Dickson)is Dickson Micah
Dickson: whoa!thank you very much
Presenter: how do you feel?
Dickson: words are just too small for me to express myself all i have to say thank you and i dedicate this to my wife
Presenter: whoa!thank you very much
Dickson: thank you too

Air: you are really beautiful
Diana: thank you very much;i do enjoy your music
Air: but your husband is the best
Diana: you really a sweet talker
Air: you too but you will pay me for your husband as taken my award
Diana: he will definitely pay you
Air: why not you pay me?
Diana: with what?
Air: a.....
Dickson: coffee

Diana: congrats dear
Air: excuse me
Diana: take care
Dickson: Diana;lets go home
Diana: but.....
Dickson: i said lets go
Diana: you are dragging me too much
Dickson: Diana;what did i do wrong to you?
Diana: go asked yourself(she walked into bathroom but she needed to take her drugs)are you not going out
Dickson: are you driving me out
Diana: no but i was thinking you might want to smoke or....
Dickson: i don't feel like it
Diana: okay
Dickson: why not you hang out with me?

Diana: just go alone
Dickson: please
Diana: (as we walked through the garden she look pale and weak)thank you
Dickson: you can have this(he gave her flower and wristwatch)
Diana: why?
Dickson: i just want to tell you that....
Diana: Dick;lets go back to the room
Dickson: no
Diana: let me go (he try stopping her but he just couldn't she rushed back to take her drugs but before putting the drugs in her mouth Dickson open the door and the drug drop to the floor) Dick
Dickson: what are you doing?
Diana: i.....i.....
Dickson: so is true that you are pregnant
Diana: i am not
Dickson: just shut up;now i know why you kept throwing up and always weak
Diana: i can explain
Dickson: keep your explanation
Diana: Dick;am not pregnant
Dickson: spare meiana;why do you always like to hurt me?
Diana: Dick.....
Dickson: shut up;you are planning to abort the baby (tears drop her eyes)i hate you with everything within me and as soon as we get to Lagos pack your bag and leave my house
Diana: is that what you want?
Dickson: yes and i meant it
Diana: just give me time to sort myself then i will leave
Dickson: never;you will leave. i never really like you;i just want the award and now you help me acquired that dream of mine;you are useless
Diana: that is a enough(she cry)i will leave. no need of waiting for me;i can fine my way back
Dickson: suite yourself(i pack my bags but i saw her drugs lying on the floor;i decided to take it just to punish her)useless girl

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