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sylviaslypet  (f)

Does he know.....episode 35 .: stories inspirational Stories 

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Dickson: do you want to compete with me?
Diana: you are too small(she rub milk on his face)now lets see
Princess: Princess you are
Dickson: baby you are ganging up on your father
Diana: do you expect her to support you?
Princess: of cause not

Dickson: i see;for that i am going to teach you a lesson Princess
Princess: which Princess definitely not me
Diana: then who?
Dickson: the both of you(he tickle them)
Diana: stop it(she is getting stress and when she is stress she will pass out and that is what she doesn't like)Dick stop
Dickson: what if i refuse?

Diana: i said stop(he continue)you are getting me irritated
Princess: father stop it;she is mad now
Dickson: am sorry(he wipe his face)excuse me baby
Princess: please forgive father but it seems father is sad that you pushed him away
Diana: baby;come here,can you help apologies to father for me
Princess: no;you go do that yourself
Diana: baby
Princess: good night
Diana: this baby is something

Dickson: she is really lovely when she smile and this make me love her more,but the thing is i even don't know what she likes and dislike (his eyes caught her dairy) this will do,whoa!she like men without tattoos;that as disqualified me in the first place;men without lock hair;a man who doesn't drink or smoke just as him sixteen years back;he is so descent. shit!can you just stop loving a boy you know way back;i belt he will even be worse than me. i am sure she wrote her wish here;let me see(phone ringing)Larry;why are you calling this late?

Larry: just calling to tell you that am back
Dickson: we see then
Larry: and that reminds me;Praise said that the girl you gave your jacket to is Grace
Dickson: yes;but the thing is;there is something in me that keep me in doubt
Larry: just admit it you wish it was Diana
Dickson: are you crazy?
Larry: no but......
Dickson: just shut up
Larry: yes boss;what will you do now?
Dickson: nothing;i really do not need that girl anymore not even the jacket

Larry: i will advice you find out if its really her
Dickson: alright boss;go to bed now
Larry: see you

Diana: Ada!am off to school
Ada: alright ma
Diana: just tell Princess that i made her breakfast and her lunch also
Ada: okay
Dickson: Ada; get me food please
Ade: okay
Diana: good morning
Dickson: what is taking you?
Diana: are you mad at me?

Dickson: i do not have the right to because you are not or should i say the other way round
Diana: i am have a little......(she held her head)
Ada: are you alright ma
Diana: am fine(she reach for a seat and she throw up)

Dickson: are;this can't be
Diana: i can explain
Dickson: keep it to yourself;guards

Ada: sir;your food
Dickson: i just lost my appetite

Grace: what are you doing to that boy again
Diana: Grace;keep quiet
Cleaner: ma;let me clean the mess
Diana: i do it
Cleaner: no ma
Diana: just let me
Grace: let her;is not like her parents are rich
Diana: i know
Grace: good (she clean up with tears in her eyes)i am trying so hard to tolerate your bad attitude and to make it worse you are always on my way. useless thing

Larry: man;why are you here again?
Dickson: i always end up here but this day is different
Friend 1: why?
Dickson: i just don't know
Friend 2: then drink up (he carry the glass but is not drinking)why are you no drinking?
Dickson: as if i know(he threw the glass of wine to the floor)i hate it
Friend 1: if you want you can try the cigar
Dickson: you right (he light it but it just keep burning out)
Larry: you are at it again
Dickson: Larry;i don't need all this
Friend 2: what do you need then?

Friend 1: he need that prostitute of a wife
Dickson: take that back
Friend 1: am i lying
Dickson: i said take that back my wife is not a.....
Friend 1: is she...(he punch him)
Larry: Dick;lets just go home
Dickson: i don't want to
Larry: you are not drinking neither are you smoking then go home
Dickson: to what?everything is in a mess because she is pregnant
Larry: did you just realise that?

Dickson: so you know that she is pregnant also
Larry: are you not the one that told me?
Dickson: stupid;i am not talking about Grace but Diana
Larry: why are you so interesting in Diana?
Dickson: Larry;i love.....never mind
Larry: if you don't say i know already
Dickson: i go home now because your talking is irritating
Larry: yes boss

Dickson: why are you up till now?
Grace: i was waiting for you
Dickson: don't wait for me;go to bed
Grace: no problem
Dickson: hold on
Grace: what is it?
Dickson: that night you went home did you tell your parent what happen?
Grace: i told then some boy gave me this when i was cold
Dickson: how did i met you that night?
Grace: i was running away from my sister and i........
Dickson: just spare me

Diana: Ada
Ada: ma
Diana: did you fine it
Ada: no but ma i think we should continue this tomorrow
Diana: if you want to go to bed you can
Ada: but....
Diana: go on
Ada: good night

Diana: where could i have keep it?
Dickson: what are you looking for?
Diana: my jacket and my.....
Dickson: Jacket
Diana: yes
Dickson: what kind of jacket

2017-09-10 23:37:21
Ushbebe (f)

nice story u gat here,,,,,more pls

2017-09-11 12:38:23
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