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sylviaslypet  (f)

Does he know....episode 34 .: stories inspirational Stories 

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Diana: is this it(she talk to herself)everything is taking away from me slowly;even my own life is leaving me. is it that bad;am such a bad person that everything i have,have to leave me?don't just sit and look at me(she cry more)answer me

Ada: thank God you are here
Dickson: what is it?
Ada: is.....
Dickson: speak up
Princess: father;aunty Diana is dying and they won't want me to speak with her
Dickson: what?(i rush to her room that i forget knocking at her room's door) Diana
Diana: don't you know how to knock before entering
Dickson: are you hurt?

Diana: stop touching me
Dickson: you are crying(he wipe her face)dear;let me take you to the hospital
Diana: what is your.....
Princess: Aunty Diana;are you alright?let go to the hospital
Diana: Princess;Aunty is fine,come here(she drag her closer)
Princess: i was scared that you might leave me
Diana: that is not possible because death is scared of your aunty Diana;even if it is not scared of anything it should be scared of my beauty. right
Princess: of cause and your nice eyes
Diana: you even know that too(Dickson laughed also)come on go down stair
Princess: okay;hold on
Diana: what?

Princess: take a kiss and don't forget to give father one
Diana: sure;i will
Princess: bye

Diana: you can leave now that you find out that am well
Dickson: am not leaving;we need to talk
Diana: nothing to talk
Dickson: just hear me out,if you do not i will not leave here
Diana: since you love this room sit and enjoy yourself(she walked into the rest room while i sit and wait) when you done let me know
Dickson: she is really crazy. what is this?a dairy;what could she had written on it(he open the dairy to read and heard a voice)

Diana: are you still there?
Dickson: please come out am leaving already
Diana: better

Ada: sir
Dickson: what is it?
Ada: ma Grace is not too well
Dickson: then get the doctor for her instead of telling me
Ada: but.....
Dickson: fine;i go to her,i will go to her
Ada: alright sir

Grace: i know he will come;this is my opportunity and i will used it to the full. where do i keep this now
Dickson: Grace;where are you?
Grace: am at the restroom;just come on in
Dickson: fine;uh.....why are there so many clothes?Grace
Grace: oh baby;am sorry for disturbing you
Dickson: is okay;Ada said you are sick
Grace: is just a minor sickness and i told her not to tell you but she want to
Dickson: i understand but why is your room unkempt?

Grace: i am tired and the cleaner as refused to come do it and i am pregnant
Dickson: if a woman is pregnant that doesn't mean she won't do anything
Grace: why wont you treat me the way you like?(she pack up with tears)
Dickson: hold on;i do it before you start saying am wicked,this jacket
Grace: give it to me

Dickson: how did you get this jacket?
Grace: is not your business,do you want it?
Dickson: no....
Praise: Dickson;i was told you are in here
Dickson: you would had waited for me at living room
Praise: i can't wait;so the girl you gave this jacket have finally return it
Dickson: that is not mind
Praise: even if you did not remember it;i did,your mom had order for it from that brand
Dickson: Praise.....
Praise: who gave it to you

Grace: some boy from a music concert
Praise: you are the one that gave it to her
Dickson: just quiet;lets go out

Grace: what i want is fulfilling little by little?

Dickson: thank God this girl did not run her mouth more than that and that Grace can not be the girl
Ada: is the food ready?
Cook: yes;the table is set already
Ada: okay
Cook: welcome sir
Dickson: thanks;princess come sit beside dad
Princess: no;i rather sit here. where is aunty Diana?
Cook: she should be in her room
Princess: then go get her
Ada: she wouldn't agree to it
Princess: then father you go bring her
Dickson: she will agree if i show her my face
Princess: then show her your back
Dickson: baby

Princess: go now father or i will show you my back also
Dickson: but.....(she give him;her back)you are something else. Diana
Diana: just leave me alone
Dickson: if you wouldn't come with me then i will remain here because Princess will not......
Diana: what is wrong with Princess?tell me

Dickson: you won't be able to take it if something happen to Princess right?
Diana: lets say yes;shall we
Dickson: baby
Princess: didn't i tell you not to return without......
Dickson: but......
Princess: leave me alone
Diana: just forgive your dad and......
Princess: oh father;you are the best. come sit Princess
Dickson: Princess

Princess: yes;from now on there are two Princess in this house and Aunty Diana is the big one
Dickson: enough sit Diana(she hit his hand)what?
Princess: i said Princess
Dickson: alright ma;Princess
Princess: go on and answer it
Diana: but what do i say?
Dickson: just say yes father. right small Princess
Princess: yes
Dickson: okay;Princess
Princess: are not....
Diana: i didn't know it was me
Dickson: okay;big Princess
Diana: yes father
Dickson: that is perfect(she laughed and Dickson smile)
Princess: we are one big happy family. photo ma Ada

Ada: no problem(she snap them)ma smile
Diana: no problem but tell this man to put a smile on his face(she drag his chin)
Dickson: and you
Diana: am smiling

Princess: just the two of you
Diana: what?
Princess: go Princess
Diana: just one
Dickson: come on(he held her shoulder and they snap)
Princess: ma Ada;i want this to be on the media first thing tomorrow on every social network also
Dickson: baby
Princess: yes;that is what you celebrity do right?
Dickson: yes but .......
Princess: headline..... the family of the famous musician Dickson
Dickson: this girl is something

Ada: it will be done first thing tomorrow
Diana: since this is going to be seems everywhere then let me see if i look beautiful
Ada: it's nice
Diana: let me see it;i can't afford to look ugly
Dickson: uh.....i am more handsome
Diana: with which face
Dickson: this of cause
Diana: let me see

2017-09-10 21:13:15
Horla (f)

wow!! Nyc one buh pls post more

2017-09-10 21:38:08
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