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sylviaslypet  (f)

Does he know.....episode 33 .: stories inspirational Stories 

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Dickson: what is it with you?
Praise: can't you see
Dickson: i cry on stage what is the big deal?
Praise: you did not see anything wrong by crying on stage
Dickson: what is wrong?you tell me since you know
Praise: the love you have for that girl as blinded your eyes to the truth
Dickson: Praise;just keep your mouth shut and let me be
Praise: Dickson;please be kind to yourself
Dickson: Praise fine;you won i am been consume by my love for her but then it is what i want no one is forcing me to(tears roll her eyes)Praise.....

Praise: never mind

Grace: Ada;where is Diana?
Ada: she is in her room
Grace: alright
Ada: do you want to go to her room?
Grace: do you have a problem with that?
Ada: no ma
Grace: better (at Diana's room)Diana
Diana: what do you want?
Grace: won't you give me a seat
Diana: i do not have seat for my enemies
Grace: are you calling me your enemies
Diana: you do not need a sorcerer to tell that we are not friends
Grace: we may not be friends but we are siblings
Diana: don't make me laughed,you are my cousin not even my sister

Cleaner: you said there are some things you want to give out
Diana: oh yes;you can pack them from there
Grace: let me help you
Cleaner: don't worry ma
Grace: please
Cleaner: okay
Grace: thanks(she pack them;she notice the jacket and hide it under her wear)is that all
Cleaner: yes;thanks
Grace: i will leave you two now

Cleaner: okay(she left)ma;it seems she had change
Diana: don't get fool by my sister's action because she is a green snake under the green grass. just go ahead
Cleaner: alright ma

Diana: if Grace think she can fool me then she is mistake(she felt a pain on her knees and blood pump from her nose)where is my drugs?(she look for it from her drawer in the process she drew her dairy on the floor)oh thank goodness

Larry: Dickson
Dickson: what is it?i have seem it;no need to tell me again because i am tired of hearing it,if the fans decided to criticise me
Larry: yes;some criticise you while others said you are adorable and affectionate
Dickson: i just wish that she see those qualities
Larry: who?
Dickson: never mind,why are you here?
Larry: tomorrow is children day do you have any plan for those orphan
Dickson: i....what do you think?
Larry: what is it with you?
Dickson: Ada

Ada: sir
Dickson: go get me a juice
Ada: alright sir
Dickson: no;get me a bottle of alcoholic wine
Ada: alright sir
Dickson: no,water
Ada: okay sir
Dickson: no
Ada: what is it?
Dickson: just go get me anything
Larry: Dick

Dickson: what?
Larry: Ada;you can leave now
Ada: alright sir

Larry: what is eating you up?
Dickson: nothing
Larry: you need air;lets go out
Dickson: yes;i need it;shall we
Larry: yes
Dickson: Ada
Cook: she is busy upstair
Dickson: alright;am going out tell Diana that i am out
Cook: okay

Larry: lets go now

Cleaner: is like ma Diana is sick
Cook: why did you say so?
Cleaner: she look pale and weak
Cook: may be she is just worry
Cleaner: if you say so
Cook: yes,i go tell her that sir Dickson has gone out maybe she will come out
Cleaner: okay

Cook: ma Diana
Diana: come on in;the door is not lock
Cook: ma;are you alright?
Diana: yes
Cook: you look weak
Diana: am fine;it just that i am just stress up(blood pump from her nose)
Cook: ma;you are bleeding
Diana: am fine(the more she wipe the more it flow and she collapse)
Cook: ma,help someone help me

Cleaner: what is it?
Cook: she just passed out
Princess: aunty Diana;please wake up
Grace: take this little girl offside
Cleaner: let's go Princess
Princess: leave me;i want to be here when she wakes up
Grace: she will be fine
Cook: what if some thing happen to her?
Grace: nothing will happen to her

Ada: i try calling the doctor and sir Dickson none of his number is going through
Grace: just let her be;this is not the first time,she will be fine
Ada: are you sure?
Grace: yes;just wipe the blood off her nose and lie her on the bed
Ada: but she look weak
Grace: maybe;she is pregnant that is why it is getting worse
Ada: pregnant
Grace: can't a married woman get pregnant
Cleaner: the thing is that.....
Cook: that is enough;let's leave her alone
Ada: shall we
Cook: of cause (she wakes up four hours later she look at the mirror and see how much weight she lost)

2017-09-10 17:25:01
Horla (f)

u re posting dis twice nah Y?

2017-09-10 17:41:36

sori abt dat

2017-09-10 18:08:41
Horla (f)

is ntn buh pls post more

2017-09-10 19:45:44
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