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Free Nigerian and African Stories

You forgot to collect the charger - Funny Stories

A man saw iphone7 in hand of mad person he gaps and ran then the mad chased him running upon run they spent almost one hour and the thief tired up and collapsed down. ...continue

2018-07-11 21:58:55
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Whats the matter?. - Funny Stories

i was moving on a road i saw a science student crying beside and i ask him " my friend whats the matter ?". ...continue

2018-07-11 12:23:53
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Open the window - Funny Stories

There was a boy working in business centre and he operating a computer , another man saw his working performance and will employ you in a big company ...continue

2018-07-10 11:21:56
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Ugobaby  (f)

THE GOLD UNDER YOU - inspirational Stories

Episode 1 It was on the third day of the one week revival programme organized by God's Mission for Miracles Assembly (G.M.M.A) which was specially meant for the youths. ...continue

2018-06-25 11:20:33
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Ugobaby  (f)

THE GOLD UNDER YOU - inspirational Stories


2018-06-25 09:17:16
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THE LOST TREASURES EPISODE 7 - inspirational Stories

In apparent confession and excitement,ashake wanted to open all the books at once but she change her mind and picked up a bar of chocolate. she unwrapped it and started eating it without taking her eyes and hands off the books. ...continue

2018-06-03 04:47:29
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THE LOST TREASURES EPISODE 6 - inspirational Stories

After what seemed like eternity,mrs badejo disturbed the three girls by coming near them to indicate it was time to go.the twins hugged ashake and promised her that they would come back again to see her."bye!"resounded from the 3 little mouths.ashake quickly adjusted to normal business shuttling from 1 table to another to cater for the needs of the customers. ...continue

2018-05-16 09:37:53
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THE LOST TREASURES EPISODE 5 - inspirational Stories

Mr.badejo took the opener from he and she scuttled off to another customer.the twins quickly finished their drinks and wandered off to sit beside ashake."and what is your name?" "ashake" she replied "am ire,my sister is anu.we are twins,dont we look it?" ashake smiled and nodded her agreement. "i will you about our school and you will tell us about yours ok?we attend oluyole group of know it.very beautiful.a school which has all school infrastructures." "eh!" exclaimed ashake."ok, i mean it has library,laboratories,halls..." "ok,"said ashake.ire being an extrovert was punctuating her speech with gestures and at times she touched anu or ashake to press a point home. ...continue

2018-05-16 09:12:24
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THE LOST TREASURES EPISODE 4 - inspirational Stories

"but,why did my parents send me here instead of leaving me to work with them?she wondered in her mind.this particular saturday fell on the last day of ...continue

2018-05-06 09:20:08
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THE LOST TREASURES EPISODE 3 - inspirational Stories

weekends were very busy in drinking houses.ashake,the little bar girl was always at her best.she would wake up as early as 5a.m to pray before doing her routine chores which included sweeping and washing the plates and cups used the previous day.she also dusted and arranged the could hear her little steps around these areas quality in ashake. ...continue

2018-05-06 08:41:19
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THE LOST TREASURES EPISODE 2 - inspirational Stories

Madam stella,a popular liquor seller from the eastern part of Nigeria had a signboard screaming,"wanted.a sales girl not more than 15 years old.conditions negotiable".ashake was taken to her for a token of #2000 monthly and the parents collected one year wages up front before surrendering ashake to her. ...continue

2018-05-02 02:05:06
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THE LOST TREASURES EPISODE 1 - inspirational Stories

Mr and mrs ojurongbe,the parents of ashake, akin and bunmi, lived in the oluyole area of ibadan.their eldest child,bunmi had been given out as a domestic servant to a lagos based couple,who worked in banks.akin,the only son,was a few years younger than ashake and he enjoyed royal treatment right from the day he was born.his parents believed that he was the continuity of the family tree and knowingly or otherwise,they spoilt spite of the encouragement and special indulgences he received,his academic performance was nothing to write home about.akin joined the group of football players in and out of season.he neglected his education.ashake who was barely thirteen years old had just completed primary school. ...continue

2018-05-02 01:42:46
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Crystal  (m)

LIFE OF A GAY GUY - Love Stories

LIFE OF A GAY GUY (by D. A. Chukwuebuka) đź’«Introductionđź’« My name is Derek. All my life, my feelings have ...continue

2018-04-27 23:34:54
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do l love her? episode 32 - Love Stories

Do l love her? (secret lovers) Episode 32 Amarachi narrates Samuel" l called him back, but he left I planned seeing my dad ...continue

2018-04-27 02:15:36
799 Views, 0 Likes, 2 Comments

do l love her? episode 31 - Love Stories

Secret lovers (do l love her?) Episode 31 Samuel narrates "Samuel Amarachi is your sister" "Amarachi Samuel is your brother" ...continue

2018-04-27 02:12:32
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