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Traveling Jokes

let me see yoo black teeth outside - Traveling Jokes

A mother and her very young son were flying Southwest Airlines from Kansas City to Chicago. The little boy (who had been looking out ...continue

2016-05-14 12:41:23
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P Girl  (f)

Prof and sailor - Traveling Jokes

A professor was travelling by boat, on their way he asked the sailor 'Do u know Biology? Ecology? Zoology? Embrylogy? Epidemology? ''No'' said the sai ...continue

2016-05-07 07:27:20
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Cris B  (m)

Traveller by Christian Bassey, aka Cris B - Traveling Jokes

Hey What's up? My name is Cris B, and I am from Nigeria. Yesterday I traveled to U.S.A just to go and charge my Nokia phone, since there was no Nepa light in Nigeria, and fuel was too.... You know nau.. After Charging my phone I decided to return back to Nigeria. On my way coming back to Nigeria, I branched Dubai in order to eat mama put (fofu and Afang soup). As I was eating, I discovered that my Nokia Touch Phone, had a problem, because of the love I have for the Phone, I decided to fly to China and repair the phone there, also because in China, repairing a phone is very cheap. without hesitation, I took a bike from Dubai to CHINA just To repair the Phone. After Repairing the phone, I took a keke Napep (tricycle) to the Chinese international airport, so I could finally return back to my country, but it wasn't long before I realized that I Had lost my Phone charger, with nothing else to do, I took a bus from there to ...JAPAN.. Just to buy a new charger because it will be 50% cheaper there than in China. ...continue

2016-04-29 18:41:26
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Anxiety - Traveling Jokes

I woke up dat day d earliest of my life,have a bath quickly and head 2 d airport about 20 kilometres 2 my auz.H had won an american visa lottery and s ...continue

2016-03-04 15:01:00
674 Views, 1 Likes, 0 Comments
king bass  (m)

Professor And Sailor - Traveling Jokes

A Professor Was Travelling By Boat, On His Way He Asked The Sailor; Do You Know Biology, Ecology, Zoology, Geography, Physiology. The Sailor Said No To All His Questions ...continue

2016-02-28 15:37:31
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Parachutes - Traveling Jokes

An airplane was about to crash; there were 5 passengers on board, but only 4 parachutes. The first passenger said, "I am President Obama, the chosen one. The world needs me, I can't afford to die." So he took the first parachute and left the plane. ...continue

2016-02-23 00:39:18
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Blue$ky  (m)

Confession - Traveling Jokes

A man and his wife were traveling to Italy by air, as they were at the peak of the journey, the pilot announced that: “Ladies and gentlemen, we are sorry to announce that ...continue

2016-02-15 11:34:34
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sherifdeen  (m)

akpos father in the bus - Traveling Jokes

Akpors father was inside a bus going to his village when he suddenly realised thats his purse containing all his money was missing. Somebody had picked it ...continue

2016-02-05 14:31:26
760 Views, 1 Likes, 1 Comments
liberty  (m)

My VOYAGE to USA - Traveling Jokes

On a fateful morning after obtaining my visa to u.s,i went to d airpot to board d flight,i was very happy and on reaching d airpot at washinto d.c i l ...continue

2016-01-23 09:17:57
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pascal  (m)

Lies - Traveling Jokes

I was in a car travelling frm Benin to Asaba. The girls in front of me were having a conversation about their first time experience in a plane... ...continue

2016-01-16 17:13:29
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DO YOU CARE FOR A RIDE - Traveling Jokes

Mr driver, please take me to MONEY junction, close to SUCCESS avenue, near the PROSPERITY bustop behind CHAMPION street. ...continue

2016-01-12 17:35:24
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the idiot man - Traveling Jokes

There were five people aboard an airplane having engine trouble getting ready to crash, however, there were only four parachutes. Everyone ...continue

2015-12-09 18:54:29
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Linda  (f)

Plain crash - Traveling Jokes

Akpos and his wife were traveling to Italy by air. As they were at the peak of the journey, the pilot made an announcement, “Ladies and gentlemen, we are sorry to announce that one of the engines has stopped working while the remaining one is not functioning as required. Therefore, we may crash in a few minutes from now. We advise that everyone should reconcile with God and settle every issue that need to be settled.” ...continue

2015-11-26 19:45:32
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™OK' Boi  (m)

Superbowl Tickets - Traveling Jokes

A guy named Bob receives a free ticket to the Superbowl from his company. Unfortunately, when Bob arrives at the stadium he ...continue

2015-11-11 22:17:30
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Smarter Nigerians - Traveling Jokes

Three Americans and three Nigerians were travelling by a train to a conference. At the station, the three Americans bought tickets ...continue

2015-10-13 21:26:16
1791 Views, 7 Likes, 2 Comments
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